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International Security, Safety & Fire Exhibition 2005

Iternational Security, Safety & Fire Exhibi-tion 2005 was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 9th December 2005 to 12th December 2005. The exhibition was organised by ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organisation) in collaboration with CISF, APSA & IS. Delegates from CISF, BSF, Police of various states, ITBP were exposed to the latest security equipments in the market.

Security consultants around the world visited the exhibition. We - “Special Projects & Premises Security Solutions group?of the Security Equipment Division had participated in this promising exhibition. Our Business head Mr. D. E. Byramjee, Mukul D Mistry (AGM SPPS), Peter Reimers (M.D. Tescon Germany), Commander Nair and Mr. Dhruv Sharma (G.M.-North) visited the site.

Standing from left to right Himanshu Gupta (Dy. Manager SPPS), 
Commander Nair (Consultant SPPS),Peter Reimers (MD Tescon 
Germany), D.E. Byramjee (V.P. Business Head), Dhruv Sharma 
(GM North), Mukul D Mistry (AGM SPPS), Ajay Mathur (Sr. Sales 
Manager) and Vivek Bhatia (Dy. Manager North)

The products that were displayed in this exhibition included:
Tyre Killer from Tescon
Bollard from Tescon
Flap Barrier from Magnetic ?Auto-control
Door Frame Metal Detector
Hand Held Metal Detector from “Adams? USA
Bullet resistant Jackets and Patkas
Mobile Detectors

The exhibition was a good platform for us to highlight our strength in the new security segment and to know other market players in the segment. We also projected an image of total security solution provider to our prospective customers.

A large number of enquiries were received from the potential customers who visited the exhibition, such as, the Airport Authority, Secretariat, Police, Ministry of Home Affairs?/font>

The exhibition helped in furthering our understanding of the market and the opportunities it presents.

Himanshu Gupta
Deputy Manager, SPPS, Delhi Branch

Greeting: A Good Habit for Better Relationships

It is natural for most of us to greet people that we know. Most of us also do this at home. It is a pleasant experience to be greeted by a child, a parent, or any other family member. Even a baby that has not learnt to speak yet shows its pleasure on spotting you. A pet dog wags its tail as an affectionate greeting. Often, a smile is a complete greeting in itself.

Yet some people don’t greet others. A greeting is a form of recognition. It means I am glad to see you. On a telephone call it means I am glad to be speaking to you. A sincere greeting means I value you as a person. A warmer greeting with a close relative or friend or spouse means much more.

Some people mistakenly assume that greeting others is a mere formality, which can be dispensed with. Those who greet others mechanically or receive greetings mechanically think this way. If you invest less in the greeting, you get less. If you invest nothing in the greeting, you get nothing for yourself, and you lose the opportunity to get a warm feeling float over to you. You will also have deprived the other person of a good feeling. Self-esteem can also be developed through greeting others. “I have the confidence to greet you?would be the inwardly directed message. A superior who greets and responds sincerely to a greeting from a subordinate has the confidence that this act is not an indication of any weakness. Actually, it shows his strength and his unconditional positive regard for people.

Greeting is a good way to improve your interpersonal skills. Unless one develops it in one’s daily behaviour with colleagues and others that one comes in contact with, it will be difficult to greet a customer with sincerity. The most effective salesperson for any product or service is a person who greets others spontaneously. They don’t repeat a phrase parrot-like. They don’t find it necessary to put on formal or “professional?veneer.

Why is this matter so important? Because positive action and behaviour leads to positive habits and builds character. We also pick up the essential values of trust, reliability and integrity along the way. Character in turn influences behaviour and actions in a cycle which influences us strongly and enables us to become better people. We become people who deal better and are better to deal with. We make everybody feel better. And that includes our customers and us. 

So beginning from today, do remember to greet!

Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Appliances Division
HO Service

New Fully Automatic Top Load 
Washing Machine Launched

Godrej & Boyce Ltd., Appliance Division has announced the launch of a new Top Loading Washing Machine with Turbobrush Technology ?The ‘GDA 902? Turbobrush helps to dislodge the toughest dirt in clothes, provides unmatched cleaning with minimum tangling of clothes, making them last longer.

In the New Godrej ‘Turbobrush?Washing Machine, the drum moves in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator, unlike conventional top load washing machines where the wash drum is stationary, only the pulsator moves water in one direction. The Turbobrush Technology gives an extra scrubbing action to the entire wash load, dislodging dirt, while keeping clothes clean and untangled.

Mr. P. D. Lam, Executive Director & President, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. said “Research has showed that Indian women were apprehensive of using washing machines, as they had to brush the clothes before putting them in the washing machines. Keeping this in mind the Godrej R&D team has invented the Turbobrush Technology. Godrej has always strived to understand the needs of the Indian women and design home appliances with relevant technology.?/font>

The Turbobrush model (GDA 902) has the following features:

5.5 kg capacity
Three Wash Program Selections - Gentle /
Normal / Strong
End of Cycle Buzzer
Spin Speed @ 840 rpm
425 W Motor Wash

With an introductory price tag of Rs. 8,990, the consumers can get a Fully-Automatic Washing Machine at a great bargain. Manufacturing washing machines since 1996, Godrej offers a complete range of modern Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machines. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Washing Machine is located at Shirwal, near Pune.

