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The Pirojshanagar I Love

Pirojshanagar is divided into five parts. The five parts are Creek side, Station side, K quarters, Kendra side and Hill side. There are many facilities too. We have the consumer society, dispensary, schools, nursery, club, tennis court, greenery, well-ventilated houses, good water supply and clean surroundings. These facilities are very useful. If they were not there in Pirojshanagar life would become very difficult. We have huge playgrounds where many children play. We have a nursery where plants are taken care of. We have a consumer society to buy the things we want. The advantages of living here are that it is a safe place and there is less pollution. Pirojshanagar is very different from other colonies.
Neha Vinod


Green grassed hillside is one of the most developed parts of Pirojshanagar. It contains hundreds of comfortable facilities. It contains facilities like clubs, library, playgrounds, flourmill and now they are building a new college for the teenagers on the hill.
Arundhati R. Swami


I enjoy many facilities in Pirojshanagar some of them are consumer society, tennis-court, clubs and schools, Pirojshanagar is a well-maintained colony. It has well-ventilated and well-maintained buildings. Pirojshanagar has lush green gardens. Pirojshanagar has fruit-bearing and flowering trees and plants.
Abhijeet A. Mishra


We love Pirojshanagar very much. Pirojsha Godrej was the founder of our township. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and we all try to follow it in Pirojshanagar.
Devdeep Ray


Different people from different states live in Pirojshanagar. They follow a particular religion and speak different languages. Yet they celebrate festivals together and live in peace and harmony. We all stay unitedly and never quarrel but live as a family. Arenít we lucky to belong to such a peaceful colony?
Aishwarya B. Nair

(All the above are Standard III students)



The Leaderís Law of Navigation

Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a Leader to chart the course.

Leaders who navigate do more than control the direction in which they and their people are headed. They see the whole trip in their minds before they leave the dock. They have a vision for their destination, they understand what it will take to get there, they know who they will need on their team to be successful and they recognise the obstacles long before they appear on the horizon. Itís difficult balancing optimism and realism, intuition and planning, faith and fact. But thatís what it takes to be effective as a navigating leader.

1. The secret is homework. When you prepare well, you convey confidence and trust
    to the people.

2. Itís not the size of the project that determines its acceptance, support and
    success. Itís the size of the leader.

3. Leaders not only know where they are going; they also know how to get there.

4. Leaders see farther than others see, more than others see, before others see.

5. Leaders find purpose in the needs around them. (Where thereís no vision, the
    project will perish.)

6. Leaders follow the carpenterís rule; measure twice, saw once.

7. The seven People Principles:

i) Simplification: Express the vision in the simplest terms.

ii) Participation: Include more people into groups based on relationships.

iii) Delegation: Each according to his own and the groupís abilities.

iv) Motivation: They should know what they are working for.

v) Preparation: Equip with the ground resources, prepare for the unexpected.

vi) Cooperation: Continuously create unity and encourage teamwork.

vii) Celebration: No great task is accomplished without both people to do the
     work and a leader to guide them.

(This is the third part of the series on Leadership.)

Evangeline Ranjannt
Udayachal High School



Both the hummingbird and the vulture fly over deserts.

All vultures see is rotting meat, because that is what they look for. They thrive on that diet, but the hummingbird looks for the colourful blossoms of desert plants.

Vultures live on what was. They live on the past. They fill themselves on what is dead and gone. But hummingbirds live on what is. They seek new life. They fill themselves with freshness and life.

Each bird finds what it is looking for. We all do.

Chhoti Chhoti Batein, August 2000, Vol. 2, No. 5



In Fond Memory

L-R: S. Divakara, Secretary, Forum of Free Enterprise, Nikhil Desai, Resource person, Leadership Training Camp, Binaifer Chhoga, Principal, Udayachal Primary School and Saraswati Iyer, Teacher,Udayachal High School at the closing of the 2-day camp.

