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Dear Sir,

I wish to make a significant addition to my interview, “Tehemtan Dhabhar: Facilitator and People Nourisher” by P.D. Muncherji, which appeared in CHANGE, September-October, 2003 issue. I would like to mention an important framework, indeed the foundation and philosophy on which is based whatever I do. This foundation is developed based on the decades of my working in organisations and institutions, including heading one for five years. It can be summarised in one sentence: the core belief that I carry is that effective and “seamless” teamwork is based on the attachment and bonding between people.

In particular, in today’s lifestyles and work environments, this aspect is even more important. If you were to make a study of organisations and institutions, specifically successful organisations that also have happy, committed people, you will find that attachment and bonding are significantly high between the members. This does NOT mean that it is a country club, or a back-patting old-boys’ association. I am very firm about my belief in the importance of keeping the “person” in focus, at the same time maintaining a high level of effective work culture.

Tehemtan Dhabhar