Snail Mail



The Editor,

G.J. Paiís article entitled "The Game of Carrom", which appeared in the last issue, was very interesting. Incidentally, the Senior Citizensí Group of Pirojshanagar has two carrom boards, which were purchased over 10 years ago. Recently, they had begun to look dull, and the lines on them had become so faint that it was difficult to play the game. When we decided to recondition them, we were given an estimate of Rs. 1,000, which was a bit steep for us. We discussed the matter with members of the Group and discovered that we have quite a talented membership!

One senior citizen, Shirodkar, volunteered to do the polishing job, and another, Kadam, who is a budding artist, offered to paint the lines and patterns. This inspired others also to help with the work of drawing and painting. The results were astonishing, and the carrom boards look as good as new. All this was done at a cost of only Rs. 160. We are now planning to hold a carrom tournament in the near future.

Homi Bilimoria
Senior Citizensí Group

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