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Harnessing IT for Customer Relationship Management

ustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that regards the customer as the focal point and synchronizes all business activities to meet the customer’s needs. In the CRM approach, an organisation-wide knowledge base is created incorporating customer information, product information, sales interactions and business transactions. Access to this corporate knowledge repository facilitates quality response to the customers’ queries. The effectiveness and efficiency of the customer interaction improves customer satisfaction and customer retention.

The Godrej Management has identified CRM as a major focus area to compete in the world of increasing competition, decreasing margins and ever-changing market dynamics. As it is impossible to manually track sales operations spread across branches, with around 450 personnel and a wide range of product offerings, it was decided to utilise the potential of Information Technology to support the business in building and managing customer relationships. Godrej Infotech developed the “e-crm” solution, which has all the essential features of CRM products available in the market. It enables complete transparency of operations across branches, regional offices and head office.

A presentation of this product was made to the Division Heads and it was decided to start the pilot implementation at one branch. K.M. Vinodkumar and A.I. Buvaneshwar initiated the implementation at the Hyderabad Branch in December 2002. In accordance with the standard implementation procedure of gap analysis, parameter configurations, master data set-up and customisation, the product was upgraded for Godrej business requirements.
“e-crm” being a web-based system gives access anytime anywhere to authorised users. System security is ensured by authentication (the user password is verified during log-in) and authorisation (the user is allowed to access specific options as per predefined roles) mechanisms.

“e-crm” helps Sales and Marketing teams to carry out the following activities:

Key accounts management: Complete view of each customer with contacts/influencer information, current/past interactions, major inquiries, etc. This is very useful especially when multiple branches and businesses deal with national customers across different locations.

Automation of daily and monthly sales reporting speeds up analysis about various marketing parameters.

Sales teams across branches are well equipped with up-to-date information about products, specifications, catalogues, manuals, etc.

Sales funnelling process gives comprehensive information about the major deals all over the country and across businesses.

“e-crm” has been implemented in the Locks and Prima Divisions. It has also been implemented at 10 branches across four zones under the guidance of A.N. Choksey. The branch teams and General Managers are upbeat about the utility of the system, which is the convergence point of communication for all Marketing-Sales interaction. All the branches will be equipped with this system by the third quarter of the current financial year.

Sanjay Deokule
Godrej Infotech Ltd.


GIL’s Day Out

verybody needs a break. Tired of mundane routines, we definitely need time to rejuvenate. The Human Resources Department of Godrej Infotech Ltd. (GIL) arranged a day’s picnic to Water Kingdom on 13 September, 2003. As we waited anxiously for the eagerly anticipated weekend, our volunteers Monika Gupta, Pranav Gadre, Sushil Raut, Satish Pendse, N.P. Vankadia, Rajendra Kulkarni and the Human Resources team kept us updated about the picnic arrangements.

It was well worth the wait. The morning turned out to be bright and sunny. The weather was perfect for a picnic as we trooped into the waiting buses, which left the Colony at 9 a.m. All the arrangements — from breakfast to take-home dinner — had been taken care of by the picnic committee.

Drifting on the Lazy River after a sumptuous lunch.

Water Kingdom was an exhilarating experience. The rides were amazing with elders joining the children on Adventure Amazonia, Turbo Terminator, Lemon Drop, Juicy-Jammer, etc. The rain dance by GILians in the Aquadrome was hilarious.

At the end of the day, many of us were still lounging on the Lazy River. Though exhausted, we returned home with memories to cherish for ever.

Babulal S. Panchal
Human Resources Department
Godrej Infotech Ltd.