Little Wonders


When The President
Came Visiting


Entrance decoration — Awaiting the arrival of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Seen here are the skills of our Garden Department and the Udayachal Primary School Art Teachers.

dream indeed came true on 18 November, 2004, at Udayachal Schools when India’s President, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, visited the School during its Golden Jubilee celebrations. Dr. Kalam was accompanied by Mohammad Fazal, Governor of Maharashtra, and Vasant Purke, State Minister for Education.


Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is “introduced” to the founding fathers of our School by Jamshyd N. Godrej.


Jamshyd N. Godrej interacts with Vasant Purke, Minister for School Education, Sports and Youth Welfare. Also in the picture is Bhuijbal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone VII.


Children prepare to greet His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. In the background is Singh, Art Teacher, Udayachal Primary School.


Welcome dance by students of Udayachal High School.


Vijay and Smita Crishna in conversation with Vasant Purke.

The Godrej family welcomed the President and his entourage to Udayachal. As they walked through the lush green surroundings, the children, staff members of Udayachal and invitees were filled with a sense of immense pride.


Pheroza Godrej, Binaifer Chhoga and Saraswati Iyer interact with Dr. Keluskar, Superintendent, Private Primary Schools, BMC.


A scientist is at home in our “Science Corner”, watching the children play the “Jal Tarang” as they make different sounds by striking the bowls of water. Dr. Kalam even played a tune for the children.


Impressed by the Udayachal Pre-Primary School children learning through play.


Interacting with children of the Udayachal Pre-Primary School.


Udayachal High School student Priya G. Babu puts a question to the President.


Dr. Kalam is all attention to the children’s questions. L-R: Saraswati Iyer, Pheroza Godrej, Governor Mohammad Fazal, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Jamshyd N. Godrej.

It was truly a memorable occasion as Dr. Kalam went through the Pre-Primary School, enjoying the varied activities the children participated in. He was impressed to see tomorrow’s young scientists exploring the world of “sound” in the Science Corner. He saw budding young artists at work and, much to the delight of the children, he joined them and painted a rocket for them. Next, he was invited to view the projects displayed by the teachers covering various topics such as birds, fruits, rail transport, underwater life and toys. The children eagerly responded to Dr. Kalam’s questions. The highlight of his visit to the Music Hall was his interest in and fascination with the innovative musical instruments (made jointly by Udayachal students and teachers, from waste matter) played by the young children.

First row (from left): Hormuz, Burjis and Sohrab Godrej with Aryaan and Azaar Dubash. Second row (from left): Rati Godrej, Pirojsha Godrej, Tanya Dubash, Nadir Godrej, Smita Godrej Crishna and Freyan Crishna.

The function commenced with a welcome speech by Smita Godrej Crishna. In his address, Dr. Kalam urged the children to dream, encouraging them to translate their dreams into action through hard work and perseverance. He also shared with the children memorable experiences of his school life. He endeared himself to the children when he answered their curious questions with tremendous patience. The children’s questions covered various topics ranging from economic and social issues affecting our country to a personal sharing of his hobbies and happiest moments. Dr. Kalam enthralled the entire gathering, especially the children, with his genuine warmth.

From left: Vijay Crishna, Vera Dastur, Naval Dastur, Smita Godrej Crishna, Raika, Jamshyd and Pheroza Godrej.

The Udayachal Schools will forever cherish the pleasant memories of Dr. Kalam having spared his valuable time to visit them and spurring their Golden Jubilee celebrations to new heights.

Binaifer Chhoga/
Bhairavi Dholakia/Diamay Menzies

Achievers, All


runal Helegaonkar, ex-Udayachalite, participated in the Yatching Association of India’s National Team Sailing Championship (Class: Enterprise) under the aegis of the Indian Naval Watermanship Training Centre (INWTC) at Mumbai from 1st to 5th December, 2004. He was placed first in 16 entries.

