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The Power and Effects of Reiki - 2

In part 1 of my article on Reiki titled “ Reiki- The Spiritual Path, A Personal Experience” which had appeared in Jan-Feb. 2005 issue of Change, I had described the basics of Reiki and how the practice of it can benefit us. Read on further on Reiki in this second part of the article.

Stress has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Currently, it’s exam stress which is in full swing driving Students, Parents, Teachers, Professors, Relatives, Friends and well wishers to higher stress levels, owing to competition, previous success, media coverage, high expectations from parents, schools and colleges. The big question is how to respond to such stress and convert it into positive energy to keep oneself healthy and in high spirits. The obvious answer is Meditation or stress-combating practice, which is so vital for physical and spiritual strength of Body and Mind.

In my earlier article on Reiki, I had discussed about Reiki Level 1. This article throws light on Reiki Level-2 for the benefit of readers to overcome stress on their own or with the help of a certified practitioner.

Negative experiences frequently condition our attitude to life and our behaviour. This kind of unconscious programming subject us to the same distressful experiences over and over again, almost in confirmation of our worst hopes and fears. It is often very difficult to free ourselves from such ingrained patterns of behaviour, even if we know the causes and effects. Here the mental healing method, which is taught in 2nd level reiki, can be of great help, whereby it is possible to come into contact with the innermost being of a person and to change his/her inner “Program” in such a way that his/her misdirected energy will be transformed and set free. In this way, depression can be changed into joy of life, and fear into trust. Lack of courage will turn into optimism and an inferiority complex can be transformed into inner wealth. Hate will become love and happiness, and a positive attitude will arise out of negativity.

Second level Reiki is the next step for further empowerment, which helps to fine tune both the physical and mental state of body to a clearer frequency of Universal Life Force Energy. Three symbols are taught to help create a bridge from the heart of reiki channel to the heart of the patient, through which the energy is drawn. In the 2nd level reiki, distant or absentee treatment is possible, when you cannot physically be with the patient needing treatment, such as someone admitted in the hospital or living in a distant town.

My Guru Dr. Vijay Mavinkurve on 28.11.2001 attuned me for Reiki-2. Since then, I have been practicing Reiki on self as well as on others who come to me seeking for it. Believe me, I tell this by experience that Reiki-2 is four times powerful and effective than Reiki - 1.

Many of you may want to know what it feels like to both the healer and the seeker of help. Let me quote some real experiences, which people who have sought my help have shared with me.

  • During her 1st session, my 72-year-old aunt recounted, “I have never experienced such a deep sense of relaxation in all my life. I was filled with a feeling of peace and quiet and everything inside me was very spacious. I felt how it began to work on the ailing parts of my body and I am amased that there is something as wonderful as reiki that enabled me to sleep soundly for a long period of time without resorting to medicines.
  • A friend of mine said, “I saw so many things — images, colors and wonderful landscapes, even the reverberations of water flowing smoothly through river. It was something out of the world feeling of warmth”
  • “I felt extremely relaxed after reiki last night. I was terribly tired after college and reiki provided me a lot of energy and relief from my stress. Nothing special occurred to me this time, as I had told you last time that I could see a flash of light in shape of a star before my eyes during reiki. Saturday’s reiki gave me a unique kind of a peace of mind and has helped me to overcome my frustration to some extent. All in all, it was quite refreshing and relaxing and would like to experience more of reiki”, says an ICWA student in her written feedback.
  • “My son who was very impulsive, impatient and not focused on studies has changed a lot within one month of treatment and is becoming more responsible and relaxed”, says a mother.
  • “Thanks for the first reiki session. I am feeling less stressed and tensed”, writes a final year college student.
  • “I still remember the day when I had taken reiki from you first time. It had given me immense peace of mind, I felt completely at ease so much so that I felt my mind was free of negative thoughts”, says an employee of GODREJ.

At the 2nd level, the healers awareness is amplified to help him focus his attention so that he is enabled to address the root cause of the problem: physical or emotional. As the healers, we increase our ability to sense other’s needs. Not only do we feel other’s needs through our hands, additional specific information may begin to come through intuitively as well. 2nd level’s real benefit is the peace we feel after letting go of all our old resentment, anger, worry, ego, jealousy, fear, pride, greed and freedom from old mental blocks and patterns, promoting a state of total relaxation, making us more blissful, contented and fulfilled. Reiki can never be known or understood intellectually. It can only be experienced.

In conclusion let me say that, if we pour pieces of gold into a hand, which is full of stones, the gold will fall out. We will first have to give up something of ourselves in order to make room for something new.

Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration

Mr. Nariman Bacha is a certified "REIKI" practitioner. Those interested in experiencing benefits of Reiki can contact him at