Site Revamp


he spirit of entrepreneurship. The vision of a dynamic tomorrow. The capacity to build the dream. This is the essence of the Godrej Group. We turned over a new leaf when we decided to reach out to consumers with a new slogan of "Enriching quality of life every day, everywhere".

Given the fact that the various Divisions that make up the Godrej & Boyce Group have to be featured in a single site, it became imperative to give the entire site a uniform look and feel. Each of these Divisions had to be integrated into the site, while at the same time highlighting their individuality. Also, we needed to give surfers a rich and rewarding experience, showing that Godrej is a vibrant, multi-business conglomerate.

Then, ordinary consumers had to be taken care of as well. Since their usage is heavy during the "search" stage of the Consumer Buying Cycle, the site needed to give them enough information and at the same time motivate them to visit the showroom. For instance, an appliance buyer would want very different information as compared to an industrial buyer. But the site had to satisfy them both at the same time.

This presented a unique problem that required an innovative approach to designing the website. It gave us the opportunity to integrate all the Divisions and all their consumers alike, under one URL!

The Task at Hand

Our job was two-fold:
a) Redesign the entire look of the website
b) Redesign with a view of increasing

The "stickiness" content of the site how long a person stays on the site, what holds his/her attention.

The interactivity offered by the site how much customisation and one-on-one communication can be provided that will keep the surfer coming back for more. Of course, it is also understandable that increasing interactivity will automatically increase the stickiness quotient.

The Godrej home page.

The redesigned site has strengthened our values and has offered our consumers a new avenue to reach out to us. The site also is a trendsetter in many ways. Take the interactive sections (Godrej Home and Godrej Office), for instance. We might possibly be the first company in the country to have such a large interactive section, which incorporates the very latest in technology. It is sure to give consumers a true-to-life experience on the web through 3-D modelling and virtual walkthroughs.

To kick off the launch of the redesigned site, we have also drawn up plans to make every employee, dealer and associate a part of this success story. We initiated a contest called the Enrich Your Life contest, where people needed to log on to the site and answer a few simple questions. In return they received exciting prizes. The contest was thrown open on 17 January, 2005.

Watch this space for more exciting news about the website.

Web Committee