Trunal was also awarded a certificate by the National Enterprise Association for winning the second place in the Junior National Enterprise Championship held at the INWTC from 18th to 22nd October, 2004 from among 16 participants.
Congrats, Trunal! We are proud of you.

Silver Jubilee Oratorical Contest 2004-2005 was organised on 9 January, 2005 by the Nahur Citizens’ Welfare Association Management of Smt. Vidyaben D. Gardi High School, Mumbai. Udayachal High School student Shweta Pandey (Standard VIII E D) stood first among 42 participants. She spoke on “Present Media Cult — Young Minds At Risk”.

Shweta was awarded a trophy, a citation and a cash prize of Rs. 1,000/-. Well done, Shweta!

dayachal High School student Datta Raut (Standard X EC) has been adjudged the Best Platoon Commander for the second year consecutively, among the Boys Platoon at the Mumbai Division Road Safety Patrol Central Rally 2004-2005. Keep it up!


From left: Dr. P.K. Ayangar, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. Anjali Kulkarni, Dr. Sidhivinayak Barve
andOrient Longmans essay competition prize winners Jayasheela Agade and Swati S. Gawde.

wo Udayachal High School teachers, Swati S. Gawde and Jayasheela Agade, have won top laurels in an Essay Writing Competition organised by the well-known publishing house, Orient Longmans. From 250 competitors in the State of Maharashtra, the Marathi essay, “Why I Like Science”, written by Gawde, won the first prize. The topic of the essay was based on a series of articles published by The Indian Express and the Loksatta Prabodini. Agade has won the first prize for her essay in English, based on the Science project she had worked on in School.

Well-known scientists Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. P.K. Ayangar and Dr. B.M. Udgaonkar graced the occasion. Ayangar, Ex-Chairman, the Board of Atomic Energy, gave away the prizes.

Girija J. Pai, Udayachal High School

Winner Nutash Kotwal (ruler in hand) explains the rainwater harvesting project at
the Sun Feast Hara Banao Champions Environment Exhibition.  Looking on are (l-r)
his School Teacher Nisha Saxena, classmate Aakash M. Rathore and
his School Principal Raj Aloni.

utash Kotwal (13), son of Adi Kotwal, Executive, Furniture and Interiors Group (Home), along with his classmate Aakash M. Rathore from Sir J.J. Fort Boys High School, have won the first prize in a science exhibit at the Sun Feast Hara Banao Champions Environment Exhibition held in Mumbai. Their project, “Cheaper Than Your Cable Connection,” was about rainwater harvesting, which, if implemented, could quench the thirst of millions in the country. The project also won the first prize in the A/B ward level science exhibition held at Fort Convent, Mumbai, and qualified for the District level science exhibition. The duo is now all set to strike it at the State level. The Furniture and Interiors Group wishes them all the best.

Doreen Rosario

hreyas Pingte, son of Anil R. Pingte, Precision and Components Systems Division, along with some colony friends, held a sale of their cartoon paintings and sketches in January 2005 at Thane. The children donated all the proceeds to The Chief Minister’s Charity Fund for Tsunami Victims Relief.

Darkness melts to subtle light,
Fire emerges in the sky,
Luminous rays kill the aging night,
He rises with a resigned sigh.

His movement restricted within the cage,
He stands, a slave within confining bars,
To keep his body from betraying him,
Musters all his failing power.

Where is that fear-instilling roar?
Why now this heart-rending cry?
Why exists so much insufferable pain,
In pensive thought, why does he lie?

He looks out at the cruel world,
He looks on at the dull sunrise,
The air hangs heavy, he wonders why,
The creator made this compromise.

The compromise, immeasurable,
It seems like a terrible mistake,
The silent beast now stands alone,
No one in his sorrow will partake.

He’s sinking, his strength failing him,
He can’t live up to the words they wrote,
He’s dying, he will not survive,
A once impregnable, now withering fort.

“Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night,”
Why dost thou lie so passive now,
Why art thou suffering in this wretched plight?

Noel Sequeira
Udayachal High School