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To progress: Change, Innovate, Explore, Discover, Create and Resolve…

In the years ahead, whether we like it or not, China will influence our affairs, multidimensionally, be that economic, political, social. China will be both, a major challenge and an opportunity.

To enable us cope effectively with this great paradox, we have included first-hand experiences of a well-respected CEO of his visit to China. These will help us shape our perspectives for engaging with the challenge of China. The observations of Mr. Banmali Agrawal are incisive indeed and make China look less formidable and more manageable to tackle.

We want to have an ongoing dialogue on China with our readers, hence we need to have more first-hand experiences of our own people who have been either sourcing from or selling to China. We need help here. In the process of looking for the right sort of stories on China, we have collected a large number of insights/articles, which we will share with you. Let this be a dialogue and not a monologue…

Ask any foreigner as to what is his first impression on landing in India. The answer usually will be too many people and too much of filth. We must learn to manage our cities in a way that they remain clean always. To do so, we must adopt new practices, already in use in developed countries. The article on Solid Waste Management throws up the issues involved and what can we possibly do. We, as citizens should educate as many people as we can to help them cultivate behaviors, which will lead to reduced solid waste besides easier handling and managing of it by the civic services. Mumbaikars alone generate more than 12,000 tonnes of waste everyday and barely 8,500 tonnes of it is removed for disposal. No wonder the city looks perpetually unkempt.

We have interesting articles on health related issues, reading of which will be rewarding. From the concluding article on Reiki, it is clear that the practice of Reiki is a powerful way to fight stress and we have the help available readily. To get across the idea of investing in vacations of children, we had requested Ms Swati Salunkhe to write for us an article, which you will find useful. Please give us more inputs on these topics so that we have a richer repository for our parent readers next time around.
In addition to our regular features, we have an insightful article, titled Customer Comes Second which will help us develop an edge over competition and perform well in the challenging times ahead. The insights and pointers from this article will help shape our priorities for managing effectively.

Innovation at work is the over-arching theme this year. To amplify and articulate this theme we need stories from our workplaces. At present somehow we do not have enough of stories, especially about Innovations made on the shop floor or in the market place. Senior managers are requested to explore their spheres of work and take out for sharing with us stories of Doing Things Better, Doing Things Differently and more importantly Doing Different Things…

CHANGE conveys its best wishes to George Menezes, B J Wadia, B N Doongaji, Shyam Motwani and Kamal Nandi for their new strategic roles at Godrej.
Happy Reading!


Indrapal Singh