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Joseph Sequeira at Vagator Beach, Goa, with wife Angel.

Dear Sir,

The earth and its natural habitat are gifts given to mankind by God. He is the owner of this universal vineyard. God’s presence is seen in nature. The month of May is a month of holidays. During this time, many families in and around Mumbai visit their native place. Right from my school days, during  vacations, my parents used to go to Goa.

Goa is a land of sunshine, surf and serenity. While the other Godrej & Boyce Divisions got their maintenance break, I took my annual leave and set off for Goa with much enthusiasm. The idea was to take some time off for relaxation on Goa’s lovely beaches. My family and I visited the beaches of Baga and Vagator in north Goa. Sitting on the sandy beach, I saw the vast and endless expanse of the sea. I could feel the sun gazing down on me. I heard the waves breaking against the shore.

Most of Goa’s houses have landscaped gardens and an array of coconut trees fenced with brick walls. Every morning, I watched the rays of the rising sun peeping through the trees and felt the refreshing morning breeze, a perfect gift from God.

Modern times are full of stress, but being with nature is a great relief. I meditated every morning for 10 minutes by saying a childlike prayer, praising God for the beauty of nature. As I reflect on my trip, the picturesque scenery in Goa keeps flashing in my mind. So folks, take time off to be with nature and enjoy nature’s benefits even if it is for a short duration.

Joseph Sequeira, Aerospace Division


Dear Sir,

I, too, am a member of the Indian Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Pune Chapter, which celebrated the Secretary’s Week from 21st to 27th April, 2003. In his Keynote Address during the cocktails and dinner on the 27th, Mr. Gokan of SAS Global, made a mention of a secretary who was well appreciated by her superior for her excellent work. When he asked the secretary the secret of her excellence, she replied, I’m not doing anything abnormal; every work I do, I’m appreciated. Hence, I put my best efforts in all that I do to get the best out of myself. The moral is to appreciate the employee, if you find something worth appreciative.

Mr. Gokan gave us another instance. There was a man looking for a job, a woodcutter by profession. He was so good at his work, that he got a job immediately. The first day he was given one side of a forest and he cut 10 trees very efficiently. The second day he was given the other side and he cut eight trees. The numbers then started gradually reducing to seven and six. He then asked his superior, why, sir, even though I’m so good at my work, are the number of trees I cut reducing day by day? The superior replied, yes, though you are very good at your work, you need to sharpen your axe to perform well. The moral is, though you feel you know your job well, you need to sharpen your skills to perform better.

Shanta Mohan, Pune Branch


World Cup 2003
Bees Saal Baad

India had a chance

To win the world cup

and sing and dance

Thought we have in our team

batting legend like Sachin

Why fear Glenn and Lee?

We’ll fight and finish off to win

And came down to the ground

the Indian Eleven’s boss

Never we thought

that he would win the toss

The Indian skipper won the toss

and decided to field

From that moment cricket lovers knew
India will have to yield
Javagal, Zaheer, Nehra, seamers

failed to deliver their best ever

A mammoth total of 359 runs

made Aussie’swin sure and easier

Everybody expected Sachin

to make a big score

But returned to the pavilion

with only a four

Sachin could not drive and pull

hit a lone boundary

With departure of great master blaster
India was in a quandary
Hard hitter Bengal Tiger
failed to growl and roar
came back to the lair

making a small score

Mohammed Kaif, past matches’ hero

disappointed lovers by scoring a zero

Neither his willow nor his luck struck

had to depart scoring a duck

Dismissal of Veer(endra) Sewag

put the last nail in the coffin

Our hopes sank, our flags drooped

The defeat seemed in the offing

Dependable Yuvraj and tenacious Rahul

got out for shots miscued

Neither Lord Shiva nor the rain God

came over to India’s rescue

India lost to the best of teams

strongest and the greatest Kangaroos

Undaunted we’ll compete in West Indies

with refreshed zeal and spirit anew

Ulhas Eknath Tare 
Dombivili Showroom