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Mumbai’s New Textile Furnishing Boutique

300-square-foot, well-designed, state-of-the-art textile furnishing boutique called INDIA-WEAVES was opened on 2 August, 2004, in the bustling Breach Candy area of Mumbai. A partnership venture between Pheroza J. Godrej and her childhood friend Firoza K. Kavarana, INDIA-WEAVES offers a treat to the eyes. The shop is stacked with exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs deftly hand-embroidered on cushion covers, an assortment of delicately embroidered taffeta, dupion, satin, silk and organza, including voiles, jacquard-woven fabrics, polyester and a wide range of cotton textiles. Amazingly compact, this outlet harks back to the years when fashionable ladies anxiously and excitedly awaited the "China Man" to slowly unravel his tightly bound bundle of extravagant silken delights at their doorstep.

To complement a handpicked collection of textiles, also on sale is a fascinating mix of exquisite braids, tassels, chenilles and decorative trimmings in delicate silken yarn.

An extensive collection of fine lines of fabrics to suit every mood is also available. For homemakers unable to enjoy the luxury of sitting back and embroidering their own linen, this new venture is full of promise to satiate every desire for creating and enhancing an ambience of warmth and comfort.

A   partial   view   of   the   grand   display   at   INDIA-WEAVES. A four-poster bed, draped with a hand-embroidered silk bedcover, and accompanying silk cushions and chenilles. In the background are drapes in silk and silk cords, tassels and cushions. In the foreground are silk cushions and throws with embroidery.

An antique planter with mother-of-pearl inlay is used as a prop to display bolts of yardage and a pair of appliqué embroidered cushions. A curtain rod, suspended like a trapeze, displays both plain and embroidered textiles along with silk cords. The picture frame behind reflects the same motif.



Visitors admire the cushions, embroidered with floral designs in the Indian miniature style and Chinese motifs. The drapes are in woven silk fabrics adorned with silk cords, tassels and tie-backs.

Artisans in India produce a range of textiles which the promoters of INDIA-WEAVES have spared no effort to seek out, setting their "magic" fingers to work, stitch-by-stitch, day in and day out, thus revitalising and encouraging this fascinating skill, which is difficult to find in other cultures.



Pheroza J. Godrej with Rohet and Arshana Tolani. Rohet Tolani is Vice Chairman, Tolani Shipping Company Limited.

With H. Yasui, Consul-General of Japan.



With Georg Heuser, Consul of Germany, Cynthia Heuser, and Asha Sheth, of Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited.



Chairman and Managing Director Jamshyd Godrej with daughter Raika.


Godrej family

All in the Godrej family: Jamshyd, Parmeshwar, Raika, Adi, Nisaba, Freyan Crishna, Smita Godrej Crishna and Pheroza.

Pheroza J. Godrej believes that: "With our wide collection of upper-end fabrics and with a strong commitment to customer service, our selections will surely cater to and influence upcoming markets. We are particularly looking towards promoting cottons and, in the future, setting trends for the utilisation and development of hand-spun khadi." Firoza K. Kavarana adds: "There is something very appealing and fulfilling about communicating my aesthetics to more and more people."

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