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This is in response to the views expressed by Dr. Chandralata Deshmukh on “Women’s Empowerment” in CHANGE, May-June 2003, with reference to my article “Defend Yourself”, which appeared in the March-April 2003 issue.

The article primarily focused on the importance of Self-Defence and was not intended to make women objects of sympathy. The example of Sati was cited merely to show the helplessness of women in the past and was not meant to defame the redeemers.

Though the concerns expressed by Dr. Deshmukh, viz. abortion of female foetuses, dowry, etc. do exist in society, the same are irrelevant in the context of the article, i.e. Self-Defence.

The issues mentioned by Dr. Deshmukh are quite different from the subject of the article and should be addressed separately. However, today, the situation is different. The status of women in society has improved considerably, and equal opportunities are provided to women to compete and excel in all fields.

Ashok V. Palande,
E & E Services