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Destiny is

ate, kismat, destiny, naseeb, call it what you will, is a thing entirely self-created and self-earned, whether it is good (lucky) or bad (unlucky). Refusing to see the predestination in most of the events in your personal life doesn’t cross out its existence.

This is because man lives a two-fold life, an outer material life and an inner mental (emotional) life. His outward deeds and actions are simply the result of his inner thoughts and feelings. These may take years, lifetimes or centuries to materialise, perhaps in a later incarnation but ultimately, they do.

The world that you don’t see, i.e. the unseen world of thoughts and feelings, is the real world of CAUSES and the world you see around you is the world of EFFECTS. Whatever we throw out (good or bad) is ultimately thrown back at us as destiny or fate. This is Nature’s Cosmic Law, which is an absolute law like the physical law that says “Fire Burns”. Whether you put your hand in fire knowingly or unknowingly, it still burns your hand. Saying “sorry” is not even considered in Cosmic laws.

Hence, if you generate goodness and give happiness to others today, THAT will be your destiny tomorrow (perhaps even in some future lifetime). But if you hurt others, you may get away with it for some time but HURT will be your future fate for sure.

We bring with us our old tendencies and mental conditionings with each new birth. We renew great loves and great friendships. We face afresh the problems of past (leftover) enmities, suffer or enjoy our just deserts and drink from the goblet of life’s experiences. All this brings wisdom.

Through various incarnations, when we have moved up and down the ladder from a bejewelled king to a ragged beggar, when we have been tantalized and disillusioned, when we have burnt our fingers and suffered because of wrong doing or have benefited by well-doing, we slowly comprehend KARMA or the Cosmic Law of “Cause and Effect”.

We are all products of our unseen past experiences plus our unremembered past thinking and KARMA, properly understood, gives hope that what we do “HERE and NOW” will contribute to the making of our future. Thus, if we are helpless creatures of our PAST, we are also hopeful creatures of our future through RIGHT LIVING. I may add here that the last thought of a dying person, coupled with his/her subconscious tendencies determines the circumstances of the next birth. The practical lesson in comprehending Karma is, change the tenor of your thoughts for the better and your future will automatically improve.

Everyone has problems and every problem has two causes: the root cause, and the immediate cause. The root cause is your past Karma which causes you pain now. The immediate cause is the one you can analyse. For example in case of a divorce, the root cause is your past Karmic interaction with your spouse while the immediate cause may be cruelty, impotency or incompatibility.

All problems whether physical, psychological, social or economic have a root cause resulting in suffering. The challenge is to be calm during problematic times and happy at other times. Happy people do not cause suffering to others because they are full of positive energy without any negative emotions, conflict or confusion.

Everything in the material world had its origin first in thought (from where it took form). Every building, painting, statue, machine....... everything had its origin as “Thought” in someone’s mind before it got its material manifestation.

Hence, everything, including happiness and unhappiness exists in the “Unseen” before it is manifested in the “Seen”. Ironically, unseen things are REAL whereas the seen are UNREAL (Maya, illusion, this shadow-play we call life). The unseen are eternal while the seen are ever-changing, temporary and transient (KSHANBHANGUR). The unseen are the CAUSE and the seen are the EFFECT. This Cosmic Law is continually operating throughout the Universe. We live in a vast ocean of causes and effects, both good and bad. Subsequently, the good and bad circumstances of our life are merely the EFFECTS of CAUSES put into motion by OURSELVES in the past.

The whole of human life is cause and effect. There is no such thing as chance. We have invited by our thoughts everything that happens to us. To quote Shakespeare, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

What we think, we become. Think kindly thoughts, and that is the person you will be. Think negatively, or unkindly of others, and you will drag yourself down to lower levels. If you look for good in all people and all things, you will find good everywhere because the world is merely a reflection of your mind. As Shakespeare wrote: “It is the mind that makes the body rich.” If you have noble thoughts, clean thoughts, young thoughts, artistic thoughts, you will remain young in body for a longer time, since the mind builds the body. Your mind makes your body what it is today and tomorrow is entirely in your hands.

Within our mind lies our DESTINY, all our tomorrows. Everything in this material (visible) world has its origin in the thought-world which is the world of CAUSE and which you can control. What one lives in his invisible thought-world, he will actualise in his visible world. Our environment does not make us — we make our environment, our destiny.

Planet Earth (KARMABHUMI) is merely a transit lounge between incarnations. Each time we incarnate, we come as lonely strangers, but we encounter old Karmic links of love as well as hatred. We may be rich and famous in one life, poor and humble in another, but always, we are spiralling towards ultimate reunion with our Creator. Our destiny is determined by our previous merits or demerits.

Destiny is impersonal and universal, based on the Cosmic Law of KARMA (as you sow, so shall you reap). Hence, we create our own fate by our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions and get them back as fate, kismat, naseeb or destiny. There is no escape and no motive of punishment by Nature. We are all here to learn Cosmic lessons through various relationships and experiences and if you look back on your life, you’ll see how, even in this present incarnation, you have created many of the experiences through which you passed. Some may have been of previous incarnations and many unresolved ones will appear now, or in succeeding lives, bringing with them the FATE or DESTINY attached to them.