Godrej Launches a New Range of Air Conditioners 

A new range of Air Conditioners, comprising 17 models spanning the Window AC and Split AC segments was launched aboard the Star Cruise on Saturday, February 4, 2006 amidst the dealers of Godrej Appliances from across the nation.

The underlying intention behind the launch, on the cruise was to differentiate it from past practices as well as competition, to create excitement amongst the dealers, to establish the company’s seriousness regarding the new range and induce up-market imagery for the range.

The launch was held soon after arrival on the ship, in the Stardust lounge. A chat show format with renowned anchor Roshan Abbas gave the launch a unique touch. Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce, highlighted the potential for growth in the Air Conditioner segment and the need for an entire range of Air Conditioners to establish focus on the category on part of Godrej Appliances.

Mr. P. D. Lam, Executive Director & President, expressed the desire to double sales volume from Air Conditioner Category for the year with the new range.

Mr. Jamshyd Godrej unveils the New Range of Air Conditioners

Anchor Roshan Abbas chats with Mr. Jamshyd Godrej.

Mr. P.D. Lam and Mr. Roshan Abbas.

Mr. Kamal Nandi & Mr. Roshan Abbas

Mr. Shyam Motwani and Mr. Roshan Abbas

The new range of Air Conditioners

Star Dealer Awards. Mr. Kamal Nandi (centre) 
hands the award to Vijay Sales

Display of Air Conditioners

Mr. Shyam Motwani, V.P., Marketing & Exports, Godrej Appliances, explained the underlying consumer insight ‘affordability not a barrier to the category, running costs is the concern area??the consumer speak was shared with the dealers. The same concern is addressed by the advanced technology ?i-TREC (consumes 30% less electricity), Blue Fin Technology (efficient cooling), 3/3 row copper tubes, Vitamin C Filters etc. Mr. Shyam Motwani also elaborated the communication strategy and the planned spends on the same. Mr. Kamal Nandi, V.P., Sales, Godrej Appliances, detailed out the targets the company hopes to achieve with the new range with the help of the dealers and assured the dealers of the quality of the new range.

The launch was followed by Star Awards ceremony at the Galaxy of Stars lounge, felicitating the top dealers and distributors who achieved the highest sales for Godrej Appliances in each zone. Vikram Sathye provided some great entertainment over cocktails. Dinner followed at the pool deck. Entertainment in the form of casino, disco, dance shows, etc. was available on the cruise. 

The overall mood was upbeat and positive. The dealers were excited about the initiative and Godrej Appliance’s seriousness in the AC category.

Swati Rathi & Anisha Kumar
Appliance Division

Best Supplier Award 2005

The performance of Godrej was appreciated by the NCR Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. yet again with the “Best Supplier Award 2005? The award was handed over by Mr. Jeff Mc Croskey, Chief Procurement Officer, NCR USA and Mr. Kieron Byrne, V.P. Global Supply Line Management to Mr D E Byramjee, VP & Business Head, SED, during the India Supplier Conference on 24th Oct ?5 at Pondicherry.

The NCR team also subsequently visited Godrej & Boyce SED on 27th Oct. This team had several top management personnel from NCR’s global procurement function and comprised of:

1)?Kieron Byrne - Vice President, Global Supply Line Management ?Dundee, UK

2)?Philip Urquhart - Commodity Director, Global Supply Line Management ?Dundee, UK

3)?Terrence Kratky - Director, Strategic Sourcing, Global Procurement ?Dayton, USA

4) C. Sivaramane - Director, Supply Line Management - Pondicherry

5) C. Santhakumar - Manager, Supply Line Management - Pondicherry

The NCR team was given a presentation on “Godrej Security?including a short film on “Godrej? They then had a visit to the shop floor followed by a brief tour of the “Godrej Campus?

Mr. Dara Byramjee, VP & Business Head (right) receiving the 
certificate and plaque from Mr. Jeff Mc Creley (Chief 
Pavement Officer) and Mr. Kieron Byrne (VP Global 
Supply Line Management of NCR)

The NCR team was impressed by the entire set up of Godrej, our value systems, our commitment to quality and the environment as manifested in our processes & the garden township as well as the people. This visit would go a long way towards ensuring that the relationship becomes stronger in the years ahead?br>
Congratulations to the SED Team!

Lismin Loneppan

PCS is Now ISO 9001:
2000 Certified Division

ISO-9001: 2000 certification is the first major milestone achieved by PCS Division on their journey towards achieving more demanding standards like AS-9100 & NADCAP. 

