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Reiki ?The Spiritual Path
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The seven layers of the Aura and location of principal Chakras.

tress has become part of our lives. But it is not necessarily unhealthy. It is our response to stress and our ability to cope with it that can transform stress into positive or negative energy.

Life these days is such a powerful package of busy activities that one missing link in its fragile chain is overlooked by all of us. That missing link is meditation or stress-relieving technique, which is so vital for strength of body and mind.

I first heard about Reiki from my sister Hutoxi, who had taken Reiki classes some years ago. At that time, however, I was mentally unprepared to believe in Reiki.

From November 2000, my appetite increased and I developed a tendency to overeat. As I was not able to exercise self-control, it resulted in flatulence, acidity, heartburn and indigestion. The doctor’s treatment did not help. Things got worse by March 2001.

Eventually, I contacted a family homeopath at Valsad. He told me that these minor problems can get out of hand if not treated in time. He advised me to take up Reiki, which helps the mind take control over matter and enhances spiritual growth.

On 27 March, 2001, I was inducted to Reiki by Dr. Vijay Mavinkurve, a traditional Reiki Master and independent teacher of Reiki. The session, called the "First Degree Seminar", lasted one-and-a-half hours. It covered introductory explanations and four initiations (Chakras) were opened up within me to attune to the flow of Reiki energy. It is rather difficult to explain this in words, as words alone cannot do justice to the wonderful experience one has during this session.

As I was on a 15-day holiday in Valsad, I took the opportunity to discuss my personal Reiki experiences with my teacher on a daily basis. I was advised to practise all the 24 positions of Reiki daily in a quiet room and to devote three to four minutes to each position, which meant a mental exercise for 75 minutes daily.

I was told that the first 10 to 15 days would be a cleansing process for my body and mind, and, during this process, old problems would recur for a short duration before the body and the mind are rid of toxicity. For the first two days, I had intestinal disorders, which I was told would make me feel a little low. I was told not to lose faith and continue practising, which I did. This was followed by a burning sensation and watering of the eyes, fever, sore throat (regular problems in my case), but only for a short period. The next day, I felt very fresh, active and in good spirits, without taking any medication at all.

I was advised to follow a simple diet and drink a lot of water, which would help the cleansing process. One night, my mother, who suffers from chronic pain in her legs, woke up complaining of unbearable pain in her right knee. I got up, washed my hands and placed both my hands on both knees and passed Reiki to her for 10 minutes. To my amazement, she gradually fell asleep. The next day she told me that the pain had disappeared. This incident reinforced my faith in Reiki.

It is more than three years now that I have been indoctrinated to Reiki. It has made me more positive in my outlook and confident in life. I find my problems getting resolved thanks to Reiki, which heals the mind, body, soul and spirit. It has assisted me to help others take challenges in their stride. I have myself become cheerful, happy and contented.

Now, I practise Reiki daily for half an hour after going home from office, and at night, before going to bed, I practise four to five positions for 15 to 20 minutes, which ensures sound and peaceful sleep.

Many of you may want to know how Reiki works and what it feels like to both giver and taker.

The most common thing experienced during treatment is a sense of peace, warmth and relaxation, often combined with a pleasant feeling of security and flow of energy. Most Reiki recipients begin to relax during treatment and may even fall asleep, but this won’t make any difference in the effects of the treatment. On some occasions, old and unresolved experiences may surface. A release of emotions can occur and tears can flow or a laugh of relief be released. When you are treated with Reiki, you are brought back into a state of unity and harmony with the universe. This harmony seeps into every cell in your body and makes you whole and healthy again, thus encouraging the natural ability of the patient to heal himself/herself.

It frequently happens that a patient gets new ideas after a few Reiki treatments. Some start doing yoga, meditation or some other alternative spiritual methods. Others start reading books on positive thinking, change their eating habits (like I did) or even train to become Reiki practitioners themselves (like I did).

When we treat someone with Reiki, it flows through our hands and ourselves, unfolding its healing power within us and in the patient. Thus by passing Reiki on to others, you yourself will be cleansed more and more and made whole and healthy. You will notice that trust will slowly begin to develop within you, trust in wisdom and power will pervade your whole life. A new development will take place, leading you to insight and knowledge, to a conscious sense of unity with the whole of creation, and to love.

Now, with this free flow of Reiki in my soul and spirit, I can manage my own minor ailments and also those of others who come to me to seek relief. Seeing them relieved and happy makes me happy too, as it is rightly said: "Happiness is contagious. By giving, we receive it."

Reiki has helped me CHANGE.

C lean myself of negative attitudes and emotions.
andle stress effectively.
chieve mental peace and spiritual happiness.
aturally relax.
enerate self-confidence, self-control and strong willpower.
nhance concentration, intuition and clarity of thought.

I completed a Second Degree Reiki on 28 November, 2001 followed by 21 days of self-practice, which is a cleansing process. Second Degree is four times more powerful than First Degree. During the Second Degree Reiki seminar, three sacred symbols are taught. By using these symbols, the process of passing Reiki becomes faster. Also, it can be passed at a distance (Distant Reiki). Mental as well as old and serious problems need at least Second Degree Reiki healing, for better and effective results.

Reiki regulates the passage of the "Life Force" or "Vital Force" or "Prana," thus relaxing and empowering each and every cell of the body to get maximum performance out of them.

Reiki is a highly tantric healing art. It is a highly spiritual healing science. It knows no religion, no caste. Even a layperson anywhere, of any religion, caste or creed can practise this laying-on-of-hands with a healing touch through development of spiritual powers. Here are three case histories narrated by my Reiki teacher, Dr. Vijay Mavinkurve:

1) "When my wife was nearing the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, the sonography showed a very low level of amniotic fluid and, based on that, a premature Caesarean was advised. I was treating her regularly with Reiki and I had a strong intuition that everything was okay and there was no need for a premature delivery. I argued with the doctor, but all I could get was a week’s extension. Another sonography was done after a week and the doctor was astonished and spellbound to see normal level of fluid. Thus, a premature delivery was converted into a normal, full-term delivery by Reiki.

2) "A patient came to me with moderate abdominal pain. On examination, it seemed to be a simple case of colic. But when I placed my hands on his abdomen to give Reiki, I had the feeling that there was some internal bleeding, hence I advised hospitalisation. A routine X-ray revealed the bleeding and an emergency operation was performed. Thus Reiki helped me to diagnose the problem and save the life of the patient.

3) "An old lady aged 80 years was suffering from painful osteo-arthritis of both knees. After 15 days of treatment with Reiki, she was free of pain. She was treated for a further 15 days, and it is astonishing to note that she still remains pain-free three years after stopping the treatment!"

In conclusion, I would say that all of us have a tremendous inherent strength, which we do not tap to its full potential. Reiki helps us summon this strength to its full potential for our own physical, psychological, mental, moral and spiritual progress and growth.

Reiki has made me more positive in my outlook and confident in life. I find my problems getting resolved thanks to Reiki, which heals the mind, body, soul and spirit.


Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration