Celebrate your health

Increase salads in your food

Reduce oil and salt for good

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Don’t eat junk food to invite trouble

Get a checkup done by your doctor

Walking and exercise will make you feel better

Put off the T.V. and talk to family members

Laughing and playing with them is important remember

Look for positive sign in every situation

That is the way for real celebration.
Capt B. Radharani
Factory Dispensary




Celebrate Each Moment

The sprouting seeds

The shinning grass

The blooming flowers

The dancing trees

The chirping sparrows

The screeching bats

The cloudy sky

The musical thunder

The showers of rain

The Tides of sea

Tells you what you have to be

Ups and downs are in the trend

Celebrate each moment my dear friend.

Capt B. Radharani
Factory Dispensary