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OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) is an international standard which is developed by a consortium of 13 International bodies in the field of Occupational Health & Safety. It is primarily based on BS 8800: 1996. It follows PDCA cycle & internationally recognised as a certifiable management system. This is neither an ISO standard, nor a legally binding standard in India. The organisation can apply voluntarily which can be a stand alone system or can be integrated with other compatible management systems like ISO 14001, ISO 9001, SA 8000 etc. It facilitates the management to identify the occupational health & safety risks associated with the business of the organisation. This includes organisation structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the OH&S policy. It is a proactive business oriented, market driven approach & a tool for managing regulatory compliance & all other forms of OH & S & opportunities. The benefits include reduction in work place injuries & illnesses. Reduced cost, Reduction in absenteeism, Increased productivity, Positive response from customers. Locks division was the first division to achieve the certification in OHSAS 18001 in Godrej & Boyce. The certification was awarded in Sept. 2005 through TUV India Ltd, a renowned name in certification bodies. The activity was spearheaded in early 2004 by Mr. S.V. Amonkar of EHS dept under the guidance of business head Mr. B.K. Rajkumar & Manufacturing head Mr. D.D. Narwekar. It took nearly 16 months to complete the task & the division was audited for pre-assessment in May 2005 by TUV India. The entire team reviewed the observations from the audit & completed the required actions. Finally certification audit was carried out in September 2005 & Locks division was recommended for the same.

The certificate was handed over to Mr. J.N. Godrej by Mr. Anil Rairikar, CEO & member of TUV Board in a function held on 15th February 2006.

S.V. Amonkar
EHS Head



Enduring Quality of Godrej Locks

In our endeavour to become a complete Locking solution provider, Godrej Locks Division continues offering customers high quality and a wide range of products to suit different applications.

One of our customers has addressed this email to Mr. B.K. Rajkumar (Vice President and Business Head), which is attached below:

Dean Noronha

 Dear Sir,

I am sending a small note on our good experiences with Godrej Company.
My father had installed a Godrej night latch for our Residence at Dadar Mumbai sometime in the Nineteen Fifties. It is a matter of satisfaction for us that in the last fifty years this night latch has worked without any problem or technical maintenance whatsoever.

It should also be a matter of pride for Godrej and Boyce Company Ltd for manufacturing such quality products. I sincerely hope that you continue to produce outstanding products in the years to come.

Thank You,

Anand Padmanabhan



Channel Activities

  WD Salesmen Training Programme in Hyderabad

As it has been a practice to impart Knowledge and Training to the sales and service team regularly, a Training Programme for Andhra Pradesh’s Wholesale Dealer Salesmen was conducted on 13th May 2006. This time it was a little different.

We shared the branch performance of 2005-06 with the salesmen and highlighted details about the number of locks sold per hour. Participants were overwhelmed after knowing that our branch sells around 244 locks per hour and in that 13 locks of ultra locks per hour are sold. The growth in number of locks installed per hour from the year 2001-02 till 2005-06 was shown to them. Later the main part of the programme was announced. “The SUPER SALES MAN of the year? The five parameters for the Super Sales Man of the year 2006-07 were clearly explained to them. Every body participated actively to know more about the SUPER SALES MAN award. The annual DS sheets with monthly, quarterly and annual break up along with product group promotion was given to them.

Later focus was put on the imparting knowledge on the new products introduced. Shakti selling was emphasised. The training programme ended with lunch and then the entire team was taken out to SNOW WORLD. The team enjoyed Snow world at ? degrees Celsius when the outside temperature was 42 degrees Celsius. They experienced a never before experience. The team was overjoyed with their one hour long entertainment. After an hour chilling experience, the team had another spine chilling experience, in Rain Forest and then in Living Dead. The two hour long entertainment programme was highly enjoyable.

This was for the first time that the WDs Salesmen had knowledge combined with fun.

