New Year Message




On the onset of the New Year, I wish to pen down some of my thoughts, and share it with the Godrej Parivar.

The year 2005 has been exciting, both for our Country, and for our Company, during which we have seen various downturns and successes, but the continuous trend is that things are improving, and we have an exciting future to look forward to. In each of our businesses, we have made considerable strides, and sharpened our competitive edge, but in reality several companies have done the same and some even better. I deeply believe that all of us Godrejites have it in us to rise above mediocrity, and perform in a manner to make our Company truly great. What we need across the board, right down to each and every person on the shopfloor is the culture of innovation, and a change in our mindset, in order to fulfill the dreams and aspirations, which we have set for ourselves. Innovation is restricted not only to products, but also to processes, and the way we do things, the way we communicate both with our internal and external customers, and if this is the corner-stone on which we build our future, I have no doubt that we will overcome competition from all quarters, and become an Organisation with sustainable success and profitability. We are blessed in our country to have some of the finest embedded technology available at our doorstep. We have to seize these opportunities, tear down our existing paradigms and create a new box. We need hundreds of dreamers to create new exciting vistas for us, and hundreds of implementers to make it a reality.

For the New Year, my message to all of you is to introspect, and ask the question “What can I do for Godrej to make it a great organisation, what can I do differently than what I am doing today, how can I help my colleague to do his or her job better?” And if we truly believe in this, in letter and in spirit, we will cut across all barriers, all egos, and work together and triumph together.
I wish you and your families every joy and happiness in the New Year. Good Luck and God Bless.

P.D. Lam
Executive Director & President