Underwriter Laboratories Inc. has certified PCS Division for ISO-9001: 2000 certification after and in depth audit in October 2005.

ISO 9001: 2000 certification will enable the division to exploit the huge market opportunity of exporting precision made and tested components for the Aircraft Manufacturing industry abroad which is booming currently. 

PCS Team

Congratulations to the PCS division on this achievement!

The Special Projects & Premise Security Solutions Group 
Marine and Blast Resistant Doors ?A Breakthrough Business

Godrej Security Equipment Division ?the leader in physical security systems is now unveiling a range of security solutions under Special Projects Group and a range of Solutions under Premises Security Solutions Group in association with the internationally renowned Tescon Security Systems of Germany.

Special Doors and Hatches for Ships

Godrej marine range of products are for shipbuilding industry.

Our first major breakthrough order was secured from ABG Shipyard. ABG Shipyard is located in Surat very close to Magdalla Port. It is a shipyard where all work related to the navy/marine ships is carried out. Be it a small repair of any electrical equipment or activities related to building up of new ships. ABG Shipyard designs and fabricated ships in totality.

We at SPPS are related to them in a small way as we have commenced manufacturing marine doors and hatches. Our range of doors consists of Watertight Sliding Electro-Hydraulic Doors, WT/GT/Weather Tight Steel Doors, Non Watertight doors and hatches as Water Tight Hatches (Steel/Aluminium) and cargo Hatches.

The order from ABG Shipyard is for supplying Watertight Sliding Doors, which are fabricated for the first time in India. These doors are of huge size and are normally custom built. These doors are Certified and can withstand pressure upto 2.5 Kg/cm2.

(Testing of sliding watertight door made for ABG Shipyard)

Another prestigious order was secured from GRSE (Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited), Kolkata for swing type Water Tight steel doors and hatches. These doors are unique in the sense that they are of a single piece construction with a locking mechanism which has a single point activation device designed to enable them open and shut quickly and effectively.

The Special Projects Group has won an order for supplying BLAST RESISTANT DOORS from Sigma Elrich, Banglore. These blast resistant doors have thickness in excess of 70mm (MS) and their rating for fire resistance is up to 2 hrs.

With booming shipping industry in India several large orders have been received and are expected from other shipyards in the country.

Mukul D. Mistry
AGM (Special Projects & Premises Security)
Hemant Jain
Deputy Manager (Special Projects & Premises Security)

Total Security Solution for Siddhivinayak Temple

With increasing fear due to innumerable terrorist attacks, amongst people it was imperative to protect most of the high Alert areas with premium security solutions. Our own “Siddhivinayak?temple being in the heart of the city needs to be protected.

Godrej’s Security Equipment Division has secured a prestigious project to safeguard the well-known “Ganesha?temple. It is the first major project having in its scope “Complete Premises Security Solutions? What better way to start a new business other than to undertake the security of a holy place and that too of lord “Ganesha?!

The complete solution containing the customised products of “SPPS?which includes Road Blockers, Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Flap Barriers, Hand-Held Metal Detector, Door-Frame Metal Detectors, Fencing, X-Ray Baggage Scanners... The task force of this high profile project included senior members of the Maharashtra police force, the temple authorities, well known architects and of course our entire team of SPPS at HO and Mumbai branch.

The complete solution offered included a site survey by the SPPS team, a detailed layout with the help of the design team indicating all the products on the schematic drawing and of course supply, installation and service of the solutions provided. As customised solution was required a series of discussions were held amongst all concerned over a period of time. Special care was taken to integrate effectively all the systems proposed to eliminate any possibility of flaws in the solution.

The PSS Group is confident that with this auspicious beginning many such projects will come into their fold. They hope to make Siddhivinayak Temple Solution a showcase of the design and execution capabilities. 

Mukul D. Mistry
AGM (Special Projects & Premises Security)
Hemant Jain
Deputy Manager (Special Projects & Premises Security

Glass Stupa at Hyderabad

The SPPS group has executed a prestigious order from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh ?Archeology and Museums Department at Hyderabad for supply and installation of a Glass Stupa for protecting the relics of Lord Buddha.

These relics were found at Bavikonda a Buddhist heritage site located on a hill about 15 kms, northeast from Vizag city. Bavikonda Monastry flourished between 3rd century B.C. and 3rd century A.D. The piece of bone stored in an urn recovered here is believed to be the mortal remains of the Lord Buddha. The urn contains a large quantity of ash, charcoal and earthenwere. These relics are now secure in the unique glass stupa supplied by Godrej.

The Stupa consists of a glass dome made up of Extra Clear Shatter Proof Glass imported from Germany. This kind of secure container is being made for the first time in India by the SPPS Group.

The Stupa installation was inaugurated by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama on 2nd January, 2006. This prestigious event was well covered by the leading dailies of the country including the Times of India, Mumbai.

