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The Pride of Geometric

Geometric team members celebrate Holi with a difference.

                                                                                                                                                      oli, the festival of colours, was celebrated with a difference at Geometric. The Company has always believed that its main strength is the people it employs and it strives to create a healthy and creative environment for its employees. This year, Geometric felicitated its pillars of strength, its employees, by honouring them with colours - each colour denoting the number of years the person has contributed to the success of the organisation. It was an enjoyable and fun-filled affair with old-timers sharing anecdotes of the past and interacting with the new recruits, playing games together and dancing to foot-tapping Holi numbers. It was definitely a memorable evening for Geometricians - the Pride of Geometric.

Akalpita Varwandkar
Geometric Software Solutions Ltd.