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Learning Organisation

The ‘Management of Change’ made interesting reading in the Sept.-Oct. 2002 issue. I would like to add one more concept, which is very vital. When an organisation wants to undergo this kind of change, it can be termed as Learning Organisation.

An organisation cannot function if it remains rigid and static. An organisation, like a human being, operates in our environment and therefore it becomes imperative that it should be proactive in its approach. It is therefore essential that it becomes a ‘Learning Organisation’. A Learning Organisation is an organisation which creates learning opportunities for all its members and is able to transform itself as a whole.

"A Learning Organisation is one in which people at all levels, individuals and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about."

This leads to an organisation, which is flexible with a shared vision and in which people accept and also adapt to new ideas.

Confucious (551-479BC), the Chinese philosopher said, "Without learning, the Wise become Foolish; by learning, the Foolish become Wise."

Change is the key word for learning and this is a great achievement in itself, for we know that man always tries to resist change. In order to learn, one has to give up the old ways of functioning, because only then can we learn. The organisation will only be able to survive when it knows the importance of learning, as the only thing one can predict about the future, is change. If an organisation does not learn to grow, it will die. As the poet Evangleine Wilkes said:

"On the sands of hesitation,
Lay the bones of countless millions,
Who at the dawn of Victory
Sat down to wait and waiting — died!"

Nariman Bacha
Personnel Administration


On behalf of the Officers and Men of this Brigade, I would like to express our sincere thanks for the article "Brave Men in Blue" by Rashna Ardesher, that has appeared in the Godrej house magazine, ‘Change’.

The article throws light on the glorious tradition of Fire Brigade Department and its activities. The readers will surely be enlightened about the working of Mumbai Fire Brigade. Such articles act as a bridge between the Citizens and Public Institutions.

A. D. Jhandwal
Chief Fire Officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade