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he Aeronautical Society of India has declared Mr. S M Vaidya the winner of Production Technology Award for the year 2005.

SMV as he is popularly known is B Tech (Metallurgy) from IIT Mumbai. On graduation he joined a special fabrication group which involved Welding and Heat Treatment of high strength, low mass exotic alloys in aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, cobalt and steel.

The assemblies fabricated from the above alloys are used primarily for aerospace applications having complex engineering requirements. The processes used are forming, brazing, welding, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment and testing both non destructive as well destructive.

These processes require a high degree of Precision and as a result call for extensive development and fine tuning prior to being deployed. Besides, there is a final requirement that the assemblies realized must meet stringent specifications demanded by the designers, statutory authorities and various standards and codes?/font>

Mr. Vaidya over a decade and a half has established these complex, advanced production processes for realizing Vikas and cryogenic engines for ISRO, three-ton liquid propulsion engines for Prithivi project and Airframe assemblies for BrahMos.

In recognition of his significant contribution to the productonizing of these advanced, complex aerospace assemblies, the Aeronautical Society of India has rightfully conferred upon Mr.Vaidya award for developing Production Technology for the year 2005.

Congratulations once again! We are all proud of you.

Shilpa Pawar, PCS Division

Inauguration of the Compressor Plant at Mohali

L - R Mr. G. Yugandar, Mr. Farrokh Bava-Adam, Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Mr. P.D. Lam, Mr. B.J. Wadia and Mr. Anil Rijhwani at the inauguration of the new compressor plant at Mohali.

Mr. Jamshyd Godrej lights the traditional lamp.

L-R Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Mr. B. J. Wadia, Mr. Anil Rijhwani
& Mr. G. Yugandar take a look at the shop floor.

ur Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. J N Godrej inaugurated the compressor plant on 18th November 2005 at Mohali.

The compressor plant, which was operating at Pirojshanagar, was uprooted, transported and restarted in a record time of seventy-three days! A fantastic feat considering the fact that about 1400 tons of equipment was involved.

A substantial amount of re engineering and re lay outing was carried out in the manufacturing facility,the result of which is evident in the floor area occupied-at Mohali, only 6,600 sq.meters as against 20,000 sq. meters at Pirojshanagar.

A marvelous job done by the compressor and the engineering groups of the Appliance Division who had worked day and night to make the new compressor plant operational in a record time.


B.J Wadia, EVP-Appliances