  Retailer Meet at Mumbai : M/s. Active Distributors

Mumbai Branch along with Mr. Kalpesh Roy, Proprietor of M/s Active Distributors, who is our local distributor organised a retailers?meet cum waterpark entertainment at Suraj Waterpark.  About 125 retailers participated in the secondary scheme held from 1st January to 15th February 2006 and 55 qualified for this one day programme. All the retailers were happy to be part of this business cum pleasure meet and were looking forward to such get together in the future.

  Dinner for top retailers in Pune : M/s. Ashok Agency

A top dealer dinner programme was organized by our Pune distributor M/s Ashok Agency along with Pune sales team members in one of the best restaurants in Pune (Vaishali, F.C. Road) in the month of March 2006.

The objective of the team and distributor in calling the top dealers for this dinner was :

1) To enhance relationship amongst the company, the distributor & major retailers.

2) To strengthen the bond with major dealers.

3) To provide a platform to clear mis-communications, if any, between distributor & retailers.

4) To increase loyalty towards Godrej.

5) To create and maintain an emotional bond something beyond the business relationship.

  Architect Meet at Pune: M/s. Bhupendra Enterprises

Pune Branch co-sponsored a meet of Architects meet on 9th April 2006. It was organised by i2i Event Media Organizer. The occasion was the Annual Prize distribution for 2006 Interior design competition for student architect across Maharashtra.

Our range of products was displayed during the programme. Abound 200 architects from across Maharashtra visited our stall. Our high end architectural products like Panic Bar, hinges, SS handles, SS mortise locks, Card locks, i-button lock, spider fitting, shower-cubical fittings... were demonstrated to the architects.

This event helped us to increase brand awareness and knowledge of our products to our key influencers. The architects also got a first hand eperience by seeing products in display, giving them a better idea about Godrej quality, wide range of products and high technology locking solutions

C. Nyamath (Hyderabad),
Aspi Wadia (Mumbai), Sachin Jain (Pune)



Fab 50

In NCR, Godrej Locks Division had observed Fabricator Contact Programme in April 2006. The idea was to find out the overall requirement of Door Closers, Floor Springs, Narrow stile locks and Shutter Locks at Fabricator’s end only. Our SSEs Mr. A.S. Akbar, Arpit Srivastava and Linkon Bhutt contacted 40 Fabricators of NCR who are in business of Shutter / doors / windows/glass work. We named this activity as FAB 50 (Fabricator Fifty).

The team would educate them about the availability of our product range, it’s application and price. The result was quite encouraging and we got to know about the requirement of 100 Concealed Door closers and appx.100 numbers of Patch sets and Floor springs at various fabricators. The negotiations are on to close the orders and the Fabricators has reacted positively to our approach. We have also promised them that if required we can accompany them in process of getting the products approved at clients end.

Radhikesh Sinha, Delhi Branch



Hyderabad looks at the Innovation of last year

Some of the ideas conceptualised and implemented by Godrej Locks Division in Hyderabad speak well for their success last year:

1. POM ?POW :

With the alarming competition around us and to enhance our Product range in the market in 2005-06, we had developed the concept called: “POM –POW?(POM = Product of the month, POW = Product of the week).

The main idea was to focus on Range selling (Product Group Sales) from Company to WD (Wholesale Dealer) and from WD to DSO (Distributor Dales Officer). Both the WD and his DSO were educated about the importance of Product Group Selling.

Before implementing the POM-POW we had taken the Product Code wise average sales for the last year. Then the journey of POM –POW in AP began with Mortise as first project. Incentive structure to the DSO was worked out along with the Distributor and then the DSO was made aware of the Target and his incentive. Sales were monitored on a daily basis persevarantly. POM-POW had a double advantage, the WD began achieving his Product group DS month wise and the Width & Depth of distribution also grew by 10 to 15% as DSO went in full swing to earn his incentive.

The RESULT - The secondary sale of Twin Cities had grown by 30% and few products grew by 50-60%.

The best part of the above mission is that the entire Incentive amounts were borne by the WDs and the DSOs were paid on monthly basis.

2. Service Camp:

The basic objective of the Service Camp was to create security awareness among the customers. Service was made available at the doorsteps and at a convenient time of the customers. Service camp was taken as a platform to make customers get the feel of the new locks, the latest technologies and they were educated about the security needs.