Mukul D. Mistry
AGM (Special Projects & Premises Security)

CHANGE congratulates Special Projects and Premises Security Solutions Teams of Security Equipment Division for sharing their projects belonging to the theme ‘INNOVATION AT WORK? with our readers.

Godrej - HMT Tie Up Through Retail Distribution Services SBU of Prima Division

Prima Division has recently signed a ‘National Distributor?agreement with HMT Watches Ltd. The formal announcement of the association was made during an entertaining launch event organised by HMT Watches on the 16th of January, 2006 in Bangalore.

Mr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Mr. Sorab Parekh and Manish Khadilkar represented the Group for the event. Mr. M.S. Zahed, the Chairman of HMT Ltd formally announced the alliance which will re-launch the HMT brand in the Indian market with an entirely new range of watches. The engagement is expected to intensify as time goes by. 

It is our belief that this partnership has the potential to be a winning combination. We have confidence in HMT’s intent and ability to rejuvenate the watches business and have belief in the potency of the HMT brand.

It is the combined intent of both companies to achieve a significant market position in the short term. Godrej has the ability, knowledge, resources and the experience to partner HMT in its endeavour to revitalize the business.

The HMT watches distribution will be under the auspices of the newly formed “Retail Distribution Services?SBU in Prima Division.

At the relaunch of HMT Watches held at Bangalore on 16.01.06. 
Prima was represented by (from L-R) Mr. Manish Khadilkar, Sr. 
-Retail Distribution, Mr. Sorab Parekh, General Manager - Sales 
& Marketing and Mr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Vice President & Business 
Head with the HMT Team (from R-L) Mr. M. Pershad, General 
Marketing Manager-HMT Watches Ltd., Mr. B.L. Kaul, Managing 
Director - HMT Watches Ltd. and Mr. M.S. Zahed, Chairman - HMT Ltd.

The Retail Distribution SBU of Prima plans to create a pan India retail sales and distribution network for MNC and / or Indian brands / products looking for access to the rapidly growing Indian market through the retail channel. The uniqueness of this solution is that apart from Distribution, we offer to manage Imports, Warehousing, Sales, Marketing (including promotion) and Receivables on behalf of the Principals.

Having met with initial success with Water Purifiers and Digital Cameras categories, we are ready to engage in larger partnerships with companies of repute and the tie-up with HMT is a step in that direction. The SBU is in the process of tying with GP Batteries, Singapore to market and distribute nationally their entire range of dry batteries including alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers. GP Batteries is the world’s 7th largest manufacturer of dry batteries and is a leader in most of the categories.

Manish Khadilkar
Retail Distribution
Prima Division


Mr. Anil Mathur interacts with the children

Christmas celebrations


FIG celebrated Christmas for employee’s chil-dren on 23rd December?5 at the Pragati Kendra lawns from 5.00 p.m. onwards. The evening started with a Tattoo Drawing Competition where little children tried to draw the best tattoo to befit the occasion. Our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Anil Mathur awarded prizes for the best tattoo drawings. The evening was filled with music, games, eats and fun, what with Santa flying down, especially to meet FIG employee’s children! Santaclaus also wished each child present there and showered them with attractive gifts and chocolates. Mr. Manoj Ganjawalla and Mrs. Pradnya Salastekar distributed prizes won in the various games organised for both children and parents alike. 

Doreen Rosario

Cricket Fever

Cricket fever gripped all FIGites at HO right from 16th January to 25th January, 2006 even as they batt(l)ed their way to win the coveted FIG Cricket Championship trophy instituted from this year onwards by our FIG Chief, Mr. Anil Sain Mathur, who saw tremendous enthusiasm and zest for the game among all ?management staff and workmen ?even as they played with each other last year for the first time. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Anil Mathur on 16th January, ?6 evening.

17 teams in all participated this year and it was Plant 13 Storwel team and Plant 14 Manufacturing team, which made it to the finals. It was quite an overwhelming sight to see the young and seniors play with such fervour and gusto with and against each other on the Godrej Hillside Colony grounds evening after evening. It was an encore as far as the winners were concerned. Yes, you guessed right, last year’s winners were this year’s winners too! Plant 13 Storwel team led by Jitendra Patel were the champions this year.


Mr. Anil Verma hands over the trophy to the 
winning team - plant 13, storewel team.

Runners-up were led by Tej Bahadur Yadav. Rajesh Pednekar of Plant 4 was adjudged ‘Man of the Series?while the ‘Best Batsman?award went to Vijay Gurav of Plant 14. Best Bowler was Govardhan Panchal of Plant 13 and the Best Fielder was Mahendra Parkar of Plant 13.

