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Jamshyd Godrej (centre) cuts the ribbon to mark the opening of the Godrej Hillside Club. Looking on are (l-r) Deepa David, Anil Verma, B.K. Rajkumar, Z.H. Marolia, F.C. Framji, M. Dasan and K.S. Prabhu. 

Godrej Hillside Club

he Godrej Hillside Club inaugurated by Jamshyd Godrej on 24 December, 2003 is nestled on an elevated plateau at our Hillside Colony amidst the flora and fauna of Pirojshanagar. The porch of the Club faces the majestic Godrej Hills and the rear overlooks the valley beyond rows of tastefully built residential bungalows. Away from the bustling and hustling of the metro, the Club is an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment. The excellent facilities it offers are comparable to the best available in the grand old Mumbai city.

Billiards: The air-conditioned, wall-to-wall carpeted Billiards Room boasts of an imported billiards table and has elevated, elegant sofas for viewing the game in progress. The soft furnishings add luxury to the room.

Cafeteria: With ceramic tile-paved floors, bright coloured walls and large windows donning multi-coloured glasses, the 80-seater Cafeteria abundantly lights up the mood of customers. The multi-cuisine Cafeteria is equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment to provide vegetarian, non-vegetarian, tandoor, Chinese and continental food.

Bar: A classy, well-stocked and exotic looking bar on the first floor, to relax after a hard day’s work.

A rear view of the Club, facing the Swimming Pool.

Badminton: The indoor Badminton Court, which meets international standards, has specialised rubber wood flooring with polyurethane coating. The viewing gallery on the top with tainted glass windows to prevent glare, gives a bird’s eye view of the game in progress below. The walls are painted in dark blue to facilitate clear view of the shuttlecock. The vergolas fitted on the roof allow natural air in and throw out hot air.

Gymnasium: The air-conditioned, state-of-the-art Fitness Centre for men and women has equipment conforming to Olympic standards, and are extensively used by a large number of members conscious of the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Library: Air-conditioned for comfortable reading, the library has magazines, periodicals and newspapers on its stands. A number of good books will be added soon. The library has facilities for accessing the Internet as well.

Table Tennis: A large number of children frequent the Table Tennis room situated on the first floor. A fine net covering the windows facilitates natural ventilation in the room.

Chess, Carom and Card: The air-conditioned room houses facilities for Chess, Carom and Card games. An ideal place for relaxation and entertainment.

The Sunrise Hall: A multi-purpose hall on the upper floor opens out into an open terrace, giving a clear view of the mangroves right up to Navi Mumbai. The classy, well-lit hall and terrace can be used for weddings and parties organised by members of the Club.

Swimming Pool: A half Olympic-sized Pool with crystal clear water and beautifully tiled deck area is the prime attraction of the Club. The Pool has excellent water treatment and recycling facilities.

Jogging Track: A quarter kilometer of track with paver blocks surrounding the lush green lawns with trees and plants for an out-of-this-world feeling while jogging.

Jamshyd Godrej is escorted by Shabir Kanchwala (left), followed by Anil Verma and U.V. Shah, to the well-equipped Club Gymnasium.

Jamshyd Godrej (centre) with U.V. Shah (left) and Anil Verma (right) at the Club Cafeteria.

The Club is one more testimony to the concern of Godrej for the welfare and well-being of its employees and their families. All permanent employees of the Godrej Group of Companies are eligible to become members of the Club. Dependent family members, residing with the Club members, can also avail of the facilities provided by the Club.
Our Construction Department, which has planned, designed and executed the project, needs to be congratulated for this marvel on the hills.

M. Dasan
Personnel & Administration




Dear Sir,

I’m happy to learn that you are starting a series on the environment.

In the present age of urbanisation and industrial development, every citizen undergoes tremendous tension and pressures, which lead to many ailments. Even the best of doctors and psychiatrists believe that the environment around us is the root cause of these ailments.

The environment plays a very important part in an individual’s day-to-day life. No one can live without being in some kind of environment. The family environment is indeed a very important factor in the upbringing of a human being. The first lessons of life are learnt through the environment around us. The whole personality develops accordingly.

An individual learns from and is nurtured by the environment around him. The learning that he inherits, he utilises to the utmost and passes it on from generation to generation. This cycle should not break. Besides, nature plays its own part in ensuring that the circle keeps moving. Everyone is aware of the famous story of an abandoned child who was left in the forest and was brought up by animals. All his instincts were animal-like and he did everything in keeping with the environment in which he had grown. All human beings are very much a part of nature and our bodies are nurtured and protected by natural surroundings. Our five senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing are constantly interacting with the environment around us.

Many scholars have done research on the intricacies of the environment. Environmental education was started by the American writer, philosopher and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau. The lifestyle of human beings depends on their thinking, which is directly related to the environment. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the effects of the environment are really surprising and beyond imagination. Even the Government now is consciously making efforts to ensure that the environment becomes an integral part of human beings.

Our environment contributes significantly in all spheres of life.

Akshat Raizada
Standard XI
State Bank of India Officers’ Association Model Matriculation School, Chennai
Son of Neel Kamal Raizada
Project Management Cell, Chennai Branch

Dear Sir,

The article, “Building the Godrej Brand” by Fredrick Correa in CHANGE, November-December 2004 issue (Vol. 3, No. 6), gives a picture of how Godrej security products entered the East African market. Training personnel to understand the product is essential as a starting point, as it leads to confidence and improves the sales drive. It is just as important to mount an advertising campaign not only to increase awareness, but also to create brand believers.

Access Leo Burnett, Nairobi, developed the Godrej campaign on a limited budget using colour advertisements in the business section of a leading newspaper. The Leo Burnett “Brand Belief System” is a global brand-building philosophy and practice to convert buyers into believers. The relationship between Godrej and its believers should be human in nature and continuously nurtured to build the Godrej brand. Converted believers feel that the brand belongs to them. This sparks a deep and lasting affinity amongst believers. Brand belief is about the ability to create profitable and sustainable growth.

With a well-planned campaign strategy, there is a great future for Godrej products in Africa.

Raul J. Martyres
Director, Access Leo Burnett*
Nairobi, Kenya

* Access Leo Burnett is the advertising agency responsible for all Godrej ads that appear in major newspapers in Kenya.