Two service camps were conducted during the year. One at BHEL township which comprises of 1600 independent houses and the other at Asmangarh Housing Colony where 800 families live.

The response in both the locations was excellent. Some residents who purchased the locks had availed Instant Installation (irrespective of Ultra Locks) and the Free service facility extended at the camp to their old locks.

The best part of the SERVICE CAMP was that the Police Officials of the respective localities extended their fullest cooperation and participated in the Camp enthusiastically. Police have extended the help by arranging Audio Publicity/Announcement at BHEL township with the help of their RAKSHAK (The Police Van). The BHEL Employees Co-operative Credit Society had given their Community Hall on free of cost basis, to conduct this Camp. Handbills along with the circular of the society were printed and circulated in the township. Banners were hung at the prominent locations and Instabooth was placed at the entrance of the hall. Stocks were displayed in the hall (Like we use to display in our regular Road Show). Technicians were kept ready to provide Instant Installation and service to the customers.

The customers were really thrilled and happy to see the wide range of our GODREJ Locks which were kept at Display. The customers gave a positive feed back towards the programme and requested us to conduct the same atleast once in a year.

3. Builders Meet:

Another step to understand the needs and to cater the builder community better, we had conducted a builders meet at Vijayawada. The objective of conducting it in Vijayawada was to encourage the Institutional sales in Vijayawada. Around 35 top builders of Vijayawada were invited and they were educated about the latest technologies in locking industry. They were also educated about the specific applications of different locks available with us. The USPs and features of Ultra Locks were briefed to them. It was more of an interactive session as all the builders participated in the session by clarifying their doubts on price, quality and service.

As the saying goes “Everyday is a learning day?we the Team Hyderabad do believe in it and take up the challenge of challenges and in the process learn something new every Day?

E.R.S. Reddy
Hyderabad Branch



New Products & Models
Fortified Range for Competing Across Categories



Flipping through the Microwave cook book and AC catalogue

The Annual Board of Directors Meeting was scheduled for 28th and 29th of April. Appliance Division lined up a surprise for the directors with a display of the new and upcoming products across all its categories.

Godrej Appliances has been the first in India to launch ITREC Technology in its Air Conditioners which yields 30% power saving and 50% faster cooling. A whole new range of Air Conditioners straddling both Window and Split segment was launched early this year ?in addition to these, four new models which have been added already, were also showcased to the directors.

J. N. Godrej with Washing Machine Range

A.B.Godrej and Tanya enjoy the dishes cooked in Godrej Microwave Oven

In the washing machines arena, the Turbo Brush machine launched last year, which gives a unique scrubbing action, was displayed. Additionally, two new machines ?Front Loading and Steel Tub Top Load were also presented.

DVD Players ?the most recent venture for the division till now comprised of only one model. Three new models planned for the year - with varying features and look, were exhibited. The premium model equipped with an in built amplifier was demonstrated to the directors.

The Microwave Oven category with 5 models across sizes was put on display. There is a popular myth in our country that Microwave Ovens can only be used to reheat food and Godrej Appliances has been engaged in a series of on ground activities in direct touch with consumers to break the myth and spread awareness about the cooking capabilities of Microwave Ovens. Chefs were brought in the office as well, to give a live demonstration of Godrej Microwave Oven. The directors relished the hot Veg Quiche and ‘Gajar ka Halwa?prepared by them.

The jewel of the display however was the yet to be launched range of refrigerators ?which epitomizes style and technology in its best combination. In addition, the latest offering from Godrej Appliances ?ZOP (Zinc Oxide Protection) technology equipped Refrigerators which give the consumers a ten year rust free warranty were also showcased

The feedback and guidance given by the Board was highly valued by the division.

Swati Rathi, Marketing



RUNBHOOMI ?Ek Agnipariksha

Business is all about strategising and in a global market scenario, there can hardly be just one winning strategy. More so, for a business group like ours which is not only multi-product, multi-locational but also a business which has embraced diversity.

