What is the reason that our nation isnít well known for innovation? We spend so little on R & D And the results are poor, obviously And I, for one would lay the charge Quite squarely on our License Raj A license then was a sinecure A perfect method to ensure A steady stream of easy dough And this went on and on, you know The dinosaurs that roamed the land, Iím sure you will understand, Had no need to innovate For after all they were doing great. But in the í91 the meteor hit And stirred things up quite a bit As dinosaurs were now laid low The nimbler mammals start to grow. In other lands it is a fact The smaller firms are quick to act Entrepreneurs donít hesitate It is their task to innovate But smaller firms faced disruption Theyíre harder hit by corruption And more entangled in red tape Which in India you canít escape And because of this sorry state Both big and small didnít innovate One strategy then was to steal, Pretend to reinvent the wheel, So ideas known in other nations Were passed off here as innovations The picture that I paint is bleak But nowís the time for me to speak Of areas where it can be said That Indians are a bit ahead In low cost goods we specialize Simple products in a tiny size Is all, that many can afford And in this field we have scored There is no doubt we have the brains And therefore some have taken pains To organize our talent pool As software firms, computer schools That clearly pass every test And are considered the very best Sometimes it is our many flaws Such as the lack of patent laws Our many years of price controls And endless number of poor souls That enabled us to take the lead In processes that succeed In developing generic drugs And pesticides for all the bugs And that is all I have to say I wish you all a good day For those of you who swear by prose You must admit, a tiny dose Of early morning rhyming verse As long as it is crisp and terse Can serve to wake, if not the dead Those who, still think, they are in bed The bell has rung, get up, stand straight Itís not too late, lets innovate.

Nadir Godrej
Managing Director
Godrej Industries Limited