Little Wonders



A New Dawn

I lay there lost and defeated,
I had been let down by life.
My dreams were shattered and broken,
My loneliness cut through me like a knife.
I had lost the will to live,
I had lost the will to fight.
Happiness had deserted me forever,
So piteous was my flight.
As I lay there, inviting death,
I heard a voice divine.
A voice firm but gentle,
That touched me like a ray of sunshine.
It was the voice of God,
That was calling out to me.
What life really was about,
He wished me to see.
Life is full of ups and downs,
Tis’ a queer ride, he said.
But with vigour and vitality,
Our life should be led.





  Failure is a disappointment,
But never a defeat.
If you try with all your might,
One day success you will meet.
Happiness follows sadness,
As day follows night.
Such is the divine cycle of life,
At the end of each tunnel there’s light.
Having said this he vanished,
Leaving me amazed.
After that brief meeting with God,
My life forever had changed.
I rose with renewed hope,
I wiped away all my tears.
As I walked ahead, I knew,
I had left behind my fears.
The future was awaiting me,
Happiness was near.
Life smiled down upon me again, and
A new dawn was here.





Written by Ms. Ashwathi Thampi Student of Std. IX, daughter of AjitKumar(Appliance) and Prema Thampi (Prima)


Plastic Bags and Their Destruction

Plastic bags lay there
Plastic bags lay here
But had you cared to pick them up dear?
At last they are banned
And, no more found in our hand.
Plastic bags harmed the harmless creatures
“They should be banned”, said all the preachers
Plastic bags flew from tree to tree
They destroyed all the shelters that would be.
People made use of them so delightfully
But did they care to think of all the destruction that would be?
Birds and animals cursed man for this invention
And hope there is no more of such creation.
Now, no more of plastic bags are seen,
Their disappearance makes our surroundings look so clean.
At last we are free
From this plastic bag mystery
Plastic bags are no more found in nature
This decision is safe, for our future.

Taryn Correya
Std. VI