Winning, no doubt, is important but more important is building a sustainable winning team so that even if one were to descend on the market battlefield as we have done today, as never before, we can win not only the battle but also the war! Hence, Runbhoomi?the thematic experience we all at FIG underwent, be it the Annual Sales Conference at Ooty, the Annual Channel Partner Meets all across the country or the Annual FIG Day celebration at HO, Vikhroli.

Annual Sales Conference

Over 300 + field, marketing and product supply team members rose to great heights at Ooty’s cool and misty mountain tops but with a clear vision and that was to conquer?conquer the markets, vanquish competition and emerge victorious even as we entered into yet another challenging year. The pace was set to face the future, however uncertain and competitive it may turn out to be and yes, not to give up till the last deal was done, the last ball was bowled?cause ‘no game is over till the last ball is bowled?and ‘no war is won till the last arrow is shot’… The whole idea was to keep the eye on the target & explore the opportunities that the present had to offer. With a history of over 100 years behind us, a profound understanding of consumer behaviour, a differentiated product portfolio, innovation and execution capabilities, we know we can.

The conference was spaced out in two batches from April 8 ?14, 2006 at Ooty’s Holiday Inn and while we rolled out our business plan and discussed and debated on how we could get our act together and move ahead, the participants were also treated to pulsating music where we could let our hair down and groove into the night and have a peak at the other side of midnight?which was scintillating, heavenly and truly majestic?one had to get on to the highest peak?on to Doda Betta as it were?cause although it seemed unreachable?deep down in our hearts, we knew we could, only if we would will and work to do so... we would make it to the top?so what if it was 8000 ft above sea level?or a goal/plan of a 1000 crs?no target was too high anymore. Day 2 was called the Bollywood Nite where on one side, we had some of our branch personnel imitate art and act out their favourites on screen. Also, one was exposed to music, dance and mimicry arranged by the organisers. On the other side, a rustic environment was created ?a mela-like atmosphere filled with a variety of eats emitting the flavour of Mumbai such as bhel puri, chaat, ragda pattice et al along with other traditional Indian food like masala dosas, sweets, etc. including a puppet show. Day 3 was reserved for sight-seeing and FIG Awards and well it was time to chill out on Day 4. So, it was a mixture of both, business and pleasure. Batch 2 had the privilege of hosting a surprise midnight birthday bash for our COO, Mr. Anil S. Mathur as his birthday was on April 13th .

All in all, our FIG force came back cool and confident to scale higher peaks with just one view in sight?the overwhelming view from the top. Yes, we have to get there?even if it means?a runbhoomi?the test of fire?the mark of our strife to strive and strike the winning line.

Mr. Dhiren Udeshi our I CHOICE Dealer receiving the Spuper Star award in FIG

Annual Channel Partners Meet

The theme ran across our wholesale dealer meets (channel partners) too. The agenda for the above meet included sharing of our organisation’s as well as our division’s past performance and the vision for the coming years. We also shared a detailed plan product-line-wise in terms of the product, channels, introduction of new products, new segments. Changes/improvements in processes which would impact the market and our dealers such as delivery periods, fast payment for ATDs, etc. were also shared and discussed. The Commercial team presented details w.r.t. branch operations. The dealers shared their experiences/thoughts and ideas. Awards for top channel performers under each branch in various categories were conferred. They too were all charged up to join forces on the battlefield and bat(tle) their way to victory.

All our branches are organising the dealer meets and one such branch viz. Hyderabad Branch hosted its Annual Dealer Meet at Hotel Taj Krishna on May 9, 2006 which was attended by 40 dealers. A large cut-out of size 10 x 10 ft depicting the historical monuments of Andhra Pradesh was made as a welcome banner. The FIG (I) and FIG (H) teams displayed some of their new products at the venue. The meet started off with presentations by Mr. S.P. Sarma and Mr. K.N. Edulji giving a clear focus on the new lines of business. Mr. Raviprakash R. Gupta and Mr. Subodh Mehta represented HO at the meet.

