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Winds of Change

hen I arrived in Nairobi from Mumbai after a business trip, I was pleasantly surprised to be given a brand new Maruti van by the dealer. What was special about this van was that it had the Godrej logo on both sides. The previous vehicle had the Godrej logo on one side and a competitor’s logo on the other. With this change, we now have total visibility for Godrej on the vehicle, which provides good publicity for the Company.

Recently, while renovating the main showroom, it was found necessary to change the board outside the showroom as well. The new board now has “Godrej Security Equipment” written on it. The Godrej logo is also prominently displayed right opposite a major traffic circle.

We now also have display boards inside the showroom, thanks to the initiative taken by Neelam Pal, the dynamic director of Copy Cat Ltd. These display boards are placed near the Godrej Security Equipment products, and highlight the salient features of these products.

We now have some Security Equipment products in all the branches of the Kenya dealer. The sales people in these branches have a working knowledge of our products. With a little bit of experience and product knowledge, they can now comfortably speak about our products to prospective customers.

To top it all, we are in the process of opening our own office in Nairobi. While Security Equipment products will be handled by the existing dealer, M/s. Copy Cat Ltd., we will be inviting prospective dealers/distributors for other product groups as well. Currently, we have established ourselves in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. We have recently expanded to include Egypt. We will shortly be expanding the business to Rwanda, Congo and Mozambique. Hopefully, we will soon make our presence felt in the whole of Africa.

Fredrick Correa
Godrej, Kenya