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President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam autographs Wings of Fire for Poorva S. Mahajan.


very little girl’s dream comes true... This is not just a dream out of a story-book, but what really happened to Poorva S. Mahajan. Poorva (16), studying in Somaiya College (Standard XI), is daughter of Satish Prabhakar Mahajan, who works in Tooling Division, Inspection Department.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, being “the first citizen of our country and a great scientist,?received a letter from Poorva, soon after she had given her S.S.C. examination, expressing her desire to meet the Hon’ble President. She was particularly keen to meet him in person after reading his autobiography, Wings of Fire. Says Poorva, “The book is a warm and intensely passionate story of a common boat-owner’s son who has become India’s most distinguished living technocrat? Little did Poorva know that her letter would be answered and her dream come true. It was a big surprise for her when she received a letter from P.M. Nair (IAS), Secretary to the President, on 31 March, 2004: “Your letter has been seen by the President. As and when the President comes to Thane, you may like to seek an appointment to meet him. The President sends his greetings to you and hopes you will study very well and excel yourself in whatever you do.?/font>

In November 2004, when President Kalam was in Mumbai, Poorva received a Visitors Pass for herself and her family from the Central Bureau of Investigation, and was given an
appointment to meet the President. On 18 November, 2004, at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai, between 7.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Poorva’s dream came true. She, along with her family members, was sitting beside our Hon’ble President. She was excited and put a few questions to the President, which were readily answered by him.

Q. Who is the person who influenced you the most?
A. Teacher Iyer of Standard V. Vikram Sarabhai.

Q. What is your greatest lifetime achievement?
A. To take India to the peak of development by 2020.

Q. What are the qualities needed to become successful?
A. Hard work and knowledge.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
A. Writing books and poems.

Q. What is your message to young people?
A. Concentrate and excel in what you do.

Q. What is your favourite sport?
A. Cricket.

Finally, she was also gifted a copy of Wings of Fire with the President’s autograph.

R.K. Patel
Tooling Division

A Just Recognition

he Management heartily congratulates Shaikh Naser Mohammad, Associate Manager, Corporate Accounts Department (Payroll Processing Section), who was awarded the prestigious “Manavi Kalyan Samaj Sevak Rajyasthariya Puraskar ?2004?/i> (Maharashtra State Level) by the Human Welfare Social Organisation, on 29 November, 2004 at Mafatlal Sabhagraha, Mumbai.

L-R: Hanumant Chavan, President, Surmai Blind and Handicap Help Institute, Mumbai, presents the
?Manavi Kalyan Samaj Sevak Rajyasthariya Puraskar ?2004?to Shaikh Naser Mohammad.

Shaikh has been working with various Government and non-governmental organisations and has in a short span of time impressed one and all with his honesty and dedication in different spheres of social work viz. education, cultural affairs, sports, medical and health awareness, financial aid to poor patients, public distribution system, sanitation facilities, etc. for those living below the poverty line.

He is also a Special Executive Officer appointed by the Government of Maharashtra.

The Management feels that this award is a just recognition of services rendered by Shaikh.

They Have Done It Again!

t the Western Regional Skills Competition in Mumbai in August 2004, Ramesh N. Kalbhor and S.B. Kundale, workmen of Godrej Electrical & Electronic Services, had won first rank in their trades.

Now, at the CII 17th Workskills All-India Finals, which concluded in December 2004 at the Foreman Training Institute, Bangalore, Kalbhor once again secured first rank in the trade of Industrial Electronics amongst six contestants and Kundale secured first rank in the trade of Electrician amongst 11 contestants. Kalbhor and Kundale were presented with awards and certificates. Their achievements put Godrej in league with other distinguished leaders such as MICO Bosch, Tata Motors and Tata Steel.

Godrej, too, has been awarded Best Company Award for the third position, based on the performance of these winners.

Cheers! S.B. Kundale and R.N. Kalbhor proudly show their awards and certificates, along with the Best Company Award (centre).