A recap of last year’s performance and business plans for the coming year were put across to the dealers along with visuals of new product introductions by Mr. Dharmesh Mathur, Mr. Badrinath and Mr. P.D. Mehta respectively. The evening rounded off by an exciting quiz competition on product knowledge for the channel partners and the winners and runners-ups were suitably rewarded. Awards in recognition of noteworthy business performances were given to the dealers for each of the divisions concerned by Mr. Narasimha. Mr. Vinod Kumar, GM (South) ended the session with a very enlightening speech which was well taken by all dealers and staff. And finally it was time to let the hair down (cocktails) which every attendee made the most of.

The Wholesale Dealer Meet for Kerala was conducted at the Taj Malabar, Cochin on May 30, 2006. The dealer meet was represented by all dealers in spite of the heavy rains. Apart from the business presentations, this time we also organised theme games for the dealers, which was well appreciated and accepted by one and all. The FIG presentations started with the RUNBHOOMI visual. The Annual Business Plan of FIG was presented during the occasion. In the address made by Mr. Manoj Ganjawalla, Vice President (M&S) and Mr. K.M. Vinod Kumar (GM-Sales-South), the importance of retaining our key customers as well as tapping new segments for increasing our business was emphasized. This was followed by awards to the dealers in various categories. A rolling trophy for the best performance in FIG was also introduced and M/s. Alappatt Group, Cochin was the first to receive the same. An entertainment programme was also arranged in the evening which had Fusion Music and singers singing hit film songs.

Lucknow Branch hosted their dealers?meet at the picturesque and serene surroundings of “The Sariska Palace? Sariska, Rajasthan, on the May 18 & 19, 2006. The meet which was jointly organised by FIG & SED was attended by around 40 dealers from Lucknow and upcountry locations. The welcome address by Mr. Manoj Sadavarte, FIG Head of Lucknow Branch was followed with presentations by Institution, Home and Security teams. Mr. Dhruv Sharma, Mr. Subodh Mehta and Mr. Sheshadri Iyer graced the occasion with their presence and awarded dealers for their splendid performance during the previous financial year. In a new intiative, presentations were made by dealers narrating innovative practices and techniques undertaken by them to boost sales in their region. A product knowledge quiz, jeep safari in the woods and a colourful cultural programme by the local tribals were also a part of the memorable event.

Annual FIG Day

A 1000 + strong FIG parivaar at HO was witness to Runbhoomi at the Annual FIG Day which was celebrated on April 22, 2006 from 5.30 p.m. onwards at the Udyachal High School grounds. Mr. J.N. Godrej, our CMD and Mr. Navroze Godrej were the guests of honour at the evening along with Mr. P.D. Lam, Mr. Anil G. Verma and Mr. George M. Menezes.

Mr. Papa Dalvi, compere for the day, welcomed the gathering and the evening opened with a safety skit by our workmen who conveyed the message of safety first so effectively by enacting it through the wise old story of Vikram & Betal. This was followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and garlanding of the memory of Late Mr. N.P. Godrej by Mr. J.N. Godrej. FIG Awards were presented which was followed by the screening of the film on FIG’s Runbhoomi.

“FIG-ites?who marched together to ‘Chale Chalo?in 04-05 & created ‘Dhoom?in 05-06 were all set to be winners in today’s ‘Runbhoomi?after listening to all the speakers especially our COO, Mr. Anil S. Mathur, that evening. In fact, at FIG, we play to win and winning has to be just another event for all of us! With the kind of stupendous performance in March ?6, where we already showed our ability to conquer the “Runbhoomi? we knew we could. Mr J N Godrej congratulated all the FIG employees for all the prizes won and good work done. He said FIG has a lot of opportunities as well as challenges ahead but was confident that we would not only meet the goals we have set for ourselves but also exceed them. He said that competition would always be there and we need not fear it. It is the opportunities we should look for.

The evening closed with an entertainment programme and dinner for all.

