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Innovate Relentlessly

Complex and rapid change is happening all around us. Managing this new change is central to managerial tasks we have at hand. How will we effectively manage this new change?

Every year, hundreds of management titles and articles are published which attempt to offer advice to the readers as to how to cope with this difficult-to-handle phenomenon of change. Most of the times, the advice offered does not work. It could be for many reasons — which we shall keep aside for now.

But over the years, there has been one great source of sound advice and that has been of Peter F. Drucker, the great Management thinker who passed away at the ripe old age of 95 years in November 2005. He left an indelible mark on the body of management thought through his original, insightful, visionary and practicable advice. An author of over 40 books and hundreds of articles, he offered advice on management for over fifty years, which essentially worked in the words of the famous author Jim Collins, "Drucker was right and we have the history to prove it". 

In Work Practices we have selected one of his key insights, namely, the advent of the Knowledge Worker. We believe that this phenomenon of Knowledge Worker has deeply affected the very core of managerial practice. To know more about his views on the Knowledge Worker and the challenges it poses, read on about Peter Drucker and his wide-ranging interview….

Beginning this issue, we want to focus on Innovation and accordingly, we have started a section "Innovation at work". In this section, we look forward to contributions from our readers under two different heads: (1) Things done better and (2) Things done differently. The section "Things done better" which essentially are about the continual improvement in work. These contributions reflect improvements that are incremental in nature and concern making things better. 

The contributions under the title "Things done differently" are somewhat beyond the "incremental" and have some element of "breakthrough" in them. Projects of this nature are perceived as difficult and are undertaken for gaining competitive advantage. Senior Managers, please take some time off and share your work with others. Learning from others is a surest way for building competence in the sphere of "Doing things differently".

Incidentlly, one of the best book on the subject of innovation is Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Women’s day falls on 8th March, hence in this issue we have articles on Women’s Empowerment. CHANGE wishes all our women readers a very happy Womens Day.

Archives are currently being set up at Godrej. Ms. Vrunda Pathare has joined us as an Archivist. Do read about our Archives...

Cooperation is sought from the contributors to ensure that the photographs sent to us are "in focus" and look good when printed. First class, attractive photographs are a powerful communication aid — Remember the Chinese proverb "one picture is more than a thousand words". Please do take special care and send us good photographs.

In closing, let me remind the readers of "CHANGE" that this rather novel and relevant House Magazine belongs to us. It can become as good as what we want it to be. There is plenty of interesting change happening around us and that change, should be written about and shared to improve our collective learning. Sharing stories of success and sometime even of failure, enriches both the contributor and the reader. 

We look forward to your contributions and feedback on how to make CHANGE better.

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Indrapal Singh