Pragati Kendra


On 9 September, 2004 the Senior Citizensí Group, Pirojshanagar, conducted a free medical check-up for senior citizens residing in Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli. The venue was the Kreeda Kendra. Two doctors, Dr. M.G. Dhenge, a retired government medical officer, and I conducted checks of blood pressure, pulse, ear-nose-throat, height/weight and also computed the body mass index to determine whether the seniors were healthy, overweight, underweight or obese. The gesture was appreciated by all 34 citizens who had registered for the check-up.

*  *  *

On 11 September we lost a dedicated and jovial member of our Senior Citizensí Group. Suryakant K. Bhosale was 62, the youngest member of our Group. Shortly after his morning walk with us, he succumbed to a heart attack. This is our first loss after the Groupís inception. We need to accept the fact that we all have to leave this world one day.



Homi Bilimoria
Pirojshanagar Senior Citizensí Group