Doreen Rosario
(with inputs from Manoj Ganjawalla, Swapneel Nagarkar, P D Mehta (Hyderabad Branch), Govind K Nair & R Subramaniam, Cochin Branch, Puneet Tandon, Lucknow Branch, Preeta Bipin & Shilpa Chavan)



Precision Engineering Systems
Partnering for Success
PES Organises Vendors?Meet


Partnering with one’s suppliers and vendors for mutual growth is a key ingredient for progressive and successful businesses. PES Division, since its inception, has developed sound business relationships with its vendors. As we take rapid strides in our business development effort, we planned a meet to take stock of the situation, share each other’s expectations and agree on broad understanding going forward. The theme of the meet was “Partnering for Success?as mentioned above.

Mr. Kaustubh Shukla-COO inaugurating the Vendor's Meet.

The meet was organised over three days ? each day specific for a group of vendors. The vendors were categorised in three groups :

 1) Vendors for Machine Tool Service Business,

 2) Vendors for Raw Materials, Bought Outs, and Indirect Materials, and

 3) Subcontracting vendors.

While this meant a bit extra administrative work for the Division, the benefits of having separate sessions were many. There was a greater homogeneity about the issues, expectations and approaches. The discussion therefore was very focused and meaningful. A total of 75 prominent vendors attended the meet. This platform was used to share the Division’s plans, requirements, and expectations. We also stressed on the importance the division lays on quality, delivery and processes.

Mr. Kaustubh Shukla, COO of Industrial Product division, inaugurated the meet. In his keynote address, he enumerated the progress so far and laid out the future prospects for the division. He stressed on the importance of working together as partners for the growth of PES business. Mutual trust and respect are an absolute must, he stated.

Different speakers addressed the gathering. Mr. M.S. Mahajani spoke in detail about the consistent performance of the Machine Tool Service business in last 3 years with the support of the suppliers. He outlined the future plans in each of the lines ?spares supply, remanufacturing, and labour services.

Mr. P.S. Mahimkar recounted recent success stories of the Division and elaborated the strategy and approach for execution of the projects in the coming years. He explained the logic behind some of the decisions with respect to material release control, first piece prototype manufacturing and importance of following the documented process.

Attentive Participants

PES has taken many improvement initiatives. One such initiative is Kaizen, which is now taking roots in the Division. Encouraged with the outcome of this initiative we decided to introduce the concept to the vendors. Mr. D.D. Chogle explained the initiative with the help of the examples and explained how individual participation contributes to improvement in quality and productivity.

Mr. S.S. Agarkar shared our accumulated knowledge on ‘Best practices in machining?complete with finer nuances in Stainless Steel machining, Clamping methods, Fixturing...

Mr. A.D. Bagdre explained how the quality related requirements from the customers get translated into our expectations from the suppliers. He also discussed the difficulty faced by the suppliers and invited suggestions to overcome the same.

On the occasion of this meet a manual was published for each category of vendors. It contained useful guidelines on communication channels, division’s policies, process of evaluation & selection of suppliers, processes for supplying material and tips for improving quality of products.

Mr. Atul Dharmadhikari, Mr. U.M.Mehendale & Mr. Abbas Kapadia explained the finer nuances with reference to the documented guidelines for different categories of the vendors. This booklet was very much appreciated by the suppliers, and will make it easier for them to conduct business with us.

We even got the end customer NPCIL ?to participate in the meet. Mr. D.D. Agarwal of NPCIL addressed the meet stressing the quality requirements of NPCIL. He appreciated quality improvements made at Godrej and at the vendors?end.

Mr. Ganesh Dake who conducted the meet recapitulated the proceedings and presentations during the meet and offered help in training and calibration to suppliers.

Mr. Kaustubh Shukla presented mementos to each participating suppliers. There was time for an interactive session where suppliers / vendors offered suggestions for improvement, like standardising challan formats. They have also shown keen interest in training their employees through PES like Kaizen, Calibration, SS machining, NDT, Inspection methods...

We also took the opportunity to apprise the vendor family to the entire range of products in the corporate showroom.

Meet was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Ganesh Dake and was followed by Lunch. It ended on a happy note with partners reiterating their commitment to work together and pursue success in the years ahead.

