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  eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER

ith the launch of eDrawings for Pro/ENGINEER in November 2003, Geometric made an entry into the Product Lifecycle Management products market.

eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER is the first e-mail-enabled communication tool, which dramatically eases the review of 2D and 3D product design data across the extended product development teams, thus helping the design team to communicate product designs more effectively. Some features are highlighted below:

Speed up product design reviews: eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER provides innovative capabilities that eliminate common communication barriers and speed up the design review process. Unlike CAD files, eDrawings files are compact and easy to mail, typically requiring 95 per cent less bandwidth to transmit. In addition, unlike PDF files, eDrawings are highly interactive, allowing recipients to view designs in 3D. eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER extends this powerful tool to users of Pro/ENGINEER.

View, mark up, measure and review-enable eDrawings files: Simplify design reviews with the powerful and intuitive viewing, mark-up and measuring capabilities provided only by eDrawings Professional. Generate accurate representations of 2D drawings and 3D models from Pro/ENGINEER that anyone can view, mark up and measure without having to purchase their own mark-up tools. If you wish, you can automatically embed the free eDrawings Viewer with any eDrawings files that you send, so reviewers donít even need to download the viewer.

Share product designs more easily: Use eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER to share product design information more easily with other product designers, marketing and manufacturing staff, suppliers and customers. eDrawings automatically captures all kinds of design data including Pro/ENGINEER configurations and exploded views.

To summarise, users can do the following with eDrawings Professional version:

  • Share product designs with review-enabled eDrawings and collaborate with the extended team.

  • Receive feedback from an unlimited number of recipients on your product design data.

  • Examine internal details of parts and assemblies with dynamic cross-sectioning.

  • Manage, track and merge comments from different team members.

  • Provide anyone access to design data with self-extracting eDrawings.

  • Measure geometry in part, assembly and drawing files when dimensions are absent.

  • To protect sensitive design data, users can simply disable the measurement feature.

  • Understand assembly structure more quickly ó simply drag and drop components with your cursor to view an exploded assembly.

  • Return components to their normal positions by double-clicking on the components.

eDrawings is available in two variants, a free Viewer version and a paid Professional version. The product has been well received by customers who have given positive feedback on its ease of use and loaded features. In line with the product strategy and customer feedback, Geometric has plans to launch new eDrawings plug-ins for both mid-range and high-end CAD systems in the near future.