There is no water and the heat is more, said the little plant with fear.

It is change of season, we too stop photosynthesis till the showers said the mother.

What is this? I look so different and I can’t fly said the little worm with tears

Form a cocoon and wait, you will grow as a beautiful butterfly said the mother.

I can’t take it any more, said the little goose flapping it’s feathers loose

Come behind the ‘V’ shape, till we reach a better place said the mother goose.

To thrive on change is nature’s basic lesson

Learn from  Mother Nature, your fears will lessen.

Constant change is part of life

Striving on change will take you with surprise.

Capt B. Radharani
Factory Dispensary





Take the first step
Have full faith
Ready to do hard work
Improve your skills
Voice your views
Encourage others
Open for suggestions
Never say quit
Co-operate with others
Hope for good
Avoid negativity
Nurture your strengths
Glue to your goal
Enjoy each moment.
Capt B. Radharani
Factory Dispensary