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The Game of Carrom

arrom is a board game played by two or four players against each other. The principles of carrom are similar to those of pool, snooker or billiards (without the cues). The objective of carrom is to pot all your carrom pieces before your opponent does, using skill, determination and a little bit of luck. The carrom board and carrom pieces are usually made of wood, although acrylic strikers and pieces are often used as well.

The carrom board is a square wooden board consisting of pockets in each corner, a pair of striking lines parallel to each of the four sides, with striking circles at the ends and a circle located in the centre of the board. The board should be in a perfectly horizontal position at a height comfortable for all the players and should be lightly dusted with carrom powder to reduce friction across the surface.

The set of 19 wooden discs
nine black, nine white (known as “carrom men” or “coins”) and one red (known as the “queen”) are arranged within the centre circle.

The game is an indoor activity that is well suited to the Indian lifestyle. It enables players to socialise while at the same time enjoying the game. It also teaches them patience while following the rules of the game. There’s a lesson to learn at every step of the game.

Before the start of the game, the carrom coins are arranged within the inner circle in a particular pattern. It’s similar to preparation before learning a lesson one must have all the necessary material/dictionary/writing materials, textbooks and notebooks ready. The correct method of sitting at the carrom board denotes the importance of correct posture while sitting in class or studying at home. The striker used on the carrom board is the tool with which to achieve goals. Each carrom coin represents a goal one can focus on. By achieving one goal at a time, at the end of the year, one can say we have won the game. The practice of achieving small goals can certainly lead to confidence of achieving the main target (the final examination). The level of skill, concentration, focus and the right method (the angle) to play the game helps students to apply the same principles in other areas of learning. The coordination between hand and thinking is perfected. In the game of carrom, you first have to plan your move, then focus on it and finally, the striker is aimed. With correct hand and finger movement, the striker hits the target. The striker is used to pocket the carrom coins either with direct hits or with a rebound.

Achieving smaller targets either with focused learning or with the help of other subjects finally helps one win the game. So also in life you need to be focused to achieve success. As students, it will help you concentrate and achieve success in your exams.

Despite being classified as an indoor “board game”, carrom is quite unique. Unlike dice games such as Monopoly, or games of strategy such as chess, carrom involves a combination of both physical and mental elements that help develop attention and concentration and improve strategy-building skills.

Carrom provides an excellent opportunity to learn various principles of science. A set of two posters depicting the strategy of carrom games helps to explain the laws of motion in physics and symbols and their valency in chemistry. The constant adjustment of angle and speed for the striker in the game of carrom helps one understand certain concepts of geometry as well.

Carrom is becoming more and more popular and there are now carrom competitions and carrom tournaments with big cash prizes, and carrom clubs where you can meet other players and socialise.

If you are looking for fun and an interesting board game, the game of carrom is ideal, irrespective of whether you’ve played it before or not.

G. J. Pai
Sports Department
Udayachal High School