A Leadership camp in memory of the late Jaiben Godrej and the late Dr. Burjorji Godrej was sponsored by Godrej Industries Ltd. and conducted by the Forum of Free Enterprise at the Udayachal High School recently. The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Mathew Eipe, Vice President, Chemicals Department, Godrej Industries Ltd. Resource persons Vivek Patki and Nikhil Desai spoke on Time Management, Communication, Managing Ourselves, Goal Setting, Self Analysis and Goal Plans. Approximately 50 pupils from 10 schools in and around Vikhroli attended the 2-day camp. Binaifer Chhoga, Principal, Udayachal Primary School, distributed certificates to all participants and spoke a few words to the enthusiastic, young future citizens of India.

Clarine Nicholas
Udayachal High School


Founderís Day

Students of Udayachal High School greeting Mr. Jamshyd Godrej seated with
Evangeline Ranjan on Founderís Day, 7 August, 2002.

Founderís Day was commemorated on 7 August, 2002 by staff and students of Udayachal High School. On this solemn occasion, students paid rich tributes to the founding fathers for their selfless dedication, sacrifice and vision, which in turn gave birth to this wonderful educational institution.

Values such as self-confidence, positive attitude, selfless service, concern for environment, etc. cherished and encouraged by the founding fathers were presented by students through various programmes. Seeking inspiration from them, the students pledged to abide by these Values.

Members of the Godrej family were present on this occasion. Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. not only lauded the feelings expressed by students, but also stressed the need for marching ahead and carrying forward the vision of the founders.

Jennifer Lobo
Udayachal High School


Cassette Release

Freyan and Nyrika Crishna and Navroz Godrej
releasing Swar Mala on 15 August.

There is only one constant factor in the world and that is change ?And change is what we were wanting to offer our children in terms of good music. Therefore on 15 August, 2002 (Our nationís Independence Day as well as the Foundation Day of Udayachal School) we released an audio cassette ? Swar Mala.

The cassette holds a collection of songs in different languages and includes Rabindra Sangeet ?a favourite of our dear Soonuben, in whose fond memory they have been recorded. Sung by the teachers of Udayachal Pre-Primary and Primary Schools, it is a tribute of our love for her.

Those desirous of purchasing the cassette may please contact the undersigned at the school office. The cassette is priced at a reasonable amount of Rs.50/- only.

Hoshang Bhathena


Teachers?Day Celebrations

ĎWe plant shiny seeds every June,
Hoping they would blossom soon
In July the next year we see a mist of green
adorned with a colourful sheen?

Truly, our yield was rich and our eyes filled with pride as our X Std. students took on the mantle of teachers on 5 September, Teacherís Day. Each class had very painstakingly prepared a programme for their teachers. This was followed by a beautiful presentation by our young adults ?the
X Std. students.

Moments like these make a teacher feel special. They in fact reaffirm our faith in the nobility of our vocation. All the teachers at Udayachal High School thank the Management, the Parent Teacher Association and our dear students for making our day a memorable one.

Jennifer Lobo
Udayachal High School


A Ray of Hope

The world need not come to a grinding halt for accident victims whose limbs have been severed. There is a ray of hope, finally, due to Brachial Plexus surgery being conducted in the city by Dr. Anil Bhatia, Ex-student of Udayachal High School and son of Dr. & Mrs. Bhatia of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Dr. Anil Bhatia has treated nearly 70 cases at the Poona Hospital with his youngest patient being 18 months and oldest, 50 years.

In July 2002, an industrial worker was brought to Poona Hospital with his hand completely severed by a press machine, six hours after the accident. The operation conducted by Dr. Anil Bhatia lasted 10 hours. Nineteen days later the hand has been declared completely viable.


Independence Day Celebrations at Udayachal High School

Greeting guest Commander John Ranjan while the
Chief Guest, Kisan Mehta looks on.
On his left is Mrs. Smita Crishna.

Indiaís 55th year of independence was made a memorable one by the students of Udayachal High School. Various skits presented by children helped us relive the era of the freedom struggle and the sacrifices of leaders like Arfaqullah Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil, Shirish Kumar, Sachindranath Bakshi and many others.

