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The Imperative of Innovation @ work

This year Innovation has been an overarching theme for the organization. We at CHANGE decided to have Innovation @ work as the theme for this issue. Innovation is a difficult subject, as it was expressed by virtually all the speakers at the recently held National Management Forum, of All India Management Association where Innovation was the theme for debate.

As confusion prevails about the definition of Innovation, let me give a useful definition, Innovation is finding new ways to create value. Also, it will be useful to remember that Innovation is a process and should be viewed as a continuum having small incremental innovations at one end of the spectrum and breakthrough innovations at the other. These essentials will help managers pitch their efforts with clarity.

Innovation is subtle, complex, occurs with a surprise at unexpected places, is always challenging and last but not the least it cannot be ordered! How do we become more innovative at our workplaces? The answer given by the experts on the subject is create a culture in the organization where innovation can flourish. This exactly is the theme of the lead article by Alex Roth of the Monitor Group. Mr. Roth was the keynote speaker at the above mentioned forum, where his views were well debated and a consensus was reached that the right culture is indeed an answer to the challenge of fostering innovation.

Creativity being the fountainhead from which Innovation emerges, we have for our readers an article based on the state-of-the-art research by Professor Teresa Ambiale of Harvard. She shatters the myths surrounding creativity and creative individual; using rigorous, large-scale, long term field research.

Unless Innovation is fostered, the prosperity and growth of Indian I.T & ITES industries maybe short lived says, Kiran Karnik, President of NASSCOM in his incisive and interesting article “Powering Economic Growth”.

Innovation can be had in the social sector for the benefit of people. Fernandes gives two outstanding examples of Innovation in social sector, which have a lasting impact on the lives of children.

As our Independence Day falls within the time-frame of this issue of CHANGE. We thought it to be appropriate to revisit what our late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said on the eve of India's first independence day. In his historical speech 'Tryst With Destiny' he conveys with great emotional depth, the pride and joy of becoming independent and the vision of Great India. The speech is inspiring and it leaves a deep impression on the mind of the reader. We must all continue to work to make India great.

Also we have taken the opportunity to bring to you a report written from the heart about the alarming degradation of our country’s environment. To share your view, ideas on this concern with us.

With this issue of Change we begin a series of articles under the heading 'The Etiquette Edge'. We are sure you will find these guidelines useful.

Besides the above, we have our regular features, Home Page, Little Wonders… In the article on Archives, our brand heritage is traced by our Archivist.

Once again, the readers are requested to send us their feedback, contributions and ideas to make CHANGE more meaningful and enjoyable. We look forward to receiving more stories on Innovation @ Work.

Please remember, in the coming days, the mantra 'Innovate Or Else…' will apply. Must focus continually on Innovation…

Happy Independence Day and Good Reading!!


Indrapal Singh