Mr. Anil G. Verma, Executive Vice President & Head, (P & A) was the Chief Guest for the evening who enjoyed the game tremendously and distributed the prizes graciously and handed over the coveted cup to the winning team. Mr. Manoj Ganjawalla, Mr. Subodh Mehta, Mr. Naresh Tahiliani, Mr. Atul Sohani, Mr. Rajendra Charatkar, Mr. Ramesh Panchal, Mr. Vinod Panchal, Mr. Vinay Salastekar and Mrs. Pradnya Salastekar were also present for the finals along with the Union representatives, Mr. Bhalchandra Joshi, President, GBSS, Mr. N R Singh, General Secretary, Mr. Vijay Salaskar, Mr. Rambali Yadav and other members of the Union who also graced the occasion with their presence and cheers. Not to mention the huge crowd of FIGites. Mr. Tej Bahadur Yadav with his hilarious commentary captured the attention of all in the audience throughout the tournament.

The organising committee comprising Mr. Mangesh S. Ambre, Mr. Mahadev Sawant, Mrs. Pradnya Salastekar and the Union representatives from FIG did a great job of keeping up the tempo evening after evening. We thank Godrej Foods for having sponsored the drinks for the tournament.

M.S. Ambre & Doreen Rosario

Felicitation Ceremony on New Year Eve

To felicitate the contributions of its leading channel partners, who enabled Delhi FIG Home team to join the 1-Crore-Plus Sales club in a month for the first time in its history, FIG Delhi had a Dealer Felicitation Ceremony, organised at Godrej Bhavan, New Delhi on 31st December 05. This ceremony also provided an appropriate culmination of an eventful 2005 that went by. 

Mr. Sandeep Wadhwa of M/s Comfortnet Traders, All India Double Diamondpati in the recently concluded ‘Kaun Banega Diamondpati?FIG Home Scheme, was awarded the twin honours for being Numero Uno in both Home Furniture and Home Storage category, a rare distinction and a position very aggressively coveted by his team. Mrs. Wadhwa received the All India Champion’s Diamond set from Mr. Dhruv Sharma. 

Mr. V.K. Agarwal of M/s Indo Merchandising was awarded the honour for being among the top five regional winners in North India and, Mrs. Agarwal, received the runner up Diamond set from Mr. Sharma. 

(L-R) Lokesh Sharma, DM-Fig-H Delhi, Mrs. Rashmi 
Wadhwa & Mr. Sandeep Wadhwa from Comfortnet. 
Mr. Dhruv Sharma-GM(N), Mr. V.K. Aggarwal & Mrs. 
Poonam Aggarwal from M/s. Indo Merchandising 
and Mr. Saurab H. Sharma, SSE, FIG-H, Delhi

By presenting the awards to the better halves of the proprietors we recognised their contributions. All Delhi FIG wholesale dealers, along with their wives, were invited to the function to make sure the competition in any such contests becomes tougher in future with the additional motivation and drive coming straight from our dealer homes! Out of a total of 16 active home dealers in Delhi, 14 achieved various slabs in the FIG Home scheme and were appreciated for their commitment to FIG Home Business.

Dealers appreciated this small initiative for recognition, which they said makes a big difference to them, and thanked Mr. Sushil Thariani for organising this perfect New Year eve celebration party. 

Lokesh Sharma

Coming Together for Success
Biddhanagar Mela in Kolkata 

Exhibitions are the ideal way to boost aware-ness and sales of a showroom. This fact has been proven by the grand success of the Godrej Lifespace stall at the Biddhanagar Mela in Kolkata.

The Biddhanagar Mela, which started from the 18th January, 2006 and continued till 6th February is a very popular and prestigious mela, held every year at the Central Park grounds of Salt Lake attracting participants across the industry and also from the neighbouring countries (Pakistan / Bangladesh). This is the 16th edition of the fair, however it was the first time that Godrej had participated directly in it. The Mela was jointly organised by the Retailing Division, FIG Division, Security Division and the Appliances Division. The average footfalls on weekends hovered around 50,000 ?60,000 which provided a great opportunity for the Company. 

Godrej Stall at the Mela.

Mr. Barinder Singh and team at the Godrej stall

Godrej Lifespace at Biddhanagar

The main aim of taking part in the fair was to promote the Salt Lake showroom in Kolkata and the new Lifespace branding. This was done to a great extent with customers later coming to the showroom after knowing about the location in the fair.

However, it was also a success from the business point of view with refrigerators sold by the dozens and good number of enquiries generated for the new products like the Entranza doors and other furniture items.

The success of participating in the fair has shown the way of involving the customer in the Lifespace experience.

Rajiv Patkar
Retailing Division

Launch of Osim in Godrej Lifespace

OSIM products in Godrej Lifespace, Okhla

OSIM products in Godrej Lifespace, Bangalore

Godrej Lifespace has added another feather in its cap in its journey in giving a whole some experience to its customers. It has added a new product category of fantastic massage products to the wide basket of products it already retails.

OSIM massage products are famous the world over for their quality and the superlative massage experience they provide to the user. The massage chairs of OSIM give such a pleasant relaxing effect to the user that the user can just cuddle off to sleep. For example, one of its superior products, the iSymphonic massage chair has been voted “Invention of the Year?by Time magazine as it is the only chair in the world that synchronizes massage with music.

