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To Win
Celebrate Every Thing - Every Day!

This is our 5th Anniversary issue. We thank our readers for their encouragement
and contributors for making it happen.

Relentless external change calls for response embodying faster powerful change within the organization. How to promote and sustain such change? How to get the energy, which will enable us, cause the change? One of the answers is to build a culture where celebrations are an integral part of work-life and are leveraged to generate energy to cause change. Also a winning attitude is essential to generate energy to counter the forces of globalization, ever changing needs of customers, fast changing technology, fierce competition…

Godrej has been reinventing itself for more than ten decades now. We have been celebrating Dussehra and Diwali for more than six or seven decades. All we need to do is have small, more frequent, and local-in-nature celebrations. Besides enhancing joy of working such celebrations will boost our energy continually.

To provide a perspective on celebrating and winning we have a couple of articles on the theme, hope you will enjoy them. 'Celebrating Diwali & Spirit of Godrej's is an article which describes one such celebration held nearly fifty years ago.

Do share with us the innovative & cost effective ways you know of, for celebrating wins & achievements.

Festivals must be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner. How to celebrate Diwali in a clean and safe way is in the article by Dr. Maya Mahajan. She will share ahead of the forthcoming festivals what we need to do to celebrate the festivals in safe, clean ways.

We have the last part of the series on etiquette, which we hope you will find useful. To get an etiquette edge, do go through all five parts and learn about new habits to be cultivated. In case you have a specific query on etiquette, do bounce it off with us. Feedback on etiquette series is welcome.

Our Home Base section has very interesting features on our new initiatives, such as, launch of EON, the new range of refrigerators, Godrej Interio- a new brand for Home & Office furniture and solutions, achievements of PES & PED divisions and others. Reading these features makes us feel good about the changes which are happening at Godrej. Also these inspire us to initiate similar changes in our own areas of work.

'Thriving on Change' is the theme for the first issue of CHANGE for the New Year. Once again a change related theme; as we believe unless we change relentlessly and fast, and ride the wave of favorable, all around change, deftly, we run the risk of missing the proverbial bus.

Do visit Godrej Connect to know more about the theme and send us your contributions.

Greetings for the festive season from team CHANGE.

Happy Celebrations. Happy Reading.


Indrapal Singh