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Founded by B.K. Karanjia, edited and published by Indrapal Singh on behalf of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.,
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t the arrival of New Year nothing really changes except that it’s one more new day and yet paradoxically everything seems to change. New Year brings in new optimism, new hopes, new aspirations…

The challenge is to ride this new wave of hope and optimism and leverage it for making new things happen. Customer orientation, innovation, continual improvement in quality, cost & design, outstanding service are some of the areas which can be chosen for intensive thought and action.

As aid to provoking thoughtful action in this first issue of the New Year, we have an in-depth article- cum-interview on The Toyota Way by Mr. Takao Kasahara. He is a renowned Manufacturing Consultant who has worked with Godrej, now for a while, for helping the Company usher in state-of-the-art manufacturing practices. Entire manufacturing world owes a great deal to Toyota for advances in their work practices as Toyota has been the pioneer and leader in manufacturing for nearly three decades!

A handwritten response from Toyota of 1982 vintage is given at the end of the article, the contents of which will give you an indication of their great progress in manufacturing as way back in 1982. We accordingly can certainly pick up many useful items for action from Mr. Kasahara's article as well as from the book The Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker, McGraw Hill - 2004.

We have a report from our E&E and Process Equipment Division about the indigenous development of three meter diameter Hydroclave for Indian Space Research Organisation. Outside of the developed countries, we are perhaps the only ones to develop such a Hydroclave successfully, of course with the help of team ISRO. Recently our Managing Director Mr. J.N. Godrej handed over this outstanding piece of equipment to ISRO. It is indeed a matter of great pride and joy for us.

Our editor till now Mr. B.K. Karanjia and Asst. Editor Ms. Rashna Ardesher left the CHANGE magazine due to personal reasons. Their moving away has left a void, which will not be easy to fill in. They as a team had put in a great deal of dedicated hard work over a period of more than four years for bringing out uninterruptedly twenty-four issues of CHANGE. We gratefully acknowledge their outstanding contribution for making CHANGE a success and we wish them a great deal of good luck and success in the future. A new editorial team is being formed and hopefully it will be in place before the second issue of CHANGE is in your hands.

I would like to close by wishing all our readers a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!


Indrapal Singh