Paradise Regained !

Godrej Colony in Vikhroli, is one place in Mumbai,
Where you can still smell the earth, made freshly wet by the gentle lashing of the rain drops;
Where the cuckoo has not forgotten its melodious call;
Where the sunrise still brings a vision of twittering birds flying in frenzied flight;
And the sunset, an image of the fiery scarlet ball, teasingly hiding behind the mountainous landscape in the distant horizon;
Where the flora and fauna are found intact... untouched by the cruel excuse, which some call “urbanisation;”
Where you can still walk barefoot in the lush green grass and feel the early morning dew;
With the rains only accentuating this ecstasy!
Perchance, it is my good fortune to have been blessed with such a life, where my employer is the Hand of God. Yes, you can feel God’s presence in every inch of this Paradise!
... And if anyone is so grief-stricken of the woeful condition of Mumbai, bring him here & he’ll believe that...

“Heaven is a place on Earth!”

Kaizad Wadia
Plant-19, P.E.S.



Rain and shine are Nature’s team work
Pain and pollution are human’s team work
Learn from nature to balance everything
Teamwork lessons of Nature are thought provoking

Look at your body’s function and change of seasons
Awareness and alertness can only save our nation.
Use your teamwork knowledge constructively
Peaceful and pollution free country can be given to the children happily.

Capt Radharani
Factory Dispensary