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Recently I came across a message from our former Chairman, Sohrab Godrej, in the inaugural issue of Godrej News dated January 1990:

“A publication we hope you’ll make your own. We are sure this will provide us an opportunity to open up a two-way channel of communication amongst ourselves to share our hopes, achievements and joys. This journal is one such tool, which could prove effective only with your participation.?/font>

Relationships are the key element of change. The relationship between you and CHANGE can be nurtured through healthy communication channels.

Quality is the power that sustains our Company. Productivity is necessary for our continued existence. These truths apply both personally and professionally! Through your critical feedback, we can keep Quality and Productivity intertwined, with the embodiment of one leading to implementation of the other.

In the process, if you have to criticise CHANGE, go ahead and do so. It will not be construed as criticism of CHANGE, but as critical thinking about CHANGE by you. Focus on what you want CHANGE to achieve, and then suggest how this can be done in a manner compatible with both you and CHANGE. Acknowledge what it does, reach out with understanding. CHANGE provides a forum for every one of you to express your views, and gives them the visibility and importance required to produce the desired results. 

1. Comments and Suggestions Received from Readers:

  • Photographs should be clear and big and humour of high standard only, says M. Dasan (Personnel Administration).

  • More information on flora and fauna of Garden Township that is Pirojshanagar and a page or two for children only of interest to them, says Kersi N. Gazdar (Udayachal Primary School).

  • Articles better be short, says Kaustubh Shukla (Industrial Products Division).

  • Articles on Safety should be included, says S. K. Dalvi (Maintenance - Precision Equipment Division).

  • Recognise award-winning students, says S. V. Manchekar (Upright Section - Material Handling Equipment Division).

  • Strength of healthy Industrial Relations to be highlighted, says P. B. Rao (Personnel Administration).

  • All Divisions of Godrej Group to be profit centres by themselves. Competition to be encouraged among Divisions, says A. B. B. Varma (Inspection - Locks Division).

  • Give brief history of various Plants with photographs, and include recipes from various Indian States contributed by employees, says Ms. Leena Phillips (Pune Branch).

  • Include a page on Travel & Tourism, which will make interesting reading as we may not be able to travel to these places, says Joseph Sequeira (Aerospace Department).

  • Editorial should be simple and lucid, says Mithil Sakhardande (Fort Showroom).

  • Articles from good Management books and a section on Computers may be added, says Dharmesh Salian (Fort Showroom).

2. This is How Some of You Have Responded:

  • Helps build enthusiasm and motivation. Well-balanced magazine for managers and workers, says Ansari Abdul (CNC - Locks Division).

  • All articles make interesting reading, says S. F. Ayem (Personnel Administration).

  • Many facts make one proud of the Company, says George John (Kochi Branch).

  • Talks about people who lived great lives from which we can learn a lot, and inspires me in doing things better for greater achievements, says S. Srinivasan (Kochi Branch).

  • Gives an insight into the minds of people who have become an institution in themselves, says A. M. Phadnis (Material Handling Equipment Division).

  • Provides greater inspiration to everyone to contribute towards growth to great heights, says H. K. Gandhi (Precision Equipment Division).

  • Shows that “Old is Gold? Even if computers have invaded our life, the typewriter still has many takers, says Ashok Palande (Construction).

  • Fosters a sense of unity and brotherhood.

  • Makes me eager for the next issue, says Mrs. Dianne D’Cruz (Corporate Services).

  • Achievements of other Divisions / Plants boost overall morale.

  • Changale vichar, Changale gnyan, Changale goon (Good thoughts, Good knowledge, Good qualities), says T. S. Sable (Maintenance - Locks Division).

  • Yogya margadarshan kartat (Guides properly), says D. P. Parulekar (Inspection ?Materials Handling Equipment Division).

  • Teaches me philosophy of life and how to be a successful person. Also, more and more people should contribute articles, says Mrs. K. S. Chauhan (Udayachal High School).

Finally, I wish all our valued readers and their families a very Happy 2003 filled with lots of joy and contentment.

Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration

The fruit of Silence is Prayer,
The fruit of Prayer is Faith,
The fruit of Faith is Service,
The fruit of Service is Peace.
Mother Teresa