Tanveer Sait, Minister for Labour, Government of Karnataka and Ravi Pillai, Country Director, City & Guilds (South Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, H.A. Keshava Murthy, Director, Foreman Training Institute and J.S. Chadha, Deputy Director, CII, New Delhi, graced the occasion.

T.P. Vaishnav
Corporate Training Centre

Systems Integration

urniture and Interiors Group is the first division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. to achieve the distinction of implementing an integrated Quality and Environment Management system. The surveillance audit was performed for an integrated system by TUV on 6 and 7 December, 2004 and TUV has approved the system. The top management has played a crucial role in its implementation by establishing a strategy, interpreted as a common policy.

Since ISO 14001 shares common management system principles with ISO 9001, systems integration is not an uphill task.

Generally, implementation of the integrated system has substantially improved the process of management and all the employees have realised its positive effects. The “quality?awareness of employees has been growing, as is the importance they attach to meeting customer requirements. Similarly, they are more environmentally conscious, and now understand the importance of conforming to procedures designed to protect the environment. The auditee and auditor for Quality Management System and for Environmental Management System are the same. Hence, now, the reduction in auditing time. There is reduction in documen-tation as well. External certification audit is done once a year instead of twice a year, thereby saving 30 per cent of the cost.

An integrated management system will no doubt give us a competitive advantage.

Participants from the Furniture and Interiors Group (Institution) at a Training Workshop conducted in Kochi from 8th to 11th December, 2004. Nitul Ojha (seated fourth from left) was the faculty.

Designing Corporate Cultures

ndian Architect & Builder and Blow Plast Ergonomics Ltd. had invited Godrej to participate in the first architecture award, jointly instituted by them called “Designing Corporate Cultures?(DCC), which acknowledges the power of design in the corporate brand building process. This is an Award for Excellence to celebrate attempts in design and acknowledge the contribution of architecture through the efforts of visionary clients and enthusiastic designers and which are integral to the brand building process, thus designing corporate cultures. There were three categories of awards:

Category 1: Design that Connects

Category 2: Design that Speaks

Category 3: “City’zen Corporate with a Design Commitment?with the theme, “How has a young corporate extended its commitment to better the environment through social initiatives??/p>

We were invited to participate in Category 3.

FIG submitted the participation paper on the Godrej Memorial Hospital on behalf of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. We won “Special Mention?in Category 3 for “Outstanding Contribution to Social Infrastructure?

Doreen Rosario, Senior Executive, FIG, worked on the paper, ably guided by Anil Mathur, Chief Operations Officer, FIG. Dr. A.M. Joglekar, Chief Executive Officer, Godrej Memorial Hospital, as also some FIG Design/Marketing Heads, gave certain good inputs.

L-R: Godrej received “Special Mention?in Category 3. L-R: Jasu Shah, Chairman, Jasubhai Group, presents the award to Dr. A.M. Joglekar. Doreen Rosario is seen in the centre.

Apart from projecting Godrej as a “responsible city’zen-corporate? there were also design and architectural details mentioned in the paper, highlighting why the Godrej Memorial Hospital is indeed a design intervention to better public infrastructure as well its purpose ?to provide quality health care to all, at affordable costs, in an ethical and rational manner.

The “Designing Corporate Cultures?Award function was held at Hilton Towers on 17 December, 2004 in the presence of 300 CEOs and designers from the corporate world. Dr. A.M. Joglekar and Doreen Rosario accepted the award on behalf of the Godrej Group.

Rotary Expo 2004

anchi Branch, in association with Ramgarh Wholesale Dealer M/s. Premier Agencies, participated in the Rotary Expo 2004 at Ramgarh from 24th to 26th December, 2004, and won the Best Stall award. Our stall, which displayed only our new range of Home products, drew nearly 40,000 visitors and generated a good enquiry base. Rabi Chakrabarty, Assistant Manager (Sales), Ranchi Branch, and Pawan Agarwal, the Proprietor of Premier Agencies, managed the entire show.

Christmas Celebrations

Santa distributes gifts and chocolates to children.

