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Thriving on Change –
A Must for Prosperity

Greetings for the season! A very happy and prosperous new year to all.

The year 2006 was indeed a remarkable year with unprecedented economic growth and many positive developments taking place for still higher growth in the economy in 2007. Something unprecedented in the history of India. Keeping in mind this great opportunity to grow in the coming year, we thought it would be appropriate to focus on learning to thrive in an era of great change. The change, which is complex, faster, denser than ever we could have imagined.

The change of such magnitude is indeed scary. Great personal courage is essential to tackle the onslaught of fearsome change. We therefore decided to bring to our readers a well reasoned and articulated piece on courage to change everyday. We also have more on changing successfully when faced with a great challenge in form of a story of our PES division. Do read this piece, it is inspiring.

Climate change is something we ought to be concerned about. An informative piece on the impact of global climate change is contributed by our Dr. Maya Mahajan. We must all strive to shrink our carbon footprints for which ample guidelines are given in the article. Taking individual responsibility for this global phenomenon is perhaps the only way to bring about a substantial change to prevent catastrophe.

Godrej has been at the forefront of social change for decades. Our archivist has chronicled the story of our Pragati Kendra to highlight the role it played in promoting desirable behaviours amongst our people for health, happiness and prosperity. It is a rare successful social change effort.

Former US President, Mr. Jimmy Carter visited Godrej in late October. His affection and admiration for Godrej is more than evident from what he said during the visit. He fondly recalled the times his mother, Ms. Lillian Carter had spent at Godrej, about forty years ago.

In this issue we have highlighted the launch of Interio brand for our furniture and interiors business. This is a major change initiative in terms of repositioning of the business for greater consumer acceptance. It is also intended to project more dynamic and youthful image of the business amongst the younger generation of consumers and the young professionals-architects and interior designers who recommend it. We are confident this branding effort will take the business to greater heights besides providing brand space for many new initiatives in future.

Homebase section has also many innovative and interesting pieces on whats happening in our business divisions. Two notable ones being, one, our locks divison being awarded a commendation certificate for commitment to excel by CII and two, our PES being awarded Industrial Excellence Award by Indian Nuclear Society.

As always we are hungry for contributions and feedback. Please do send them to us.

We also look forward to better quality photographs.

The Theme of our next issue will be ‘Manufacturing Matters’!

Celebrate to win in 2007. Happy Reading.


Indrapal Singh