PES Materials Team


Four Bridge & Carriage Assemblies in a year

It was a proud moment for PES Division, when it delivered the first of the Bridge & Carriage Fuelling Machine for a Nuclear Power Plant. Topping up this achievement was the fact that in quick succession PES also delivered three more Bridge and Carriage Fuelling Machines thus marking a new record for having delivered 4 assemblies in one year.

These were supplied for the Kaiga-3 and RAPP- 5 reactors for NPCIL.

Each Fuelling machine consists of two vertical columns and one horizontal bridge ?and hence derives its name Bridge & Carriage Fuelling Machine. They are remotely operated in radiation zone for changing the fuel rods in a nuclear reactor by positioning Fuelling Machine Head as per the program. The Positioning is achieved by three linear motions in X, Y and Z-axes. Bridge and Carriage rotates Fuelling Machine Head through 90 deg to facilitate its travel through a hatch. This equipment is vital for the continuous operation of a nuclear reactor.

These are humongous equipment, weighing 70 Tons and with dimensions of 9.6 metres Width x 1.1metres x 12.5 metres Height.

It is natural that development of such a complex piece of equipment posed several tough challenges. PES Division addressed them successfully. Some of the milestones are as follows.

  Precise movement of the Bridge is controlled by Ball Screws of length 9.6 meters. Development of precision Ball Screws to strict tolerances and demanding performance requirement under very exhaustive quality surveillance was a big challenge that was accomplished in collaboration with our suppliers from abroad.

  Development of import substitute items.

  • Round way Tracks - each track is 1 meter long having combination of 8 tracks.

  • Non-standard special Ball way Bearings with Z motion guide ways with very critical Gothic Arc Profile Grinding Operation.

   Fabrication of 11 m long prismatic column structure to control distortion while maintaining a tolerance within 2 mm over the entire length.

   Achieving flatness and straightness with in 50 microns over a surface having length of 8 meter during machining.

   Assembly of Bridge and Carriage using Laser, Electronic Level Meters and Optical precision inspection instruments.

   Alignment of column verticality and parallelism within 1 mm for column height of 8 meter, Bridge horizontality within 0.1 mm and Round Way Co-Planarity with in 0.03 mm / 1000 mm.

NPCIL has commended PES efforts and quality of these equipments with encouraging feedback.

The learnings assimilated over the first three equipment led to the successful completion of the 4th Bridge & Carriage Fuelling Machine to be the best ever received by NPCIL with respect to performance criteria. The customer acknowledged this feat of PES which delivered 4 of such highly complex equipment in one year.

This in a way is a demonstration of PES Division’s Nuclear Class manufacturing capability.

PES’s contribution to other Nuclear Projects:

1. Drive Mechanisms for TAPP, KAIGA and RAPP (These mechanisms are used in Level 1 safety area of reactor for raise and lower the shut off rods in reaction chamber and for shut down the nuclear reaction).

2. CMF & RTF support structure for TAPP (This is used for calibrating the lattice tubes of the reactor).

3. Standpipe & Thimble assembly for KAIGA & RAPP (Precision Stainless steel assembly which connects Drive units to Reactor Vessel).

4. Fuel Transfer Shuttle Transport, Inspection Bay for KAIGA & RAPP (Fuel Handling System to handle the nuclear fuel upstream and downstream of reactor).

5. Air Lock Doors (Main Safety Equipment to isolate reactor room from service area).

6. Shuttle Transfer Stations (Remotely operated Stainless steel system to handle spent fuel from fuel magazine to storage bay).

Today PES is manufacturing almost all Fuel handling Equipments and Reaction Control Equipment required for the Nuclear Reactors under construction.

In just over three years PES has traversed from being a novice to an accomplished Nuclear Equipment Manufacturer. There were many trying and anxious moments during this journey. PES team could do this due to outstanding support and guidance it received from the customer ?NPCIL, and our Top Management.

PES team avows this trust and responsibility and will rise to become a globally renowned supplier of sophisticated, precision equipment for the strategic section of Nuclear Power.