Fun and games, a part of Christmas celebrations.

hristmas is celebrated all over the world. Its message is universal: peace and goodwill to mankind. FIG’s Human Resources Department organised Christmas Tree celebrations for its Head Office personnel on Christmas eve as well as for children of all FIG employees (workers and management) on Christmas Day.

Music, games, magic show, sweets and eats were the highlights of these celebrations held at the Pragati Kendra grounds from 9.30 a.m. onwards. Well organised and well co-ordinated, the programme was professionally conducted by Klass Entertainment, an event management company. It was indeed a memorable Christmas morning. Of course, Santa too had to stop over at Mumbai to spend the Christmas morn with Godrej!

Effective Marketing

nowledge is Power?may sound very cliched but it carries a lot of weight even as realisation dawns that it will be knowledge that will drive the organisations of tomorrow. Tomorrow’s organisations are those which will use knowledge as a tool to understand the business environment better, the customers better as well as realise their own responsibility towards self, society, organisation and customers.

At the Furniture and Interiors Group (FIG), it has always been our endeavour to enhance knowledge and keep ahead of the times. In this ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) age, we have realised that knowledge cannot be confined. It has to be shared and it has to flow in a way where it can be applied and made use of. And so we thought of “Effective Marketing?for our marketing and some field personnel.

The 4-day Workshop on “Effective Marketing?was conducted from 14th to 17th January, 2005, by the Xavier Labour Research Institute’s renowned marketing professor, Dr. Sharad Sarin.

Dr. Sarin took the participants through a course of evolution in marketing and familiarised them with contemporary happenings in the field. For the participants, it was not only
revisiting the fundamentals and familiarising oneself with the latest concepts/practices in the market, but also brushing up on the elementaries. Although the concepts were basic, the applications were at the strategic level, which were effectively put through by way of case studies.

Doreen Rosario


Godrej (Appliance Division) is among the first few consumer durable companies
to display its products at the ITC Chaupal Sagar. ITC Chaupal Sagar is part of an
initiative undertaken by ITC to improve the lifestyle
of people in semi-urban and rural India.

ITC Chaupal Sagar

n 8 December, 2004, S.K. Ghatak, Executive Vice President (Sales, Marketing and Service), Appliance Division, visited ITC Chaupal Sagar, 50 kilo-metres from Bhopal, near Sehore town. ITC Chaupal Sagar is the first of its kind in India ?the first among the 500 stores planned by ITC in the country. Ghatak was accompanied by Kuldeep Verma, Regional Manager (West), Appliance Division, and Jiten Kulkarni, Regional Sales Manager (Bhopal Branch), Appliance Division.

At ITC’s store, Venkat Rao, Store In-charge of Chaupal Sagar, welcomed Ghatak and explained to him the concept and operations of the store. ITC Chaupal Sagar is part of an initiative undertaken by ITC to improve the lifestyle of people living in semi-urban and rural India. The ITC Rural Retail Initiative is a part of the overall ITC strategy to build Holistic Business Linkages in rural India. This strategy is executed through ITC’s International Business Division. This strategy consists of three legs viz. Procurement, Distribution and Retailing.

Procurement through E-chaupals: The first leg of this strategy was E-chaupals, which were essentially started as Procurement Centres for the International Business Division. E-chaupal is a centre in a village, where farmers can avail of the following facilities:

  Online access to price information, which can help the farmer decide on where he should sell and at what price.

Online access to weather information, which can help the farmer improve farm productivity by timing various operations such as application of herbicides and fertilizers, accurately.
  Finalise a contract for selling his agricultural produce.

Distribution: The process is governed by a Sanchalak, who represents ITC and contracts the purchase from farmers. ITC has set up 4,200 E-chaupals to date in Madhya Pradesh (1,800), Uttar Pradesh (1,600), Rajasthan (600), Maharashtra (200), and is planning to expand the same to 20,000 E-chaupals in 16 States over the next six years. These E-chaupals are set up in villages with a population of 1,000 to 4,000 people, who are normally not reached by any of the traditional FMCG/non-FMCG distribution channels.

