Leadership is influence ó nothing more, nothing less

The story is told of 12 men, all recognised leaders sent out for reconnaissance before battle. Ten came back with stories of giants and the impossible, whilst two of them named Joshua and Caleb, believed they could take the land.

The people followed the 10 men who preferred security and safety. They achieved nothing. Joshua knew this land was the promised land and they had to fight for it.

A few years later, a more mature and prepared Joshua was able to influence the people to follow him and we all know the outcome, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

The Nature of Leadership:

1. Leadership impact increases as influence increases.

2. Leaders do not possess influence in every area.

3. Our influence is either positive or negative.

4. Faithful leaders use their influence to add value. (The agenda of great leaders is to work for the benefit of everyone).

5. With influence comes responsibility.

6. Influencing others is a choice. (Leaders who give up, never experience effectiveness.)

7. A leaderís influence must be greater than the peopleís resistance.

8. When a leader has much influence, much can be accomplished.

9. When a leader places family first, future generations will be blessed. (Attention, workaholics! Itís time to retrospect. Taking time for family relationships, friendships and personal interests has proved to enhance on-the-job performance and psychological well-being).

10. Self-evaluation:

a) What is the level of my influence with the leaders of my organisation?

b) What is the level of my influence with the followers of my organisation?

c) Who are the top 10 influencers in my organisation?

d) Do I influence the influencers?

(This is the second part of a series of articles on Leadership.)

Evangeline Ranjan,
Udayachal High School


  Congratulations, Debojit!!

Master Debojit Chakraborthy of Standard IV was adjudged the 2nd runner up in the Personality Contest for Boys.

Dominic Savio Vidyalaya at Ghatkopar celebrated their Silver Jubilee this year. As part of their celebrations they held a variety of competitions. While the events have concluded, the spirit lingers on. In a sense, it is the spirit of cooperation that brought so many schools together on one platform; the spirit of support that built bridges among schools; but most of all, it is the spirit of brotherhood that transformed every event into a celebration ó the celebration of the joy that lies in education.

Binaifer Chhoga
Udayachal Primary School


Academic Achievements (2001-2002)

Noel Sequeira

Shravan Sundarraman

Achari Rohit Chandran

R. Anupama

I. The Murarji J. Vaidya Inter School Elocution Competition conducted by The Forum of Free Enterprise:
Noel Sequeira of Std. IXE won the First Prize of Rs.1,500/-.

II. Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaignyanic Science Exam conducted by the Greater Bombay Science Teachersí Association:
Noel Sequeira of Std. IXE won the Silver medal in the Practical test.

III. Mathematics Concept Examination conducted by Greater Bombay Maths Teachersí Association:
Shravan Sundarraman of Std. V secured 100%.

IV. The Maharashtra Talent Search Examination conducted by the Competitive Examination Guidance Centre, N. Wadia College, Pune:
Achari Rohit Chandran of Std. VIII secured 138% and is awarded the State Scholarship with 22nd rank.

V. Essay Writing Competition conducted by the Friends of Trees:
R. Anupama of Std. VI E won the First Prize.

Evangeline Ranjan,
Udayachal High School

Results of the S.S.C. Examination, March 2002
Naik Siddharth S.

of English Medium secured Highest Marks in the subject Elements of Mechanical Engg. (V2) (Optional Subject) in the Mumbai Divisional Board.


Udayachal High School Results of the S.S.C. Examination
ó A Comparative Study

Medium       Appeared Distinction First Class Second Class Third Class Failure Percentage
English 114 27 52 33 2 0 100.00%
Marathi 55 6 16 26 4 3 94.55%
Gujarati 21 3 8 9 1 0 100.00%
School 190 36 76 68 7 3 98.42%