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Sambandh Training- A Marvelous Succes





Well as the name suggests we at Appliance Division have developed a novel concept whereby we can reach out to the local technicians in the field and teach them about the correct process of servicing and repairing the appliances. We also tell them about the number of developments that are taking place at Godrej and the number of opportunities, which are now available to them professionally. This enables us to establish a rapport with them which will help create goodwill in the market and hence this programme was aptly named “Sambandh?

The process started in September, 2005 wherein we met the local technicians to try and understand their difficulties and constraints which prevented them from doing a professional job. Also we touched upon the important aspect of the cost and time that these technicians were willing to spare in order to acquire this knowledge.


Having done this ground work and collected valuable inputs from the end users we went about the task of developing a two day module which would cost Rs. 827/- and be able to encompass information from basics to the actual process of diagnosis and repairs. It took a great deal of effort and brainstorming before the first module on Frost free technology took shape. It was ultimately made out in the form of a multimedia presentation which apart from still pictures and theory also contained video shoots and animations which were properly sequenced and packaged to deliver the visual effects. It made learning easy and interesting for the technicians and most importantly the understanding of the concepts was made easy and clear.

This programme was rolled out in December 2005 in the four regions and the canvassing for the programme started at the branches from January, 2006 onwards.

We at Mumbai branch have achieved phenomenal success and beginning February, 2006 till May, 2006 we have trained 271 technicians. Major part of this success has been contributed by ITI students.

We have successfully bagged a large contract, for training, from Directorate of Vocational Training, Mumbai, under the able leadership of The Director, Shri. J. D. Bhutange for conducting the Sambandh training programme for all their Industrial Training Institutes spread across the state of Maharashtra. We have estimated the number of students to be around 2500 who will be trained by us at Mumbai branch and across different ITI locations in Maharashtra. We expect to complete this ambitious programme in about 18 months.

The advantages of this project are many fold both for the ITI and their students and as well as for us at Godrej.

ITI can add lot of professional value to their exsisting format of one and / or two years courses by providing sambandh training programme as an value addition for their students who will have an industrial exposure and the knowledge of latest technology in the field of Appliance industry. This apart from benefiting students themselves will also give a boost to the ITI’s.

We at Godrej can also derive many benefits. Apart from being a consistent source of revenue generation we shall be able to reach remote corners of state of Maharashtra and groom these 2500 prospective candidates of different ITI’s who could be our company’s ambassadors. Since most of these students will be taking up their career in appliance industry we can keep in touch with them individually thus keeping our Sambandh alive. Also by keeping our channels of information open for these students we will create a live database which will be extremely useful for our line of business.

Further, as a part of multi-skilling of these students we can also offer our future training modules on different products that are expected to be launched by us in due course of time.

Hence, this Sambandh Training programme is seen by us at Mumbai branch as a win win situation and we are confident that we will be working towards this as a social cause and contribution to the society by being able to provide professional guidance and technical knowledge at a highly affordable price and shortest possible time.

We also would like to thank the Director Shri J.D. Bhutange (Directorate of Vocational Training, Mumbai) for having made this possible by accepting our offer and giving us an opportunity to work together for this noble cause.

Team ?Appliances Division