Retailing: According to Rao, the third leg is to leverage upon the traffic generated by the procurement process and the trust built therein by E-chaupals, coupled with the brand name of ITC, to sell merchandise at retail supermarkets. Farmers, upon contracting the sale of their produce with a Sanchalak at a E-chaupal, go to a hub (warehouse), deliver their produce and collect payment. ITC has created hubs at vantage points, approximately one hub for 40 E-chaupals within tractorable distance from the E-chaupals. Typically, during the harvesting season, there is a daily traffic buildup of 100 to 200 tractors at the hubs. Each of these tractors may carry produce from one to five farmers who come to sell their produce, resulting in about 500 walk-ins per day of potential customers, who also receive their earnings for the season through ITC at the same time. ITC Chaupal Sagar has been set up to leverage upon the traffic of these hubs.

Chaupal Sagar provides the following facilities:
Multi-Category Hypermarket
Parking space for 100 to 200 tractors
Petrol/Diesel Pump
Banking and Insurance services, etc.

Chaupal Sagar boasts of an array of products and services for consumers:
Agri-inputs and Agri-equipment
FMCG products and household items such as luggage items, plastic furniture, fabrics, garments and footwear
Durables/White goods, etc.

So impressed is Godrej’s Appliance Division by ITC’s Chaupal Sagar, that it is among the first few consumer durable companies to display its products at the store. During the festive season, we had placed a kiosk in the Chaupal Sagar premises, displaying Godrej appliances. The enquiries we received in turn were tremendous and motivating. Soon, we are planning to provide finance facilities to consumers through Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd. to gain higher share of the sale pie at ITC Chaupal Sagar.

Ghatak highly appreciated ITC’s concept of Chaupal Sagar.

Bhopal Branch

SAARC Trade Fair

From left: Kuldeep Rana, Sales Demonstrator, Prasad Sane, Assistant General Manager (Exports) and Sandeep Singh, Sales Demonstrator, at the SAARC Trade Fair, New Delhi.

he Appliance Division actively participated in the 7th SAARC Trade Fair, which was held in New Delhi between 6 and 10 January, 2005.

This was an important event for us to showcase our range of products to buyers from the SAARC countries. Our participation received good response. We had nearly 250 enquiries, of which 10 were firm, from overseas buyers, who evinced keen interest in our products.

Our participation was a success, thanks to the active support received from the Regional Manager (North) Diptendu Bhattacharya, Regional Sales Manager Sanjay Lonial, Deputy Branch Head Vikramjit, and all the frontline sales executives.

Such trade fairs are good opportunities to explore the vast market potential that remains untapped.

Prasad Sane


Godrej Star Awards

he new year rang in achievements and celebration for the Godrej Appliance Division. “Godrej Star Awards?was organised in Delhi and Mumbai, which served as a platform for new product introduction as well as a forum for recognising the contribution of our high performing dealers.

For years the Division has had strong associations with the refrigerator category. Its vision to expand its portfolio and become a complete
appliance company got a fillip with the introduction of two new product lines: Microwave Ovens and DVD players.

This decision to foray into new product lines was taken after assessing the immense opportunity they offered. Constant trade demand for new products encouraged the Godrej Appliance stable to take up the challenge.

The Division also introduced new models of refrigerators with contemporary handles and better aesthetics. A 155 Litre variant of Number 1, targeted at the first time entry level buyer, was presented too.

With good products to offer and continued support from the trade, the only way Godrej Appliances can go is higher and stronger.

Last year had seen Godrej Pentacool being nominated as a Superbrand, an endorsement by the Superbrands Council, of the close connect Godrej Appliances share with consumers. This would have been less meaningful had the sales not matched the brand strength.

Godrej recognises the contribution of its numerous dealers throughout the country, who keep the Appliances flag flying high. Each year Godrej Appliances thinks of novel ways to felicitate the people who keep it going. The award ceremony is a means to bond better with trade partners. This year it was the “Godrej Star Awards?to honour the star performers and to present our new offerings.

