Feedback is one of the three dimensions of Communication, the other two being: 1. Expression and 2. Understanding. Without feedback, the circuit of Communication is not closed.

It is gratifying to note that feedback response from the employees is good. The categories in these feedback forms are primarily pegs to hang ideas on. As such honest feedback from you is both expected and welcome.

Some revealing facts emerge as we analyse and evaluate this feedback:

1. COMPANYíS IMAGE: 58 per cent of total participants feel that CHANGE projects a very strong image of the Company. Such a response should inspire CHANGE to go from strength to strength. Branches and field personnel who are better placed to interact with the outside world should be encouraged to take it as their mission.

  Workers (Vik) Branches Staff (Vik) Total
Yes 2 18 33 53
No - - 5 5
Sometimes 1 11 6 18
No Idea - 2 13 15
Total 3 31 57 91
% Yes 66% 58% 58% 58%

2. REAL CHANGE IN ORGANISATION MINDSET: Quite a few feel itís too early to evaluate this factor. Almost 59 per cent believe it is possible to bring about a change in the organisation mindset through CHANGE. Does it mean that it reflects negatively on the organisation in as much as more than 50 per cent of employees believe that there is too much negativism prevailing at present in the organisation? And this may be affecting individual productivity and organisational efficiency!

  Workers (Vik) Branches Staff (Vik) Total
Yes 2 20 32 54
No - 9 12 21
Can't Say 1 3 12 16
Total 3 32 56 91
% Yes 66% 63% 57% 59%

3. LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT ISSUE EAGERLY: This is a sad commentary on the popularity of CHANGE that almost 66 per cent of employees do not look forward to the next issue eagerly. Areas of specific interest to employees need to be focused on in the bi-monthly, to create more popularity.

  Workers (Vik) Branches Staff (Vik) Total
Yes 1 8 22 31
No - 6 11 17
Sometimes 2 17 24 43
Total 3 31 57 91
% Yes 33% 26% 39% 34%

4. COMPANY NEWS VS. OUTSIDE NEWS: As high as 64 per cent of Factory and Branch personnel want to know both. In what proportion. CHANGE can cater to their needs will depend on future feedback.

5. DESIGN AND LAYOUT: An overwhelming 80 per cent liked it. That is quite gratifying. 77 per cent from Vikhroli Works and 90 per cent from Branches. Nevertheless, there will always be room for improvement and suggestions, too.


l Outline the steps the organisation has taken and will take to improve the bottom line, says G. K. Sawant (Tooling Division)

l Language used should be simple and genuine, says Avinash Kulkarni (Tooling Division)

l CHANGE should create more awareness on clean environment and safety with action plans, says Uttam Kamble (Tooling Division)

l Focus on the Positives of the organisation with all emphasis at your command, says K. M. Vinod Kumar (Chennai Branch)

l Coverage should include General Knowledge, Short stories, Health articles: all branches of medicine, says V. Ananthanarayanan (Chennai Branch)

l Focus should not be too much on the Godrej family, but on Godrej as a Company. Also, focus on Competition, Challenges, Workers?problems, says T. Manohar (Coimbatore Branch)

l Articles should be less voluminous and more luminous, says Evangeline Ranjan (Udayachal High School)

l More coverage on in-house training and grooming of children in sports. Establish a Sports Academy, says Ali Imam (Patna Branch)

l Highlight Top Performers - Individuals, Branches, Plants, says R. Jayprakash (Coimbatore Branch)

l Highlight changes that have improved productivity and profitability.

l More news on the Founders, their Vision, their Values and the Hard Work they put in because of whom we have been blessed and are surviving after 10 long decades to inspire present generation, says R. K. Patel (Tooling Division)

l Highlight any individual achievement - par excellence, says Ratan Bhesadia (E & E Services)

l Technical aspects of products for a layman, says Sameer Patel (E & E Services)

l Every issue must carry the Chairman and Managing Directorís message, says K. J. Pagdiwalla (Godrej Bhavan)

l Publish CHANGE in Hindi for those who do not understand English and Marathi, says Alooben Mowdawalla (Ex-employee)

l Should be a monthly, says C. B. Rao (E & E Services)

l Adopt the KISS principle - thin, lean and simple, says H. K. Bhathena (E & E Services)

l Give success stories of the Company as a whole.

l Keep other companies?house journals in our Library, says Dara Master (Mumbai Branch)

l More information about Group Companies, says F. Z. Dinshaw (Jabalpur Branch)

Finally, I would like to thank the Editor for giving me this opportunity to pen the Feedback Column for which I interacted with various categories of employees at Vikhroli and Branches in the first phase, which covered Tooling Division, Construction, E & E Services, the Udayachal Schools and Branches of Godrej & Boyce, including Godrej Bhavan Offices and Showrooms. Evangeline Ranjan, Principal, Udayachal High School, in her feedback form puts it very nicely: "Change in its truest perspective must be encouraged and applauded". So does Nawaz Kshirsagar of the Udayachal Primary School: "An Honest Magazine". What do you have to say?

I hope you all enjoy reading this new column as much as I do compiling it.

Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration