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Information Super Skyway at Godrej

Mobile Computing
Beep Beep ! Beep Beep !! the mobile phones ring every day at sharp 7:00 am for senior executives of G&B. A message is received on the cell phones of senior executives to inform them the Business status at the end of the previous day. Billed sales, Collections, Pending Orders, and whatever information they would like to have at their finger tips.

The Information Super Highway has turned into Information Super Skyway. The integration of cell phone systems to the company network has added a completely new dimension to the information access, cutting across all the technologies implemented in the IT systems.

Many salesmen are enquiring about the stocks of various items while they are on move. This is helping in giving accurate commitments to our customers regarding availability of products. The information access is highly secured as only the registered cell phone users get the information based on the geography of their operation.

Like Web, soon the cellphone access system will be extended to our dealers. Today, dealers book orders either through the branch offices or by logging into the internet. Now they can send the item code and quantity through the SMS and the order will be booked for him. He will be notified of his request number immediately. He will be able to access the booked order through Web anytime. This cuts into the time and space removing the efforts required to record the information in the system and dependability on the trained manpower. Thus, it improves the speed to reach the goods to the customer.

These functionalities will soon be available on cell phones as cell phone menu options, when one does not have to remember the keywords required to be sent through SMS. Following options on the cell phone menu will make the life of Godrejites easier:

Godrej Online will give the Business information. Godrej Dealers will be a menu option available only to Dealers. All marketing people will have Godrej CRM menu on their cell phones. All Service executives and technicians will use Godrej Call Center menus to get and close the calls. Godrej Travel will enable flights and train information to those who travel. Godrej Communication will help cell users to communicate by sending mail to non-cell users.

IP Telephony
IP Telephony is a technology to transmit voice and pictures on Internet lines. IP Telephony enables communication at cost of accessing Internet. People can talk to their relatives and friends anywhere across the world at a local connect rate.

It was not legal in India till April 2002, when Department of Telecommunications, gave permission to use this technology. In India, it is still not legal to use IP Telephony along with public telephone exchanges. One can make voice calls through PC/IP telephone to another PC/IP telephone within India or to PC/IP telephone/ordinary telephone outside India.

Godrej Infotech has renewed its ISP licence to permit voice over Internet line. The first user of this technology is our PED division. They are targeting a drastic reduction in their Overseas communication cost by using this technology. They are using a special phone which is connected to the network. Any overseas number can be dialled and one can talk at a nominal cost.

Robust and Clean Power for Data Center
Godrej Infotech, Data Center Operations have become very critical as all the branches are connected online to the ERP system installed here.

In order to spruce up the robustness of the power, E&E Services installed two 50 KVA UPS systems. One UPS is a 100% standby for another UPS. There is four layer back up for power sources. Two supplies come from TATA from different sub-stations. One Supply comes from BSES. In situations of complete Power blackout, a dedicated 125 KVA Genset will start automatically. This is further backed up by the Genset which supplies power to the Vikhroli Campus. The UPS has maintenance free batteries that can supply Uninterrupted Power for one hour.

L to R: Dr. KA Palia, Mr. HN Daruwalla and Mr. P Kapoor at UPS Room inauguration

The new UPS room was inaugurated by Mr. HN Daruwalla on 23rd January 2003. This state of the art UPS room is designed to carry out maintenance activities on Full load, without disrupting the services. The power reliability is expected more than 99.95%. This will certainly go a long way in improving uptime and service levels to the group companies and external customers.

Ajay Pimparkar