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How do you spell TEAMWORK?
Harmony. Cooperation. Synchronized effort.

Working together effectively is easier said than done. True to this, it was not surprising that teambuilding has been identified as one of the core competencies for leadership at Godrej. We, therefore decided to have Teamwork as the theme for this issue of CHANGE.

As Prof. Jerry Useem says in his sharply written article, teamwork is difficult but can be learned. One has to observe the great teams very closely and then join in one of your own. Like getting rich or having a ‘Eureka’ experience, you cannot simply will effective teamwork to happen. Teamwork is an individual skill, which can contribute perhaps more than any other skill to increase your personal value, regardless of your level in the company. It’s a high leverage skill, which must be learned. Like all skills, it has two components, knowledge plus mindful practice. There is plenty of knowledge on the subject of teamwork in this issue, while for mindful practice of teamwork; we leave it entirely to you and your bosses to facilitate. But remember, any skill is not adequately learned unless mindfully practiced over a long duration!

We’ll be also happy to provide useful references on teamwork to those who seek them for further study.

Vivek Kulkarni has written a profound article on the ecology of environment, which is indeed a worthy read. Our feature on business etiquette continues, hope you are picking up pointers for polishing your etiquette. We have skipped our feature on Archives in this issue but to know more about the progress the readers are requested to visit the Archives webpage on Godrej Connect.

Teachers Day falls on 5th September. The team at CHANGE wishes all teachers a Happy Teachers Day. A beautiful poem ‘Why God Made Teachers’ is reproduced to convey the impact teachers have on our lives.

Our Home Base section carries numerous stories of achievements highlighting innovation and teamwork. Notable among these is the report describing the outstanding effort and commitment displayed by the PCS team for trial launches of Brahmos missiles in 55 degree C heat of Rajasthan desert.

A thought on how to get more out of CHANGE. First, read it yourself and ask your team members to read it as well. It will certainly add value. Second, in your weekly meetings, read and discuss one article from the theme section with your team members. Raise questions like ‘What is the central message of this article?’ ‘Is it applicable to us?’ ‘What is the one thing that we can implement in our working?’ Let this discussion be no longer than 15 minutes or so. And lastly, select one story for discussion from the Home Base section. This story need not be about your own business or department. Subject the story to the above questions, distill the lessons and try and apply them to your own context. This is a tried & tested learning approach that will help you usher in the change that you want.

The theme for the next issue is ‘Celebrate to Win’. Celebration is acknowledging and applauding an achievement, anytime, anywhere. Celebrations generate great amount of energy and enthusiasm- like oxygen we need them all the time to overcome inertia and affect change-both in our personal lives and in our work places. Do send us your contributions- work related or non-work related- to enable us to offer you a rich fare on this wonderful theme.

A big thank you to all the contributors.

Greetings to all readers for the forthcoming Festive season. Have a great time. Have great fun achieving more than before.

Happy reading and best wishes!


Indrapal Singh