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Kekoo Naoroji, whose book Himalayan Vignettes: The Garhwal and Sikkim Treks was released at the Godrej Bhavan Roof Garden on 15 February, 2003. The function was hosted by son Rishad Naoroji.

Kekoo’s Himalayan Vignettes

By Nadir Godrej
15 February, 2003

Now, every time I’m asked to speak
I desperately try to seek
A little spark of inspiration.
The prophets rely on revelation.
That doesn’t seem to work for me.
I’m far too rational, you see.
I must rely on my own wit
And work it out bit by bit.
Today we’ve come to launch a book
It is my task to take a look
At Kekoo who composed the words
And at his son who watches birds ?br> The feathered kind, I quickly add,
Such voyeurism is not so bad.
And Rishad is a faithful son,
For over the years he has done
So much to help them through their shocks.
But recently he found a box
Filled with photographs and notes
And as a loving son who dotes
On Dad, he put it all in a book
And I can’t wait to have a look.
When Kekoo was a smart young man,
A banking student and a fan
Of music, a small group was made,
The violin is what he played,
While he was at the LSE,
From where he got his degree.
At lunch this group would often play
And he loves music to this day.
For years he worked for ICI
And when he could he would try
To trek and climb so very high,
Where jagged peaks invade the sky.
Perceptive musings he would jot
And capture beauty in a shot.
For great things he was meant,
And soon enough was President
Of that illustrious association
A pinnacle of our great nation.
Not just some gym or playin?club
But the Himalayan Club.
In order to care for his wife
He gave up his adventurous life.
But music was still a treasure,
His drink and pipe a simple pleasure.
I do not think it is a fault
To have a daily single malt.
And when life gets a little rough
Is there much harm in just a puff?
His sips and puffs were very slow
And that’s the reason, now I know,
He kept for long a healthy glow
But late in life he saw some woe.
And though his ailment could be grave
Kekoo of course is very brave

Ian McNaught-Davis, President, Union Internationale Des Associations D’Alpinisme, the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, releasing Himalayan Vignettes: The Garhwal and Sikkim Treks by Kekoo Naoroji.

And so in spite of all travails
He calmly and serenely sails,
His every pore exuding calm,
His very sight a soothing balm.
Though I’m not one to offer bets,
His opus, “Himalayan Vignettes?

L-R: Mountaineers Harish Kapadia, Committee Member, Himalayan Club, Jagdish Nanavati, President Emeritus, Himalayan Club, and Ian McNaught-Davis glancing through the picturesque Himalayan Vignettes.

Replete with tales of mountain sallies
And photographs of sylvan valleys,
Will surely be a great success.
Before concluding my address
May I ask you to rise and stand
And give Kekoo a rousing hand.


Seated: Jeannie Naoroji with brother-in-law Kekoo. L-R (Standing): Brother Kerse Naoroji, Jamshyd Godrej and Kekoo’s son Rishad Naoroji, all having a relaxed time after the book’s release.