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News From Godrej Industries — Foods Division

oods Division has launched a range of exotic fruit juice flavours for the first time in the Indian market, under the Xs brand name. In addition to its popular Litchi flavour, the new Xs range brings to the Indian consumer an array of options in exciting fruit juice combinations with equally tantalizing and exotic names like “Kiwi Kraze” (a tangy combination of kiwi-apple-lemon), “Berry Blast” (a blend of strawberry-cherry-blackcurrant) and “Triple Tickle” (a power packed combination of apricot-peach-apple). “Santra Swing”, the orange variant, will give consumers an original Indian “Santra” taste.

Adding to this exciting combination, Godrej Xs has also introduced the 100 per cent natural range in orange and apple with the sub brand “ONLY JUICE” offering a balanced taste to suit the Indian palate for the discerning health-conscious consumer.

The new Xs range will be accompanied by a “Super Sipper” to give a unique sipping experience. The “Super Sipper” is a perforated straw that sprays the juice like the spurt of a fountain thus invigorating all the taste buds at one go.

The new range of juices/nectars is competitively priced at Rs.15 for 200 ml and Rs.65 for 1000 ml, while the 100 per cent natural “ONLY JUICE” range is priced at Rs.72 for 1000 ml.

Godrej Annual Awards 2005
The Annual Godrej Awards were presented at the Godrej Election 2005 function held at Hotel Leela Kempinski, Sahar, Mumbai on Saturday, 23 April, 2005.

GCPL won the prestigious Best Business Trophy for the year 2004-05. Hearty congratulations to Hoshi Press and the entire GCPL team!

Godrej Properties Limited won the best election campaign skit from among the eight election campaign skits put on by the group companies.

Congratulations, GPL!

(Courtesy : GOSPEL, April 2005)