After a rigorous screening of all the dealers, based on their performance over the last year, 44 dealers were shortlisted for the Godrej Star Awards. The award ceremony was held on 18 January, 2005 in Delhi for the North and East Zone winners and on 20 January in Mumbai for the West and South Zone winners.

The glittering functions lived up to the Godrej name. Brand Ambassador for the Godrej Appliance Division, Preity Zinta, participated in the function, not only as a film star, but as a member of the Godrej Appliance team.

S.K. Ghatak, Executive Vice President (Sales, Marketing and Service), projected the vision for the new year. According to him, Godrej needs a “lift?in distribution and marketing activities, which will propel it to better performance. His mantra: Growth, growth and still more growth.

This was followed by the Awards Ceremony. As the Emcee invited the awardees, their achievements were projected on screen, which was much appreciated by those present for its novelty. Preity Zinta gave away the prizes to the winners of the show.

In Mumbai, our Chairman and Managing Director Jamshyd N. Godrej with wife Pheroza Godrej, attended the Godrej Star Awards function. The National Award winners had the honour of being felicitated by Jamshyd Godrej himself. The invitees also had a chance to interact with him, later in the evening. For them, it was an evening to remember.

The awards ceremony was interspersed with fun elements too. The attendees had a chance to get one of their wishes fulfilled by Preity, which roused much merriment.

The starry evening was preceded by a visit to select outlets in both Delhi and Mumbai by Preity. The crowd was thrown into frenzy as she interacted with the dealers and customers, signing autographs and product displays. These products will be retained as souvenirs and permanent shelf property for Godrej. It was a wonderful opportunity for the dealers to interact with Preity, the public face of Godrej Appliances. Preity too got a glimpse of the robust network that supports the Appliances business.

January has augured well for the Godrej Appliance Division, rousing hope that the rest of the year will see Appliances reaching out for the stars.

Ankita Srivastava

Annual Awards

he Annual Awards function of the Security Equipment Division was held on 24 November, 2004 at the Pragati Kendra ground amidst much fanfare. The theme of the function was the VISION 500 initiative, which is strongly being advocated in the Division.

A major highlight of the function was the exhibition hosted by various project groups from each department. Details about the projects to be carried out by each team (department) were displayed. Chairman and Managing Director Jamshyd N. Godrej, who graced the occasion, showed personal interest in the exhibition.

The other highlight of the function, attended by 800 odd employees, was the skit which was created and enacted by workmen of the Division.

Dara E. Byramjee escorts Jamshyd N. Godrej to his seat.

During the formal function, Jamshyd Godrej congratulated the Division for exceeding the targets they had set for 2003-2004 and expected a similar feat in the current year.

Executive Director and President P.D. Lam stressed that although a lot of improvements have been made, there was scope for further improvement. He urged employees to gear up for the future and wished the Division well to accomplish its plans.

Dara E. Byramjee, Vice President and Business Head, Security Equipment Division, said in his speech that he wanted employees to use their head, heart and hands to achieve the vision the Division has set.

Eminent members of the Godrej & Boyce Shramik Sangh were also present on the occasion.

Jay Acharya
Personnel Department


Suresh Davare (left) presents the “State Level Sant Gadgebaba Lokseva Award 2004?to Jayendra Mahadev Khune (right). Seen in the background are (l-r) Jaywant Patil, Arun Mhatre and Sadashiv Bhoir.

ayendra Mahadev Khune, Press Shop (Punching Department), Security Equipment Division, has won two awards.

The “State Level Sant Gadgebaba Lokseva Award 2004? for his excellence in the social and educational fields. He received the Award from Suresh Davare, Chairman, Brihanmumbai Sec-ondary Teachers Association. The awards function was held at Shivai Sabhagraha, Mumbai, on 26 December, 2004, and was attended by eminent personalities such as Jaywant Patil, Chairman, Akhil Bharatiya Lokseva Samiti, Ashok Todankar, Chairman, Mumbai Newspaper Journalists Association, Parag Patil, Sub Editor, Lok Prabha, Ankush Choudhari, Actor, Arun Mhatre, well-known Marathi Poet, Sadashiv Bhoir, Telephone Committee Member of the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, and Chandrakant Dalvi, President, Indian Freelance Association.

