"The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is
uneducated the day after."

?Newton D. Baker

The Management Mentor

nce we bid adieu to the classroom to eke out a living in the world outside, so engrossed are we in our day-to-day work that we soon lose touch with contemporary happenings in our areas of work.

Visionary organisations are not oblivious to this fact. As a result, learning and development of human resources is being accorded more importance today than ever before. And, in step with the changing times, traditional classroom training is pass?and e-learning is in.

We as an organisation have subscribed to TheManageMentor, an e-learning platform for organisational learning, to enable us to stay knowledgeable, contemporary and, above all, connected to the knowledge-world beyond our workplaces.

A formal inauguration of TheManageMentor by Chairman and Managing Director Jamshyd N. Godrej on 1 October, 2004, was followed by a whirlwind tour by representatives of the Corporate Training Team and TheManageMentor, spanning the cities of Shirwal, Mohali, New Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, in the process delivering 600 man-hours of user-training to our employees.

Be it “Knowledge Nuggets??articles of distilled knowledge across the areas of manufacturing, marketing and sales, finance, human resources and information technology delivered right to the members' mailbox, or “Ask Me!??a one-stop solution to one's function-related queries, TheManageMentor has it all. TheManageMentor, in a nutshell, is “Knowledge at the click of a Button?

Here’s what some of our employees have had to say about TheManageMentor:

“The ‘Knowledge Nuggets?are interesting.?/font>

Vikas Choudaha
Godrej EFACEC.

“TheManageMentor is extremely useful. It helps me keep abreast with the latest in management learning.?/i>

Jyoti S. Das
Appliance Division, Mohali.

If you still haven’t explored TheManageMentor, then do visit http://www.gnbintranet.godrej.com/tmm/ to experience the expanse of the Knowledge Universe that is now only a click away from you.

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Administration Department