Alternative Therapy



have been sailing on board the Great Eastern Offshore Supply Vessels for the last couple of years. I would like to share an unbelievable experience with you. About three years back, while on leave, I attended a Reiki course. Except for the first 28 days, I did not pay much attention to what I had learnt. But, in due course, I realised that the alignment of chakras did, after all, have some effect on me. My mind slowly started becoming calm and quiet, and with this I was able to give more attention to my inner feelings.

The crew strength on board the ship is only 14. As the vessel operates away from land, it automatically moves away from the negativity that we are subjected to in our daily life in a city. At any given time, half of the crew is resting. So the negativity gets more or less eliminated.

During one of my trips on board, I came across a pamphlet on "Peace of Mind", apparently left behind by the outgoing Master. I made a gist of it, compressed it into 21 points and put it up in my cabin. This constant reminder helped me to make a conscious effort to change my attitude towards the people around me.

One of the 21 points states, "Gain Godís friendship." After my daily prayer, I started a ritual in which I would address God as if He was present in my cabin on board the ship. I used to tell Him about my happiness, my worst fear, areas where I required His help. At no stage did I ever ask for any material comforts. It was more like a son talking to his Father. Since I had totally surrendered to Him, I started accepting everything as the will of God. Gradually I noticed that life had started becoming smooth and easy for me.

The cumulative effect of all that I have stated above had the desired result. Peace and tranquillity descended on me. With this altered state of mind, one day I experienced the unbelievable on board the ship.

Peace of Mind

Do not criticise anybody or anything
Do not disturb the peace of others
Be humble
Forget and forgive
Make others happy
Do something positive
Mind your own business
Have no expectations
Become self-reliant
Reduce your wants
Never be jealous
Never have regrets
Never argue
Do not aspire for worldly things
Introspect to gain right direction
Purify yourself
Grow spiritually
Pray to God
Obey the will of God
Gain Godís friendship
Believe in the unreality of the world

About two years back (after doing the Reiki course), an under-trainee navigation officer was detailed to sail with me. By that time I had become very sensitive to negative energy. Since he had to do his watches with me, he was always present on the bridge with me. I soon became aware of his tormented state of mind.

One day just before going to sleep, a thought came into my mind: "Wonder what is troubling him?" Early in the morning I had a dream in which I saw a photograph. Still in my dream I asked: "Who is this?" I got an immediate answer: "This is his girlfriend and she is the cause of his anguish." I could not see the person who was talking, but the voice was crystal clear. I asked for more information. I was amazed at what followed; it was like data transmission. When I woke up I had all the possible information about the girl.

At 6 a.m. when I went to the bridge, the trainee was there. When confronted, at first he tried to avoid the subject. When told that I knew the girl he refused to believe me. In order to prove that I was pulling his leg, he went to his cabin and came back with a group photograph of seven girls. I pointed out his girlfriend to him. He was flabbergasted. I told him that the image I had seen was one in which she was wearing white headgear, with the photograph taken from the right side. He immediately produced the second photograph with the white headgear (she is a nursing assistant). It was difficult for him to comprehend what had happened! He asked me three questions: her age, her weight and her height. When he got all the correct answers, he was nonplussed, so was I, because I knew everything about the girl, even though I had never met her. Before signing off from the ship I told him that this friendship would not culminate in a relationship and he would be ruining three lives if he got married to his Mamaís choice. I met him six months ago; the same has come true.

I have read The Divine Romance where sending and receiving messages has been covered. But, to date I have not been able to understand this unbelievable experience. I would be grateful if some reader can throw light on the subject.

Courtesy: Ocean Wave (July-August 2004). Edited and published by Jyotsna K. Sheth on behalf of the Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited.