Wilson College Alumni


ilson College celebrated the 200th birth anniversary of its founder, the renowned educationist and social reformer, Dr. John Wilson, over a week-long period with seminars on educational and social subjects, lectures by distinguished scholars and social meets. But the event that drew the most applause was the well-organised but long-drawn-out gathering held on December 5 to honour the College’s alumni who had distinguished themselves in various fields. The seniormost Wilsonian to be so honoured was G.H. Rajadhyaksha, ramrod straight with a keen mind and an equally keen sense of humour at the ripe old age of 96. Also honoured were R.K. Karanjia, B.K. Karanjia, Dr. Farrokh Udwadia, Dr. Tehemton Udwadia, the well-known legal luminary Aditya Shirodkar, and Vijaya Mehta, theatre and film personality, among others.


Wilson College Principal Dr. V.J. Sirwaiya, on behalf of the College, felicitates its Outstanding Alumni (clockwise) G.H. Rajadhyaksha, Dr. Farrokh Udwadia, Vijaya Mehta and B.K. Karanjia, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, B.K. Karanjia recalled how the College had shaped his formative years: “In its classrooms I learnt the travails of history, the beauties of great literature, the intricacies of the New Mathematics then being taught. I recall its worthy Principals from Dr. John Mackenzie in my time to Dr. V.J. Sirwaiya today — its great Professors Rustom Choksi, Mrs. Vesugar, Piloo Nanavati, Primrose, McLean, Taylor, and so many others.

“In the College library, I learnt the joys of research. In its house magazine, The Wilsonian, I honed my writing skills. On its stage — the very stage we are now standing on — I learnt the nuances of public speaking. In its corridor I met my life partner. We’ve been married for 63 years which must be some sort of a record.” In a lighter vein, turning to Principal Sirwaiya, B.K. added: “When next you, Sir, are in the award-giving mood, you might consider giving recognition to this sort of achievement!”