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When God created man, He did not declare anyone to be superior than the other. All human are born equal. It is man himself who has created these class and caste based distinctions. If in the eyes of God, all of us are equal, then who has given man the right to differentiate between us?

India faces an acute problem of such caste distinctions. Untouchability, which according to law is a punishable offence, is still practiced in some areas of our country. In terms of economy, perhaps India is a ‘developing’ nation, but when it comes to having an open mind and a rational outlook, our country still has miles to go. We are certainly less developed.

Reservations – This issue has been in the limelight for quite some time now. It caused a stir when it surfaced and initiated several protests and debates. I personally am completely opposed to reservations in education. Education is a fundamental right and every Indian citizen has the right to obtain education. How can the government disregard this fundamental right under the pretext of establishing equality? I certainly do not object to giving opportunities to the underprivileged classes, but not at the cost of another man’s rights. By reserving a large number of seats for the underprivileged in colleges and other educational institutions, the government is demeaning the efforts of those who have worked hard towards achieving good results. This only shows that our country has no value for genuine hard work. What kind of image are we projecting to the outer world?

One aspect that I strongly dislike is that we work in extremes. Either we do nothing at all or we overdo it. Earlier the problem was that the underprivileged were not being given equal opportunities, but now the problem seems to be that they are given too many opportunities! When will the government learn to draw the line between the right and the wrong? Instead of resorting to such means, the government should channelise their efforts in adopting certain other measures to bring about equality. Education could be made compulsory at least up to the primary level and monetary help should be provided to those who cannot afford it. This will ensure that no deserving person is deprived of quality education and every one is given a fair chance to come up and carve a niche for themselves. The government should first develop equality on the economic front. Also, eradicating poverty can solve several problems, but, sadly enough, the government seems to have turned a blind eye to this aspect.

In conclusion, I would like to say that reservations in education will solve no problems. If anything, it will only divide people even more. It is now up to the youth of the nation to take up the responsibility to eradicate this problem which has plagued our country.

Ashwati Thampi – Student of standard X
(Daughter of Ajitkumar
& Prema (Prima) Thampi)




Subha V (daughter of Vishwanathan V.N., PED) has scored 90.33% aggregate in the HSC
2005-06 exams. Congratulations!

Ravindran M


Congratulations to Sameer Bhatt who has scored 90% in the SSC exams!