“Patrakar Gaurav Puraskar? for efforts in the field of journalism and extraordinary effort in the upliftment of society. Khune won this Award through the medium of Aksharmanch, a social and cultural trust, on 16 January, 2005, at the Captain R.M. Oak High School. The Award was presented to him by Chandrakant Dalvi.

Others present on this prestigious occasion were Madhusudan Gunekar, International Handwriting Analysis Expert, Kailash Mhapadi, Editor, Dainik Janadesh and Dr. Yogesh Joshi, President, Maharashtra Journalists Association.

Khune is a social worker in the Bhandup area of Mumbai. He is not only an active participant of the Godrej & Boyce Shramik Sangh, but is also a member of the Jan Seva Sangh, an educational trust.

Showcasing Products Through Exhibitions

he Material Handling Equipment Division participated in the 7th International Mining and Machinery Exhibition (IMME) ?the International Mining Show in India from 24th to 27th November, 2004 at TAI Grounds (Kolkata Maidan). The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in association with the Ministry of Mines and Minerals, Government of India and Coal
India, organised the exhibition.

We showcased the Manitou Telescopic Handler from France, Godrej Forklift Truck, Godrej-Crown Pallet Truck and various panels focusing on Tyre Handler Attachment. The aim was to introduce heavy duty Manitou Telescopic Handlers and promote our indigenously manufactured Tyre Handler Attachment specifically meant for the mining sector.

The Division also participated in the third Engineering Expo (concurrent with the chemical industry) held in Ahmedabad from 15th to 20th December, 2004. We showcased our warehousing equipment ?Godrej-Crown Pallet Truck and indigenously manufactured Electric Stacker targeting the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Hemant Vij

Our Marketing Activities

Nikhil Kale, Senior Sales Officer, Maharashtra Branch, details our products.

R.H. Ansari, Deputy Manager ?Service (right) demonstrates the product installation.

ocks Division has been successfully conducting programmes across the country. Some of the activities organised at various branch locations in the year gone by are:

Wholesale Distributor/Dealer Meets
Wholesale Dealer/Dealer Salesmen/Technician training programmes
Carpenter training pro-grammes
Participation in Inside Outside Mega shows/local exhibitions
Instabooth activities

The Godrej Locks display panel outside a Mumbai retail outlet.

The objectives of the various Meets and training programmes are to be in regular touch with trade partners, and update them on the products and services offered by the Company from time to time. We also take regular feedback from them about products, market trends, competition, etc.

Dean Noronha

Assessor Training

L-R: Locks Division’s T.S. Murali, Senior General Manager, and Jessie Corderio, Assistant General Manager, among the many participants to receive certificates from Prince Augustin, Vice President, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

ocks Division sponsored their senior team to an Assessor Workshop for CII-Exim Bank Business Excellence Model from 1st to 4th December, 2004, at the Voltas HRD Centre, Thane. The Workshop was conducted by S.K. Kakkar, Principal Counsellor and Head, CII Institute of Quality, based at Bangalore.

The team learnt about the Model in detail as well as the methodology for assessing an application made against the Model. An application document of a fictitious company, simulating a real life application document was the basis on which this Workshop was conducted. The participants were asked to evaluate this document against the Model and its nine criteria or 32 sub-criteria. This evaluation was carried out in small sub-groups. Feedback on the evaluation was provided by Kakkar, which was the means of learning the assessor’s role.

All participants appreciated this Workshop.

Ravi Rao
Quality Assurance Department

Know Our New Products

angalore Branch conducted a programme, “Know Our New Products? at Mangalore and Tumkur in Karnataka with the support of local distributors, M/s. Ranjini Enterprises and Puskara Sales & Service, in December 2004.

Retailers keenly observe Godrej locks at the “Know Our New Products? programme in Mangalore on
10 December, 2004.