The famous foot massager, the iSqueez

However, OSIM is not only known for its massage chairs, but also for affordable products like foot massagers, hand held massagers, eye massagers amongst others. In fact, the foot massager, the iSqueez has gone to make sales history by being able to sell 1 million pieces in just 6 months of its launch.

The products are now available in 13 of the Godrej Lifespace showrooms in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. The customer response has been extremely encouraging and the sales people are very upbeat about the success of the products. To make it more affordable to its employees, the Retailing Division is offering a discount of 10% on these products.

Needless to say, the Retailing Division is very upbeat of the product category and believes that the products will definitely add more life to Lifespace.

Rajiv Patkar
Retailing Division


A Member of the Godrej Family Visits Locks Division

Mr. B. K. Rajkumar briefing about the testing facilities to 
Ms. Gulserene Dastoor during her visit to Godrej Locks
 Division on 7th January 2006. Seen on her left is Mr P.D. Lam.

Mr. B. K. Rajkumar detailing the Locks testing 
facilities to Ms. Gulserene Dastoor. Seen on her 
left are Mr P.D. Lam and Mr. D.N. Narvekar.

Mr. T.S. Murali showing the Locks exhibited in the
 Product Library to Ms. Gulserene Dastoor during
 her visit to Godrej Locks Division on 7th January
 2006. Also seen in the picture is Mr. B.K. Rajkumar

Saturday, 7th January, 2006 was a important day for Locks Division. Ms. Gulserene Dastoor a member of the Godrej family visited Godrej Locks Division along with Mr. P.D. Lam-President & Executive Director. Mr. B.K. Rajkumar-Business Head & Vice President and Mr. D.N. Narvekar-General Manager ?Manufacturing accompanied the visitors to the factory and briefed them about the manufacturing processes, testing facilites, latest machines etc. Mr. T.S. Murali-General Manager ?Design showed the visitors the Product Library and explained development in Locks over the years. Ms. Dastoor evinced keen interest in the product library.

Dean Noronha
Locks Division

SME Clusters for Locks

As part of our ongoing efforts towards con-tinual improvement, Godrej Locks Divison 
had organised a half day introductory programme on 20th January, 2006 on SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) Clusters. The programme was conducted by Mr. C.V. Subrahmanyam, Sr Counsellor from CII Institute of Quality at CII Naoroji Centre of Excellence, Vikhroli and was attended by 45 participants, which included vendors and purchase team members of Locks Division. Purchase Executives from other Divisions were also invited to the programme.

This programme is intended to improve the overall working of our vendors which in turn would benefit us in terms of better quality and timely supplies. There was an overwhelming response to the programme. The general consensus was that the SME Cluster Programme was effective and could be beneficially developed across Godrej.

B.K. Rajkumar
Locks Division

CII-Exim Bank Business Excellence Award 
Assessors?Training Programme

Godrej Locks Division organised a CII ?Exim Bank Business Excellence Award Assessors? training programme at CII ?Naoraji Godrej Centre of Excellence, Vikhroli from 16th to 19th January, 2006. This second inhouse training programme included 26 participants from Locks Division and 4 participants from other divisions. Mr. C.V. Subrahmanyam (Sr. Counsellor ?CII) conducted this four day workshop. 

In this workshop, the team learnt about the Business Excellence Model in detail and the methodology used for assessing an application made against this model. The participants used a case study for developing their assessment skills. The assessment was done in sub-groups based on the model’s 9 criteria/32 sub-criteria. Feedback on the assessment was provided to the team by Mr. Subrahmanyam, which helped in learning the assessor’s role. 

All participants shared the view that the holistic approach of this model is an excellent approach for long term business success in today’s competitive environment.

Dean Noronha
Locks Division

'Shakti' Range of Locks

To make an entry into the large unorganised and low priced segment, Locks Division has launched a new range of products under the brand name “Shakti?in August, 2005. The products under this brand, which include Padlocks, Cylindrical Locks, Door Accessories etc., are sourced from various low cost manufacturing units which make them, as per Godrej specifications, giving customers, products at a low price with the Godrej assurance.

B.K. Rajkumar

Heartiest Congratulations!!

Milind Shashikant Patil of tooling division won a silver medal in the CII sponsored 18th National Workskill Competition (Finals) held recently in Bangalore. 

He is a member of Tooling Division’s highly skilled team of die makers who have won the heart and trust of their illustrious customers, both national and international. Milind is a popular member of the assembly team with a cheerful disposition and a never-say-die attitude.

Godrej is proud of Milind and will always strive to provide him with opportunities to win greater laurels in the future.