The Chief Guest, Kisan Mehta, a freedom fighter, in his address to students, said that he sometimes despaired at the current state of affairs in India. He therefore exhorted the students to work for the betterment of the country as the future of India lay in their hands. Members of the Godrej family graced the occasion and Mrs. Smita Crishna presented the awards to meritorious students for the academic year 2001-2002.

Jennifer Lobo
Udayachal High School


Parsi New Year Celebrations

Parsi students reciting Zoroastrian prayers.

At Udayachal High School students ushered in the Parsi New Year with a wonderful programme on 20 August, 2002. The programme began with a prayer service offered by Parsi students of our School, as it was a day of thanksgiving, to be grateful to God not just for the joys of life, but also for the sorrows.

ĎGladness is a weapon against the evil spirit? This Zoroastrian belief was well brought out through various programmes which spread the message of cheer and goodwill.

The Chief Guest, B. K. Karanjia, released the school magazine "Uday 2002". In his address to the gathering, he appreciated the methodology of teaching which was skill-based and not content-based. He told the students that they were fortunate to be part of such a model institution and encouraged them to carry on its rich traditions and become model citizens. Karanjia also presented awards to meritorious students.

Jennifer Lobo
Udayachal High School



Aditi S. Mhapsekar (Std. VIE), daughter of Satish S. Mhapsekar, Corporate Procurement ?Exports won a Medal and Certificate for Mathematics Talent Search ?Maths Talent Examination 2001-2002 conducted by Greater Bombay Maths Teacherís Association.


i-Space corner
Haa.. Hoo.. Hee..

Customer: I want my money back. I bought some bird seed and it was no good.
Clerk: Wouldnít the birds eat it?
Customer: What birds? I planted every one of those seeds and not one bird came up!


If Trees Could Speak

I have often heard and seen people cutting down trees for their own comforts. I have read about it in the newspaper too. I wish I could speak to the trees and talk about their life. I want to tell the people to stop cutting down trees.

One day, I was wandering in a forest alone. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling me. I turned back to look who it was and there I saw a tree calling to me. I was very surprised to hear a tree talking and that too to me! I thought I had come to an enchanted forest. Then the tree called me again, so I went close to it.

The tree said, "How are you? Do you like trees?" The tree again said, "Then why donít you and your friends tell the people not to cut trees? Just look at us, we give shade, shelter, pure air and so many other things. But those cruel men come and cut us for the wood!"

With tears in my eyes, I said, "Donít worry, little children like me will not let forests get destroyed. We will tell the people not to cut trees but protect them." The tree said with a smile, "Thank you very much, little boy. If little children like you tell the people not to cut trees, this world will surely become a better place to live in."

Trees give us a lot of things. Rain, pure air to breathe, fruits, flowers and lots of other things. Therefore it is our duty to protect them. So we should all protect trees for our own benefit and to make this earth a better place to live in.

Abhishek Negi
Std. VED


Kavita Gupta (16), is the daughter of Ramkripal D. Gupta who is working with the Maintenance Dept. of Material Handling Equipment Division. Studying in Std. X at Pant Nagar Municipal School ?Ghatkopar, she has been selected by the Education Dept. of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay as a Teacher for conducting special classes for Scholastic Children.

R. R. Tampal
Material Handling Equipment Division


Sharp tongue, sharp brain

Heightened security in offices around the world has become a norm after the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington. Especially so in media houses following a series of Anthrax exposures/cases at US news networks.

For the most part, employees have dealt with tougher security measures ?and the accompanying inconvenience ? with remarkable sanguinity. This tale, however, has nothing to do with either cheery dispositions or tolerant behaviour.

After being intensively security checked for days on end, a harassed employee of an American television company had had enough. In the process of being interrogated about the contents of her bag, the lady was asked by this unassuming security chap, "Are you carrying anything sharp?" The employee ? noticeably upset ?shot back, "Yes, my brain." She then added, "I could leave it behind, if you say so." The security guardís reaction? After recovering from his initial shock, he burst out laughing!

"The Financial Express", 31-10-2001