Select retailers from each city were invited for this programme, which focused on creating awareness about our new products to the channel partners. New products, including the
Ultra range 2C version with different finishes, Combi packs and Adaptors, were displayed and features were explained through an audio-visual presentation. A short clipping named Nai Udaan, an audio-visual film for training carpenters, was shown to retailers.

The retailers appreciated our new range of locks.


S. Sreejit, Senior Sales Officer, Bangalore Branch, explains our products to visitors at the Buildtech Exhibition in Mangalore.

Buildtech Exhibition

angalore Branch participated in the Buildtech Exhibition conducted by U.S.-Communication (an Event Management group) at T.V. Ramana Pai Hall in Mangalore from 10th to 12th December, 2004, along with local distributor M/s. Ranjini Enterprises. Approximately 60,000 visitors attended the Exhibition. We are happy that important builders who had attended the Exhibition evinced keen interest in our products.

K. Mohan Kumar
Bangalore Branch


Kolkata’s Hon’ble Mayor Subroto Mukherjee (centre) is presented a bouquet by Ratan S. Saklatwala, Regional Manager (East), Locks Division. On the extreme left is Dibankar Chakraborty of M/s. Suraksha.

Industrial Trade Fair

olkata Branch, along with local distributor M/s. Suraksha, represented by Dibankar Chakraborty and his team, participated in the 18th Industrial Trade Fair in December 2004. Our stall was inaugurated by Subroto Mukherjee, the Hon’ble Mayor of Kolkata. Mukherjee evinced keen interest in our Ultra range of products.

We offered free service for Godrej Locks, a gesture appreciated by visitors. Our special exchange offer, too, generated a favourable response during the Fair.

Ratan S. Saklatwala
East Zone

Dassera Diwali Celebrations 2004

The Dassera and Diwali celebration function was organised in November 2004. An Organising Committee was formed with S.M. Vaidya, Vice President and Business Head, Precision Components & Systems (Aerospace) Division, as its Chairman, to felicitate the Godrej family at the Udayachal High School compound. VIJAYSHANKAR K. PRAJAPATI, Precision Components & Systems, gives a brief pictorial view.

The Satyanarayan Pooja was performed.

The programme commenced with a Vande Mataram by Udayachal High School students.


Jamshyd and Pheroza Godrej welcomed the New Year by lighting the lamp.

Floral tributes were paid to the founding fathers by Smita Godrej Crishna, among others.


Udayachal High School students performed a classical dance, well appreciated by the audience.

The Shramik Kala Manch sang two patriotic songs.


The banner on stage. The theme of the programme was “Speed? If employees work with speed, Godrej can get ahead of its competitors.

Jamshyd N. Godrej, Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., emphasized the need to take up challenges.



Looking around our new showroom at Noida. From left: P.D. Lam, Manu Mansheet, B.N. Doongaji, Vice President and Business Head, Retailing Division, and Dhruv Sharma, General Manager (North).

P.D. Lam’s Visit

.D. Lam, Executive Director and President, who was here in Delhi in connection with a meeting with the Steel Ministry, visited Godrej Bhavan, New Delhi, on 14 December, 2004. He first visited the Okhla Showroom and appreciated the good housekeeping maintained. He addressed all the Branch employees, and also reviewed the business scenario and performance with the local heads of all the Divisions.

We took the opportunity of his visit to take him to our newly opened showroom at Noida, which is located at the Sab Mall on the 2nd floor in a prominent market of Noida. Lam appreciated the interiors and the display arranged by Manu Mansheet, Visual Merchandiser, as also the contributions of our Retail team.

 Dhruv Sharma, Zonal Office

Sales Promotion Activities

Nirbhay Varshney (centre) tries to sell a Sofa Set to customers.

Lucknow Mahotsav 2004:

Lucknow Mahotsav is a major event in North India. Our FIG (Home) team participated along with our Wholesale Dealer M/s. Initiative Data Systems Ltd. from 24th November to 8th December, 2004. Most of our Home Furniture products viz. Kitchen products, Bunk Bed, Sofa Set, computer and children furniture, beds, dining tables and Storwels were displayed.

