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ith the support of Smita Godrej Crishna, the Pragati Kendra conducted a survey of senior citizens of Hillside Colony, Pirojshanagar. This resulted in the forming of the Senior Citizen Group of Pirojshanagar, which was inaugurated by Crishna at the Kreeda Kendra Pavilion on 19 April, 2004. Forty-four senior citizens and supporters were present on the occasion.

senior citizens

The main aim behind the formation of the Senior Citizen Group of Pirojshanagar is to serve humanity. The Group also aims at providing entertainment, organising outings, picnics, lectures, seminars, etc. for members. A committee comprising office bearers and executives was formed to oversee the functioning of the Group. The Group is open to all senior citizens of Pirojshanagar, aged 58 years and above, irrespective of caste, creed, class or religion.

Dr. Homi Bilimoria
Senior Citizen Group

Shaping Careers

hange is the mantra of today’s dynamic times, and managing change has become vital. In order to sustain ourselves in this competitive world, it is important to choose the right career. What students choose to do with the time available to them is an important factor that determines their future career. We would all like our children to go for career options that would bring them satisfaction, happiness and financial freedom. There are a multitude of career paths open to children today. What can they choose? What career are they most suited for? What is unique about a particular career? These are some of the questions students often face while choosing a career. Often, they are ill-informed and confused about career alternatives. As a result, they often end up choosing a field that is unsuitable to them. Hence, career planning is of vital importance to a student’s success.

Shaping Careers

Today’s youth makes tomorrow’s future. Pragati Kendra, in association with Growth Centre (I) Pvt. Ltd., organised a two-day Career Guidance Exhibition-cum-Seminar for students residing in Pirojshanagar and their parents. The venues chosen for this event were the Creekside and Hillside Colonies on 20 and 22 April, 2003, respectively, from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The main purpose of this Exhibition-cum-Seminar was to guide students in developing their careers, to help them enhance certain important skills, and thereby act as an effective force in shaping their careers and lives.

The response to the Seminar was positive. Apart from parents and students who attended this free Exhibition-cum-Seminar, approximately 25 apprentices from the Godrej Appliance Division took advantage of this event as well.

Susmita Rakesh Singh
Pragati Kendra