S.B. Nair
Tooling Division

Godrej Club

Theater Workshop at Godrej Hillside Club

A Ten - Day Theatre Workshop was conducted by Taranjit Kaur, at Godrej Hill side Club from 18th October to 28th October. The workshop helped the chil dren in their personality development, confidence building, creative thinking & self-expression. All this was done through theatre games and improvisations, which was followed by a presentation called “Bhikhu-bhai’s Coconut?at the end of the workshop. The workshop got an overwhelming response and the children not only thoroughly enjoyed the workshop but also came out as more open and confident individuals.?/font>

Children enjoying themselves in the theatre workshop.

Sandhya K. Shah
Godrej Club

New Year Eve Party

The 31st Dec New Year Eve 05 was a complete success at the G. H. S. C. It had all the right trappings required for a fun - filled evening. Members & their guests (378 in all) reveled in the music, karaoke, mimicry, games, and fireworks.

Children enjoyed the moonwalker and special games meant only for them. The magic show went down very well too.

There was enough delectable vegetarian & non-vegetarian food to last the entire evening.

The feedback received was extremely encouraging to all the staff at G. H. S. C.

Through “Change? the club thanks everybody for their help as well as participation in the event.

Sandhya K. Shah
Godrej Club

Perfect Home Mega Showroom

Mrs. Meera Munda, wife of the Honourable Chief Minister of
Jharkhand, Mr. Arjun Munda, inaugurating the showroom.

Our newly appointed Dealer,Super Sales inaugurated its Perfect Home Mega Showroom in a grand style.
Mrs. Meera Munda, wife of the Honourable Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr. Arjun Munda, inaugurated the showroom.?/font>

This is the biggest Dealer’s Showroom in the State of Jharkhand and the first Perfect Home Mega Showroom of the State. The total area of the showroom is 3600 Sq Ft of which 2600 sq ft is on the ground floor and 1000 sq ft is on the first floor.

The ground floor is the Perfect Home Mega Showroom, which will display our entire Home furniture range along with our Appliances range to give our customers a complete feeling of One Stop Shop for their requirements of Home Furniture and Appliances. 
The first floor will have the display of our FIG- I products with special emphasis on our Premium Range of Institution Products.?br>
With Super Sales in place, Ranchi can boast of a showroom wherein customers can have a look at our wide range of products about which either they were not aware of or they did not have the privilege to see personally.


Special care was taken in placement of the products, props etc. Special invitation cards were distributed to all the dignitaries, Ministers, Senior Bank officials, Government officials, and Business community members with front-page advertisements to create a perfect stage for a grand inauguration. 

Customers in large numbers visited the showroom and the response received was positive.

The showroom is located in Lalpur which is a prime residential area in the heart of the city.

Bomi Gandhi

Fire Forgives No one ?Rely on Godrej FRRC

The office of?strong>Sterling Finman (P) Ltd. a fi-nance company in Chandigarh caught fire at around 9 pm on November 01, 2005. The office was on fire for more than two hours. Till that time no body knew about the fire. A passerby happened to see the flames and called the fire brigade who eventually controlled the fire. 

Later on when the officials entered the office they observed that the entire office had turned into ashes. 45 Computers, 11 Laptops, 3 Network Switches, 1 server, documents, checks, vouchers, cash, furniture was destroyed in the fire.

Mr. Vikramjeet, M.D. of Sterling Finman (P) Ltd. was called and he was completely devastated with the loss occurred. He rushed to the FRRC to check his most Valuable documents such as important shares, Cheques, Company documents but it was locked. After opening the FRRC what he saw, it was just unbelievable. He found all the Documents intact that too after such an intense fire. The FRRC saved the documents. The FRRC was our own GODREJ ?Fire Resistant Record Cabinet (FRRC). Once again our FRRC proved its efficiency.

Mr. Vikramjeet appreciated the fire resistant quality of our product and immediately placed the order for one more FRRC and Class BB safe.

Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal
Chandigarh Branch


PED in Big League
Process Plant Manufacturing 

On 15th January, 2006 the Process Equip-ment Division (PED) shipped out, 3 thick walled reactors and 2 seperators for the St. Charles Refinery of the Valero Refining Company. The Valero Refining Company is the largest refiner in North America.

These reactors, valued at 15 million US$, bound for the United States on a specially chartered BigLift Shipping vessel, will form the cornerstone of the Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) upgrade being implemented at the refinery located in Norco, Louisiana. On installation, they will enable the refinery to meet the mid 2006 deadline set by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for the production of diesel with 15 ppm Sulphur Content.

The highlights of these reactors, which underscore PED’s capabilities, are as under:

The base material of the reactors is Chrome Moly heat resistant steel of thicknesses upto 153 mm. This material, being inherently crack-prone, and the heavy thickness are extremely demanding in terms of welding precautions like preheating and post heating.

All reactors have been cladded from inside witha 5mm layer of corrosion resistant stainless steel (SS 347) using the Electro Slag strip cladding process.

With a combined total weight of over 1500 Metric tons and a combined length of over 130 m and with diameters of around 3.5m, these equipment constitute the largest shipment to be made out of Mumbai.