This event attracted many visitors. On some days, the number of visitors crossed a lac. We were able to grab business worth Rs. 10 lacs and around 105 bookings were recorded. The item which sold the most, was our Genius range.

We put on record the sincere efforts put in by the team of our Wholesale Dealer and Nirbhay Varshney, Sales Executive.

Vipin Tyagi, Lucknow Branch


Sofa Set “Virgo?on display.


Our FIG team had organised a Roadshow at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) from 20th to 22nd December, 2004.

Over the years AMU has been buying local furniture, but recently after the formation of our new Wholesale Dealer at Aligarh ?M/s. Galaxy Auto, they have started purchasing Godrej furniture. This Roadshow was done to bring awareness in the University about the new range of Godrej Furniture and the economically Home product range.

Our P.K. Dey, Assistant Manager (Sales), FIG (Institution), Ghaziabad Branch, and Manoj Singla, Executive (Sales), FIG (Home), Ghaziabad Branch, as also our local Wholesale Dealer, have been instrumental in making this Roadshow a success.

Our endeavour now is to get AMU on the Rate Contract like other Universities of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.

Rajiv Vasudeva, Ghaziabad Branch



Participants of the Furniture and
Interiors Group (Institution) from East
and South Zone Branches, who
attended the “Sales Coach?Workshop
at the Riviera Suites, Kochi, on 13
and 14 December, 2004. Trainer, Nitul
Ojha, is seen in the second row (fifth
from right).


IT Expo 2005

ecurity Equipment Division, Pune Branch, participated in the IT Expo 2005 at Sudarshan Rangmanch, Pune, from 20th to 23rd January, 2005.

The Expo was inaugurated by Lila Poonawalla, Chief Executive Officer, Alfa Laval. In her inaugural speech, Poonawalla insisted that the Computer Development Manufacturers?Association, in conjunction with Symbiosis Institute, should develop an exclusive Research and Development cell at Information Technology Park, Pune, apart from having a great historical heritage, is growing to be the next silicon city of India, expanding in leaps and bounds in the IT industry. S.M. Majumdar, Director, Symbiosis Institute, also graced the occasion. Unlike previous years, this year’s Expo had a niche audience of purely IT-centric people.

The Godrej products displayed were Data Safes, E-Swipe, Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet, Centiguard, Saffire and Laptop Safe.

According to Neville Irani, Associate Manager (Sales), out of the 117 enquiries, quite a good number would be converted into orders.

Shanta Mohan
Pune Branch

A view of the Godrej stall at the IT Expo 2005, Pune.


The Marathon Spirit

inanti Shah (21), daughter of Kirit and Sandhya Shah of Godrej’s Precision Components & Systems Division and Godrej Hillside Club, respectively, participated in the Mumbai International Marathon Run on 16 January, 2005. Vinanti successfully ran the half Marathon of 21 kilometres in the stipulated time of two hours and 55 minutes.

Vinanti’s participation in the Marathon was totally unplanned. Soon after attending the Udayachal School Alumni function the previous evening, she received a call from a friend to participate in a 7-kilometre Dream Run. Vinanti instantly agreed.

The next morning at 9 sharp, Vinanti was at the venue only to realise that the ticket was not for the 7-kilometre Dream Run, but for the 21 kilometres half Marathon. On learning this, two of her friends backed out. Vinanti and her friend started the Run and, after some distance, her friend, too, got exhausted and backed out. However, Vinanti carried on valiantly only to realise on reaching the half-way-mark (10?kilometres) that she had used up almost two hours of the allotted time of two hours and 55 minutes. Not to be deterred, she carried on with grit and determination, and completed the balance half of the 21-kilometre half Marathon well in time.

The tired Vinanti had to then stand for an hour in a queue just to collect her certificate!

Vinanti is presently studying Mechanical Engineering (Final Year) at Somaiya College. She has never had any specific training for a marathon, which makes her effort truly spectacular. She has plans for further studies and we are sure that the grit and determination shown by her will stand her in good stead in all her future endeavours.

Kirit and Sandhya Shah