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Defend Yourself

Sometime ago a girl named Jaybala Ashar was travelling by train to go to college. A drunken thief tried to snatch her purse. She opposed him and the thief threw her out of the train. Jaybala was screaming in pain on the tracks. Nobody helped her. After some time the nearby police station got the news and took her to the hospital, but by the time both her legs had become useless. In spite of this incident, she is standing on the legs of patience and adventure. Many social institutions came forward to help.

I believe that only if ladies who stood by staring at Jaybala had tried to help her when the despicable thief attacked, today Jaybala would have had both her legs safe. Sadly, Jaybala could not protect herself. Hence there is every reason for women to be prepared to defend themselves whenever required.

Every woman should learn Karate. Learning Karate may help to protect oneself. The rate at which the population is increasing, it is not possible for the police to protect us all the time. Learning these skills will help not only in protecting ourselves, but also build confidence in others.

Years ago, Rani Laxmibai died fighting. In Rajasthan, women were becoming Sati when their warrior husbands died in the battle fighting against Mughals because they could not bear the cruelty of the Mughals, if they remained alive. Recently a girl was raped in a local Mumbai train and nobody could save her. Kiran Bedi, a woman with a strong willpower, improved conditions in the Tihar Jail and made prisoners behave like human beings.
I appeal to every woman to learn Karate and protect herself. Girls going to college or going to work should learn Karate. Goddess Jagdambe always protects everyone, but by learning Karate the women would become fearless. Tulsidas said: “Those who wake may be rewarded but those who sleep may lose.” So women should wake up to today’s needs.

Ashok Palande,
Electrical & Electronic (E&E) Services