PES Team



PED Bags Largest Ever Single Order For Critical Heat Exchangers

PED made history by bagging the largest ever single order for critical Heat Exchangers worth Rs. 121 Crores, from Reliance Petroleum Ltd., for their on-going Jamnagar Export Refinery Project (JERP) at Jamnagar under SEZ (Special Economic Zone). The Engineering Consultants for this project is Bechtel, UK & USA.

This order is for 57 Nos critical Heat Exchangers with CS, LAS, SS321 & SS ?Duplex tubes. The total weight of the Exchangers sums up to 2631 MT and are to be delivered by October 2007 (at site).

Earlier PED has also bagged an order worth Rs. 31 Crores for critical Heat Exchangers from Reliance for the same project.

Herculean efforts directed by the entire PED team, despite the numerous obstacles faced ensured the successful bagging of this order against stiff international competition.

Today PED’s enviable delivery record coupled with its reputation as a fabricator who delivers quality product - in time - every time, has placed it amongst the super league of equipment fabricators. PED has become an icon of reliability. Reliance recognised this fact considering their before/ on-time delivery experience for all earlier orders with PED and chose to place this large order on PED !!!

Eugene J D’silva


Launchers for BrahMos Supersonic Missiles

Lately, Indo-Russian joint venture Brahmos has been in the news. Our President, Dr.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam made a special mention of this joint venture at IBM’s leadership and innovation conference held recently at Bangalore. We, at Godrej have been associated with the Brahmos programme from the year 2000 onwards. Our involvement began with a small order for fabricating a tower missile launcher designed by R&D Establishment Engineers.

It’s a matter of pride for us that the first experimental launch of Brahmos missile took place from the tower launcher supplied by us. Likewise subsequent launches, both experimental and demonstration took place deploying launchers supplied by Godrej.

Mobile Autonomous Launchers. (MAL's)

As the capabilities and versatility of the Brahmos missile system became widely known and well accepted the need for different kind of launchers became apparent. Once again Godrej was chosen for executing an order for 3 Nos. Mobile Autonomous launchers on a turn key basis.

MALs as they are called enable users deploy these powerful missile system anywhere on ground.

MALs system is the state-of-the-art launching system designed by R&D E Engineers in collaboration with DRDO. The system incorporates a single vehicle weapon configuration having command control and communication systems as well.

The operating crew of the system consists of two people; a commander and an operator.

The salient feature o the MAL launchers are:

  Single vehicle weapon system carrying three Containerised Missiles

  Specially designed TATRA vehicle to meet all terrain requirements

  Fully autonomous having command control and communication system

  Deployable as tactical, ground attack system

  Deployable as shore based anti-ship missile system

The launch readiness time is 5 minutes and the system can be made operable in the ambient temperatures ranging from ?0 degree C to +55 degree C.

Challenges of Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations for the MAL system are characterised by a high level of precision both in machining and fabrication.

As the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle is a constraint high strength thinnest possible materials have to be used for the construction of the components.

Container for Missile

Missile container is one of the most critical item for manufacturing in the entire system. It houses the missile. The container is a cylindrical structure approximately 9 mts long and 0.7 mtr in diameter. The requirements of circularity, concentricity and straightness are very high indeed and that too throughout the length of the container. Innovative machining methods had to be evolved for fabricating and machining missile containers. Good deal of team work amongst engineers and machine operators ultimately resulted in a manufacturing procedure which successfully met the stringent concentricity and straightness requirements along the entire length of 9 mtrs.

Other Systems

Hydraulic system for the articulation of antenna, power supply system, launcher control system, thermal conditioning system, fire control system etc were integrated on the vehicle by R&D E E and us.

To sum up, fabricating and machining MAL was indeed challenging and joint efforts of Process Equipment Division and Precision Engineering System Division resulted in an outcome, which was much appreciated by the R&D E engineers. Also a special mention must be made of the guidance and help received from them in this endeavour for its successful completion.

Last but not the least our good performance has laid a solid ground in our favour for supply of a much larger number of MALS in the near future.

Congratulations PED & PES teams for this wonderful job done and Good Luck for future business.