Snail Mail

Ghana Revisited

HANGE has changed the life of Fati Enusa of Ghana, the vendor who was featured in our March-April 2005 issue.

I visited Accra, Ghana, on a business trip on 12 March, 2005, little realising that I would meet the same vendor again. As luck would have it, on 14 March, 2005, I was in the same market on a street in Accra with our dealer, when I spotted Enusa. I was pleasantly surprised to see her, and was pleased that she recognised me. Since I was carrying a copy of the magazine, I showed her her photograph. She screamed with joy and attracted a small crowd, many of whom congratulated her.

She was elated by the publicity, simply ecstatic, and asked to keep the copy. As she went back to work, she felt a sense of achievement in life. After all, she had become a mini celebrity and, as someone from the crowd commented, "She has appeared in an international magazine!"

Fredrick Correa
Godrej, Kenya