Despite the many challenges thrown at us during manufacturing and logistics, coupled with some of the most stringent quality requirements, PED has been successful in reinforcing its image as a schedule driven manufacturer by shipping these reactors out almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

The successful execution of the Valero order has consolidated PED’s position of being a premium fabricator of very high end Process Equipment in a league constituted of only a handful of fabricators around the world. World class infrastructure, state of the art technology and systems, teams of highly skilled people, globally recognised partners and an outstanding delivery record makes PED a top of the list supplier of such equipment for major world EPC contractors and end-users. With Exports constituting around 80% of its sales, Equipment manufactured by PED are today installed in major plants located in every continent of the world. PED has been growing rapidly and has chalked out ambitious plans to continue it’s current scorching pace of growth.

In line with these plans, PED has recently bagged a 40 million US$ order for the supply of equipment for the OGD III and AGD II projects of GASCO, in Abu Dhabi. The order to be executed by late 2007 would have PED manufacture some of the heaviest walled SS equipment ever manufactured. SS plates of 123 mm thickness will be used to fabricate equipment whose individual weights could reach 680 metric tons. 

Another feather in the cap of the PED. 

Process Equipment Division Team

Act of Integrity and Honesty

On that day, i.e. on 22nd December, 05, it was business as usual for the team of Navganis Sarvashree Sakharam Fadale, Mukund Gaikwad, Ravindra Lokhande and Suresh Navale.

Little did they know that, besides hard work that comes so naturally to them, what they will be displaying is the quality which has become so rare these days. 

The job given to them was to bring an old empty cupboard from Mr. P.M. Jokhi the repainting job. While bringing the cupboard back, they intuitively felt that the cupboard is not “empty.?They then opened it to see whether it was indeed empty. It indeed was. However, it still did not satisfy them. They opened it again and searched it thoroughly. While doing that they realised that there is one secret locker in the cupboard which contains something. Upon opening that secret locker they found one passport, one bank passbook and some valuables, safely kept inside.

They immediately took possession of all those things and deposited all those things with L & D. L&D, in turn, returned the valuables along with passport and bank passbook to the customer who was all praise for Godrej.

L to R : Mr. Sakharam Fadale, Mr. Mukund 
Gaikwad, Mr. Ravindra Lokhande and Mr. Suresh Navale.

L & D acknowledged this act of honesty by the team of Navganis and felicitated them. It was indeed an act of integrity and honesty which is worth emulating by one and all.

M.A. Naik
Logistics & Distribution


Index is the largest event of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. Held annually at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, this was the fifteenth Index Exhibition. National Pavilions from Europe, America and the Far East, and companies from 57 countries from around the world had taken part at this year’s event, hosting over 1250 exhibitors. More than 30,000 Professionals from all the G.C.C. countries and the neighbouring markets attended the Exhibition.

The show which was held from 28th Nov ?5 till 2nd Dece ?5 was inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai,

For us, this was our third consecutive year of participation at the Event. The participation holds importance due to the fact that the Middle East is continuing to expand at a phenomenal rate with imports into the region being currently worth in excess of US$4.1 billion. The incredible pace of commercial and residential development throughout the region is bound to give a significant growth in imports of furniture and interiors for the region.

Seen in the photograph L to R: Mr. Ratan Thapa, 
Mr. G. Srinivas, Mr. Naresh Tahiliani, Mr. Abdul 
Mohsin Abdul Karim (Managing Director Gulf 
Furnishing Co. Ltd. Saudi Arabia), Mr. P.D. Lam, Mr. 
Tajuddin, Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Mr. Neville Bachana 
and Mr. Homiyar Sachinwalla. 

Our objective obviously was to enhance our reach and visibility in the region and I would say that we achieved it to a large extent. 

INDEX 2005 was a good launching board, to showcase new products and capabilities as a solutions provider in the Office/Home Segments and an effective way to generate prospects and business from one of the world’s most buoyant markets.
Four of our divisions participated in the event i.e. FIG, SED, Locks and Prima. Apart from receiving good response from UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, we also received good inquiries for re-exports to regions such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Egypt and African countries. 

Systems?Furniture evinced keen interest among the visitors, apart from our new range of storages, chairs and computer furniture. 

The “Entranza?range of doors too generated lot of good response along with inquiries for E Swipe and other safes. 

In case of our Locks, the exhibition was a good forum to interact with the builders and buyers from the construction sector. 

Our tea/coffee vending was also put on display, which received an encouraging response. 

Most of the visitors & our channel partners appreciated the ambience of our stall and the range of products available. I wish to thank Mr. P.D. Lam, Mr. Naresh Tahiliani, Mr. Neville Bachana and Mr. Pushkar Gokhale for their valuable guidance and support, in making the event a success. 

INDEX 2005 has augured well for Godrej in terms of business opportunities, rousing a hope that the rest of the year will see Middle East Operations reach out for the stars..!!

G. Srinivas 
G&B ?UAE Branch